Cutting Strip Lashes to Size


When looking to achieve a flawless application of your false eyelashes, there are a few important steps you need to take to guarantee a perfect fit. A lot of the time strip lashes are designed to fit a wide range of different eye shapes and sizes, therefore the lash band can be fairly long. Trimming your lashes down for a comfortable and accurate fit is key for a long-lasting hold and great results.

Here is a step by step guide on exactly how to cut your strip lashes down to size.

What you will need:

  • Tweezers or a lash applicator
  • Lash scissors
  • Lash adhesive
  • Lash curlers
  • Mascara
  • A mirror

Select your lash

First things first, before being able to trim a lash down, you need to select a style that suits your needs. Think about your eye shape and size, what you want from your falsies, and how you’d like them to feel once applied.

If you are new to lashes, then start with a natural style first then gradually move on to thicker or longer lashes to see which you prefer. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lens, then try not to go for a style that is too heavy or has a thick lash band as these may not be the most comfortable choice for you.

Instead, select a lightweight lash style with an ultra-thin or invisible band – all of Eylure’s lashes are contact lens friendly.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara

For the best results when applying falsies, we recommend curling your natural lashes first and applying a coat of mascara. This allows for a more seamless blend and wide eyed effect.

The mascara also provides a better surface for the false lashes to hold to. Once you have completed this step, allow the mascara to dry and you can then begin measuring your lashes.

Remove the lash from the tray

Using a mirror for this step is essential, whether it is a hand-sized compact or a larger vanity style one. We suggest a larger one especially for beginners as you’re then not as restricted with your hands. Set up a good sized mirror on your dressing table or any surface that will be level with your face once you’re sat down.

Using tweezers or a lash applicator, gently peel the lash from the tray and hold the lash up against your lash line. Looking in the mirror, you should be able to tell whether or not the lash will sit comfortably on your lash line, or whether the band looks slightly too long.

Use scissors to trim the lash

If the lash looks too long for your lash line, then use small lash scissors to trim a couple of strands from the outer edge. It is always best to only trim small amounts at a time as it can be easy to misjudge and end up over trimming making the lash too short for your eyes.

Once you have trimmed some of the lash, hold it up to your lash line again to measure it. Continue to trim if necessary and if it looks as though it will fit, then you can go ahead and apply the lash. Repeat this step for the other eye and lash.

Apply the lash

After trimming the lash down to fit your eyes, you can then apply your personal choice of lash adhesive to the lash band. Wait for the glue to go tacky before applying, this takes approximately 40 seconds. Using tweezers or a lash applicator, position the lash above your eye lid, ensuring it is as close to your natural lash line as possible. Press the lash down into place, and adjust the two outer edges accordingly for a secure fit.

You can then use the applicator to carefully ‘squeeze’ the lash against your natural lashes so there is no visible gap, allowing for an undetectable enhancement.

Cutting strip lashes in half

Trimming your fake eyelashes doesn’t always have to be because they are too long for your eyes. You can also customise your own look and experiment by trimming strip lashes in half to create your own accent lashes.

If you love a particular lash style but find you want the outer edge of your eyes to be enhanced the most, then trim a standard strip lash directly in the middle. You can then apply just the outer edges to your eyes, or you can even double them up to add extra drama.