How to look after False Eyelashes

how to look after false eyelashes

Let’s be honest, false eyelashes complete any look. They give you more attention, not to mention they make a big impact to your eyes.  In this guide, we will go through the phases on how to look after your false eyelashes. If you’re new to the lash game, the Ultimate Beginners Guide to False Eyelashes guide gives you everything you need. It offers you valuable information from selecting the right style for your eye shape to applying the lashes.

Nowadays, you don’t just find the normal lashes on the shelf, they have evolved; from magnetic, press on, individual lashes to strip lashes. They come in a variety of styles and materials too.  

Below are some questions we’re commonly asked by our customers.

How do I keep my false lashes in good condition so they can be used again?

When removing lashes from your eyes, make sure you remove carefully by firmly holding the outer corner of the lash base, pulling towards your tear duct. Last thing you want is damaged falsies, so store them in a case so they don’t lose its shape. Also, don’t forget to clean the lash strip in micellar water. Gently rub them so all traces of makeup gets dissolved.

Can I apply mascara?

There no real answer to this. You can apply mascara on top of your lashes, however they will ruin the quality and limit the amount of uses you can get out of them.

We’d advise to apply mascara before applying the lashes.

How do I remove false lashes?

Firstly, don’t apply too much lash adhesive on the strip of the lash, otherwise it’ll make removal harder as well as damage the lashes. We have created an in-depth guide here where you can get some useful information on how to remove strip lashes.

If you struggle to remove lashes then we suggest to use a lash applicator. They make removal a lot easier, trust us!

How long do the lashes last for?

This will depend on what the lash is made out of. If the material is synthetic e.g. silk, you will get less wear out of it. Whereas with premium lashes you can wear up to 10 to 20 times.

How do I apply false lashes?

Applying false lashes can be a lil’ tricky, if you’ve never done it before.

Step 1: Find the right lash style for your eye shape, and measure against your eyelid.

Step 2: Trim excess lash from the outer corner of lash if too long

Step 3: Strategically apply a thin layer of lash glue to the strip of lash

Step 4: Use a lash applicator to place the lash above your eyelash lid. Start from the outer corner and slowly put pressure on the lash towards inner eye

Voila! That’s it. Simple eh?!

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