Individual Lash Adhesive


Applying individual lashes once mastered, can be an incredibly quick and easy way to achieve a natural-looking lash enhancement. Individual lashes are designed to add length and volume to your lashes, allowing you to customise your own look to tailor to your needs. Whatever length or thickness you require, there is a set of individual lashes that will allow you to create a look personalised to you. Ranging from knotted flares, to doubled up clusters and single lash strands for a softer finish, our selection of individual lashes offers incredible variety. We also provide high quality individual lash adhesives which are essential when it comes to applying individual lashes in order to achieve a long-lasting hold and professional results.

Things to consider when selecting an individual lash adhesive:

  • Formula – always check the ingredients listed if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin
  • Patch testing – once you have selected your adhesive, always ensure you carry out a patch test before applying your lashes using the glue
  • Bottle style and size – individual lash adhesives can be found in larger bottles suited for beauty professionals, small travel friendly bottles and also dropper design bottles
  • Tone/finish – individual lash adhesive is available in both clear and dark tone
  • Remover – using a remover that has been designed to work alongside the specific adhesive you have used, will result in a quick and easy removal that is also pain-free

Patch Testing

What you need to carry out a patch test:

  • The adhesive of your choice
  • A cotton bud
  • A cotton pad
  • Baby or coconut oil

Before going on to apply or use any lash adhesive (individual or strip) we always strongly suggest that you carry out a patch test. This is hugely important as many people can suffer from adverse reactions to lash adhesives, therefore it is best to test the products formula before applying it directly to the eyes as this could cause serious damage and discomfort. To test the lash adhesive you are wanting to use, simply use a cotton bud to distribute a tiny amount to the skin behind your ear. Leave this on for 24 hours to see if any irritation or reaction occurs. If your skin doesn’t react, then you are fine to use the individual lash adhesive for a full lash application. To remove the adhesive from your skin following the patch test, soak a cotton pad in coconut or baby oil and gently massage the area until all of the adhesive has been broken down and is removed.

Dark tone

If you’re fairly experienced at applying individual lashes, or like extra definition at the lash line, then a dark individual lash adhesive is a great option for you. The dark formulation provides a similar effect to eyeliner, and offers a perfect blend if you have naturally dark, thick lashes.  

If you want the easiest application possible, we recommend opting for an adhesive that has a dropper design bottle such as the DUO Individual Lash Adhesive in Dark Tone. This allows you to distribute a small amount of product meaning less waste and less mess. If you’re a beauty professional, or you apply individual lashes regularly, then a larger size bottle where you can pour your preferred amount out may be more suitable. The Salon System Individual Lash Adhesive in Dark comes in a 15ml bottle, with a secure, screw top lid to prevent any spillages – this bottle should last you a good amount of applications. For on the go, or if you simply don’t wear individual lashes often, you can buy a smaller sized bottle rather than a larger one.

Individual Lash Adhesives in Dark Tone:

  • Ardell Dark Lash Tite Individual Lash Adhesive
  • DUO Individual Lash Adhesive Dark Tone
  • Kiss Individual Lash Adhesive in Dark
  • Eylure Black Superfix Individual Lash Adhesive
  • Salon System Black Individual Lash Adhesive

Clear tone

Choosing a clear tone individual lash adhesive, is basically fool proof meaning it is ideal for beginners or those that simply prefer using a clear finish formula rather than a dark tone. It is completely transparent in colour, and dries clear as well so if you make any mistakes they won’t be visible with a clear adhesive. There are a selection of clear individual lash adhesives available that range in size and bottle style to suit everyone’s personal preference.

Individual Lash Adhesives in Clear tone:

  • DUO Individual Lash Adhesive Clear Tone
  • Salon System Individual Lash Adhesive in Clear
  • Eylure Superfix Clear Individual Lash Adhesive
  • Ardell Clear Lash Tite Individual Lash Adhesive
  • Kiss Individual Lash Adhesive in Clear


Individual Lash Adhesives in dropper style bottle

  • DUO Individual Lash Adhesive in both clear and dark tone

Small sizes bottles of Individual Lash Adhesive

  • Ardell Lash Tite Individual Lash Adhesive in both clear and dark tone (3.7ml)
  • Kiss Individual Lash Adhesive in both clear and dark tone (7g)
  • DUO Individual Lash Adhesive in both clear and dark tone (7g)

Individual Lash Adhesive Remover

To remove your individual lashes using an individual lash remover is the quickest, easiest and most pain-free method possible. Depending on the individual lash adhesive you have used, there are a few different individual lash removers available directly on our website that have each been designed to work alongside specific individual lash removers. If there isn’t one available for the adhesive you have used, use baby or coconut oil as an alternative.

To remove individual lash adhesive, soak a cotton pad in either adhesive remover or coconut oil, and gently place over closed eyes. Leave for a couple of minutes to allow the product to break up the adhesive. Gently wipe outwards to softly remove the lashes and repeat this step until all of the individual lashes are removed from the lash line.

Individual Lash Adhesive Removers:

  • Salon System Individual Lash Remover
  • Ardell Lash Free
  • Eylure Lift Off