How Long Do Classic Lashes Last?

Do you love false lashes but want a change? Do you want to wake up gorgeous every day without all the effort? Classic long lash extensions might be the solution you’ve been looking for. But are they really the answer, and how long do they last?

You might be surprised by the answer. We will explore every aspect of long classic lashes, including their life span and tip for keeping them in top shape.

So, sit back, relax and let us take the stress out of your beauty routine with classic individual lash, strip lash and extensions.

What Are Classic Lashes?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, something described as a classic is ‘of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind,’ while Miramum Webster says ‘a classic stands the test of time.’ Others say a classic never goes out of fashion.

So classic lashes are a timeless style that suits most people — a mixture of Breakfast at Tiffany meets Laura Lovelace in Pulp Fiction. Or, for GenZs, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde meets Wednesday Addams — feel free to add your own classics here.

Technically, classic lashes refer to a style of eyelash extensions that involve attaching a single extension to each natural lash or a fan of lashes fixed to the lash line. This creates a natural yet enhanced look, more demure than a strip lash with less work involved than a magnetic lash.

A professional technician usually applies a single long classic lash extension as these are applied to your natural lashes, one by one as an addition or add-on, while individual lashes come in clusters, and you can apply them at home.

How Long Do Classic Lashes Last?

In an ideal world, classic individual lashes and extensions last up to 8 weeks, but for them to last that long, you have to care for them. Realistically, it’s more like 6 weeks for professional lash extensions with infills every two weeks and 4–5 weeks for home-applied individual lashes.

No false lash will last if you don’t take proper care of them — you need a good hygiene routine to get the most out of your lashes. Below are some tips on how to extend the life of your individual lash extensions:

  • Please don’t get them wet for the first two days after application, as this can weaken the glue. Remember to leave them alone during this time without cleaning or touching them.
  • After 48 hours, use an oil-free specialist makeup remover to clean your lashes while avoiding breaking down the adhesive between the extension and natural lash.
  • Be gentle when cleaning your eye area; leave your lashes alone once clean. NO touching, rubbing or tugging your lashes — hands off — not joking!
  • Don’t use waterproof mascara or eyeliner, which can be challenging to remove and may cause the extensions or lash fans to fall out prematurely.
  • Sleep on your back with a silk pillowcase to prevent friction or rubbing against the lashes. You could invest in a sleep mask to protect your lashes, especially if sleeping on your back makes you snore.
  • Each morning, brush the lashes with a clean mascara brush or spoolie to separate them and make them appear fluffier.
  • Using a lash growth serum will promote healthy, strong natural lashes, which will help support your extensions and make them last longer.

Take regular lash breaks to allow your natural lashes to recover; you can always use any of these strip lashes in between so you don’t feel naked. By following these simple suggestions, you can extend the life of your classic lashes.

Who Makes Classic Lashes?

Many brands make classic lashes, including Eylure, Kiss, Salon System by Naturalash, Ardell and SWEED. These brands are classics, with years of experience developing classic lashes that shout style and give you the edge over strip lashes.

Here are our three favourite classic individual lashes and why we love them:

The pink box, but not just the pink box, makes SWEED x Nikki_Makeup — No Lash-Lash a FalseEyelashes favourite. The lashes are long, 6–12 mm and are delicate and lightweight, just as classic lashes should be.

Designed by KISS lash Couture for use at home. The kit has everything you need for two weeks’ worth of glorious lashes (2 weeks with proper care).

Double trouble with a soft touch; we love everything about Ardell Duralash Double Up Soft Touch Individuals — Medium Black. They have tapered tips for a professional-looking application without knots — what’s not to love?

Salon Systems are offering multipack heaven with 6 for 4 extra value pack in a bundle of five. You can have all the lashes you can handle plus some left over for friends — a lash business in the making right there.

More Reasons Why Your Classic Lashes Don’t Go The Distance?

Here are some other reasons your lashes don’t lash as long as you hoped. Solve these issues, and you can extend the life of your lashes back up to 6–8 weeks.

Buy the best glue you can afford.

Buying the best glue you can afford is vital, as the adhesive is crucial in applying false eyelashes. DUO, as does Ardell Lash Tite Dark Individual Lash Adhesive, makes a reliable lash glue.

Choose the right classic lash extension or individual lashes.

You must match the right extensions to your natural lashes, or the extensions will be too heavy, and they will make your natural eyelashes fall out or, worse, your eyelids droop, making you look dozy or half asleep.

If your natural lashes are short, go for the shorter end of the lash extension scale; if your natural lashes are thin, don’t choose extensions or individual lashes that are too thick — stay away from Russians or Mink if you have naturally thin lashes unless you want to look like a Disney character.

Skill plays a big part in how the lashes look and how long they last. You must do your homework if you’re going for DIY lash extensions or individual sets. Like most things, practice makes perfect — check out our YouTube channel for the latest tips, news and explainers.

If your budget allows, it’s recommended to visit a lash technician, as they are highly skilled professionals knowledgeable in their field. However, if you cannot afford it or prefer not to go to the salon frequently, consider visiting the technician once to learn some tips and tricks, then try replicating their techniques at home.

We hope this article has helped you appreciate the various kinds of classic lash extensions and helps you consider all factors when choosing your ideal set.

It’s worth saying that choosing a classic set is relatively straightforward, and maintaining the lashes is achievable if you follow our recommendations, so with all this newfound knowledge, you’re all set to flash your lashes confidently — you, classic beauty.