Best Eyelash Growth Serums

Everyone knows your eyes mirror your soul — beautiful eyes are often remarked upon first. It's no wonder that eyes and eyelashes are one of the most popular areas people want to enhance, either by improving what they have or creating luscious new lashes.

Whether you're trying to achieve a dreamy open-eyed look or want to make the most of your natural beauty, one of the best things you can do is invest in a quality eyelash growth serum.

What is Eyelash Growth Serum?

Eyelash growth serum (or cream) is designed to help create longer, thicker-looking lashes. It works by containing active ingredients known to stimulate hair follicles, resulting in your existing lashes becoming hydrated and thicker in appearance.

Hydration is the key here; only prescribed medicated formulas can promote actual growth — designed for cancer patients and those with stress-induced alopecia, doctor-prescribed eyelash growth serum contains growth hormone, while over-the-counter serums don't.

How Does Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

The active ingredients in eyelash growth serum help deeply nourish your lashes' hair follicles, making them look fuller and longer. The key elements are usually biotin, retinol and peptides (BRP). The BRP combination helps to stimulate blood flow at the root of the lash or follicle, giving the appearance of new growth.

Other ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile act as moisturisers that help keep your lashes hydrated and healthy-looking. Many eyelash growth serums also contain ACE Vitamins (Vitamins A, C, E), which help strengthen the hair follicles so they're less prone to breakage.

Serums work on the lashes you already have, either in the fully grown stage (catagen or telogen) or in a new growth stage (anagen), promote the appearance of better, more robust eyelashes. Read more about eyelash stages.

How to Use Eyelash Growth Serum for the Best Effect

Getting the most out of your eyelash growth serum is about how you use it. Follow these simple steps for maximum benefit:

  1. Make sure your eyelashes are clean and free from any makeup or dirt build-up.
  2. Apply a fine layer of the serum to your lashes (don't overload the brush. It won't give you a better result. It will just waste your serum) with the applicator brush provided.
  3. Start at the base (lashline) and work outwards, using short strokes upwards.
  4. Let the serum dry briefly before applying mascara, makeup or false eyelash extensions.
  5. Repeat every night until you're satisfied with the results — some people find optimal results after 2–3 months of regular use.

If you stop using serum, the results won't last. It's like putting petrol in your tank — run out, and your car won't move. While this is generally true, a rest period is recommended. See below.

Best Eyelash Growth Serums

If you're in the market for the best eyelash growth serum, check out our top picks below:

RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

RapidLash is a favourite amongst beauty editors and celebrities alike. It contains ingredients a veritable feast of active ingredients, including three types of peptides, pumpkin and soybean oil, lecithin, biotin and panthenol, and the star ingredient is seawater.

Yes, you heard right, seawater. Actually, it's Maris Aqua, purified seawater rich in sea minerals that help strengthen and condition your lashes, resulting in a visibly full, voluminous appearance.

Why we love — RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum — RapidLash has an excellent reputation, speak to any MUA or beauty professional, and they say it does what it says on the packet. You can't ask for more than that.

Velour Long & Strong Lash Serum

Creator Mable-Lee designed her Velour lash serum and conditioner range to produce noticeable results quickly. We love velour, and so do our serum fans.

It contains naturally derived peptides, moisturising ingredients Copernicia cerifera wax, b-parker butter, castor seed oil, and hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the lashes. It also has biotin (B Vitamin) for energy and sodium hyaluronate, which is said to help bind water so the lashes look fuller and more voluminous.

Why we love — Velour Long & Strong Lash Serum, it's easy to apply and quickly creates a fuller, defined silhouette. We love the sleek packaging and overall ethos of the brand.

Babe Original Babe Lash Essential Serum

Babe lash serum is all about loving your lashes, made in the US but sold worldwide to lash fans. Babe Essential Serum is packed with peptides and plant extracts to strengthen, condition and enhance lashes.

Babe has a unique combination of ingredients, including filtered radish root ferment and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 to help moisturise and nourish the lashes for a healthy-looking shine.

Why we love — Babe Original Babe Lash Essential Serum it's gold-coloured, a win straight off and has excellent industry reviews. The price point is competitive, and Babe goes on like a dream.

RapidLash, Velour and Babe make excellent lash serums, but do they work?

Do Eyelash Serums Work?

Yes, they do; again, they don't contain growth hormones, but they work to make existing lashes damaged from day-to-day elements, ageing and mascara stronger, hydrated and healthier.

What's more, eyelash serums help to keep your lashes in place and stop them from falling out prematurely.

How Safe are Eyelash Serums?

Beauty products, especially eye preparation, are rigorously tested before being given the green light to take them to market. All cosmetics have to pass UK No. 1223/2009 Cosmetics Regulation and the EU No. 1223/2009) Cosmetics Regulation.

All products have to be hypoallergenic, which means the eye serum is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction — the word 'relatively unlikely' is used in some instances because hypoallergenic does not cover 100% of people.

Patch testing and reading the instructions is always a good idea when you try a new cosmetic or product, particularly eyelash serum.

Should I Use My Lash Serum Every Day?

You can use your eyelash serum every day, but Velour, Babe, and RapidLash suggest using it every day for 12 weeks and then, when the optimum results have been achieved, scaling down to two or three times a week for continence purposes.

After three months of use, serum manufacturers suggest a rest period of a few weeks and then start again. Resting is excellent advice for supplementing your natural lashes with lash extensions or using waterproof mascara.

Eyelash serums are an excellent way to make your lashes look longer, fuller, and healthier. With the right product, you can naturally get the best out of your lashes without using false lash extensions or strip lashes.

We've highlighted some of the best serums on the market, each with different active ingredients and promises. The key is using your serum correctly and consistently — but remember to take regular breaks so your lashes don't become resistant to the lash serum.