How Long Do Russian Lashes Last?

Russian lashes are incredibly an extremely popular lash look. Developed in Russia in the late 2000s, the look suggests wealth and luxury. Russian lashes are usually made up of multiple thin but full-length fans (up to 8 strands in each fan) applied directly onto your natural lashes.

The Russian lash look is about the ‘more is more’ ethos. Russian lashes are not for lash wearers looking for a demure or natural style. Russian lashes shout, ‘Look at me,’ giving the wearer an opulent, fuller, voluminous and attractive lash aesthetic.

Russian lashes, whether individual lash extensions or strip lashes, are usually made of synthetic strands of different thicknesses, weights and lengths, creating a look referred to as ‘mink’ or ‘silk.’ This description refers to the look or finish instead of the product ingredients.

The good thing about using synthetic or faux fibres in Russian lashes means they are vegan and cruelty-free, allowing you to wear your Russian with confidence, knowing they are bunny friendly. Russian lashes are the perfect way to get glammed up, but how long do Russian lashes last?

How Long Do Russian Strip Lashes Last?

Russian lash extensions can last up to eight weeks, with infill every two to three weeks. If you look after them properly with regular maintenance and care, that’s two whole months of luscious lashes.

Russian strip lashes don’t last as long; they are reusable, but because you need to take them off and re-apply, the wear and tear element means you will probably get between seven and 14 wears before they need replacing.

However, if you look after them, clean them regularly and store them properly, you could enjoy 17 wears, meaning you need just two sets of Russian strip lashes per month.

How Long Do Russian Lash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions are usually applied and maintained by a qualified lash technician so that you can expect eight weeks of use with proper at-home care. You will need to have professional infills every two to three weeks, but there are ways you can push those numbers along a little — here’s how…

The Dos And Don’t Of Russian Lashes

The holy grail of Russian lash maintenance is cleaning. If you keep your lash extension spotlessly clean, away from oil-based eye makeup remover, and never pull at them, it’s possible to keep them in place for longer and keep shedding to a minimum.

Here’s our formula for getting the most (or more) out of your Russian lashes…

  1. Use a qualified lash technician with a good reputation or a salon with great reviews.
  2. Ensure the Russian lashes and adhesives used at the salon are professional quality products only available to lash professionals.
  3. Make sure the technician has the right experience and is qualified to apply your lash extensions.
  4. A complete set of lashes takes 120 minutes minimum, so set aside enough time. If the technician tells you they can do it quickly (60 mins or less), consider that a sign and don’t proceed.
  5. Don’t get your lashes wet (no steam or swimming) or near makeup remover for 48 hours after application.

Once 48 hours have passed, extending your lashes’ life and keeping that ‘just-applied’ look is all about proper maintenance. You can read more in our blog post — Guide to Russian Lashes.

How To Care For Russian Lashes

Learning how to care for Russian lashes is vital, so by following our step-by-step guide, you can expect to keep your lashes looking good for longer.

  • With clean hands only, pump a small amount of specialist lash cleansers onto the back of your hand.
  • Using a lash cleaning brush or spoolie, gently work the product through your lashes, cleaning from root to tip.
  • Carefully rinse your face and lashes with warm (never hot) water.
  • Gently dry your face and lashes with a clean towel or microfibre facecloth.
  • Allow your lashes to dry naturally, and carefully comb them through with a clean lash comb or mascara brush (no mascara).

With careful cleaning, you can extend the life of your lashes, but you have to be consistent — clean them every day, no matter how tired you are.

How To Care For Russian Strip Lashes

Russian strip lashes also need cleaning if you want to reuse them as often as possible. So follow the guide for Russian lash extensions, but cleaning your strip lashes properly is done once you remove them.

Return them to the original box or a specially designed lash case when clean. Investing in two pairs is worth it, so you always have a clean set ready to wear.

How To Successfully Apply Russian Strip Lashes

Remove your lashes from their box and measure them to your lash line. Trim accordingly. Apply a quality lash adhesive to the lash band and wait 30–50 seconds until the glue is tacky.

Place the lash in the centre of your eyelash line above the pupil. Using a proper lash applicator or tweezer, place the inside corner of the strip lash in place and then the outer corner.

Apply subtle pressure to the strip lash along the lash line to ensure it’s secure. Don’t touch your eyes; leave your lashes to settle, and follow our maintenance tips.

More Tips: Looking After Russian Lashes

If anyone says looking after Russian lash extensions is easy, they are misguided or not taking proper care. Like most things in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. Here are some more tips to help you extend the life of your Russian lashes.

  1. Don’t touch, rub or pull your lashes — keep your hands away from your eyes unless you’re cleaning your lashes.
  2. Sleep on your back; if you can’t do that, try sleeping on your side with a lash protection mask.
  3. Avoid metal lash curlers — the pinching action is too harsh and could loosen the lashes.
  4. Stay well away from oil-based makeup removers and even lash serums, as the oils and chemicals in these products will damage the lash adhesive.

You can keep your Russian lashes in tip-top shape with proper care and attention to detail. If you don’t want the faff or expense of a complete set of Russian lash extensions or individual lashes, invest in some quality strip lashes.

Russian strip lashes offer the look of Russian lash extensions without the expense and time spent in the lash technician’s chair.