How Long Do Individual Lashes Last?

Individual lashes for home use arrived on the beauty scene in the early 2000s, along with the arrival and popularity of reality TV.

Since the start of the millennium, the individual lash market has expanded to such an extent that hundreds of companies make them for home and professional use.

We look at individual lashes and impart expert knowledge from our tame MUAs and technicians and answer the question, “How long do individual lashes last?” so that you can save money, make your individual lashes last longer, and, more importantly, give you gorgeous lashes that won’t let you down.

How Long Do Individual Lashes Last?

Individual lashes are actually not individual at all; they are usually a fan-shaped cluster of three or more lashes fixed together at the base for application to the lash line. Individual lashes are fixed with lash glue between your natural lashes.

The purpose of individual lashes is to make your natural lashes appear thicker and longer while giving your eyes a lift — opening them up and intensifying your look.

To extend the life of your individual lashes once they have been applied, you should do the following:

  1. Buy the best quality individual lashes you can afford — cheaper versions don’t always use premium materials and can look clumsy and fake.
  2. Even if you intend to apply individual lashes yourself, it’s worth having them done professionally in the first instance so you can get inside knowledge on technique before doing them yourself.
  3. Master the application technique for the best results and to extend the life of your lashes.
  4. Always use a quality lash adhesive. Some individual lashes come with lash glue included, and some don’t. Click the link for lash adhesive recommendations.

By following our advice, you can expect your individual lashes to last up to two weeks. Professionally applied individual lashes may last longer, between 4–6 weeks. Infills may be required after two weeks.

Choosing the Right Individual Lashes for Your Needs

With so many individual lashes on the market, it can be challenging to work out which are the best individual lashes for you. Choosing the best lashes for your lifestyle is one of the factors that can prolong the life of your individual lashes. Consider the following…

The first thing to do is consider your lifestyle and your practical needs. If you want drama and have the time to maintain a dramatic look, go for full flares.

Remember, the heavier the flares, the more dramatic the look, but heavy flares must be counterbalanced with placement to stop your eyelids from drooping and making you look half asleep.

Hybrid individual lashes are an excellent option for home application. A hybrid lash style combines flares and individual lashes or single lashes — these generally come in packs, but you can mix and match your choice once you have mastered the application technique.

Single individual lashes are perfect for a natural look, but putting them in can be time-consuming and not for the impatient.

The best way to cover all bases is to go for a set of individual lashes — SWEED Lashes — Cluster Flair (7, 10, 12 mm) offers three lengths of flare-style lashes to choose from. Perfect for a dramatic look or to add just a bit of definition without going overboard.

One more thing — consider the colour of your individual lashes — you can choose between black, brown and dark blonde. Individual lash glue also comes in black, brown and clear, making it easier to personalise your look. Read more about the individual lashes.

How Long Do Individual Lashes Last at Home?

Home-applied individual lashes don’t last more than two weeks due to the quality of the lashes, the adhesive, and how they have been applied — it's the harsh truth, but 8/10 times it’s one of those factors or all of them.

There are ways to extend the life of home-applied individual lashes, including ensuring you are completely up-to-date with the latest application techniques. Check out our YouTube channel for advice.

The other reason individual lashes applied at home can look tired really quickly is the lack of maintenance — you can’t just apply and go — sadly, like most things in life, you have to give them some love to get the best out of your lashes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to maintaining your individual lashes at home…

  1. Take your makeup off every night — we sound like a broken record, but crusty lashes will look horrible and shorten their life span.
  2. Once you have washed your lashes with a suitable lash cleanser, don’t forget to brush them out morning and night with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush — this will help keep them free of dust, pollen and other debris that might cause build-up or infection.
  3. Gently use your fingers to reshape any misshapen clumps in the morning — this will make them look full for longer and help them last longer.

Tips for Prolonging the Life of Individual Lashes

Here at FalseEyelashes HQ, we spend lots of time talking to the experts, and when we learn something worth knowing, we always pass on our tip to you. Here are our top tips for prolonging the life of your individual lashes.

  • Don’t get your newly applied lashes wet for 48 hours; this gives the lashes a chance to bed in and settle down — cleaning them too early and getting the glue wet can damage the ability of the adhesive to bond properly.
  • Don’t sleep on your front or side, as this could disturb your lashes and if you must sleep on your side, wear an especially designed sleep mask.
  • Don’t touch your eyelashes — it’s tempting, we know, but after you have completed your morning routine, leave your face alone — NO TOUCHING!

In Conclusion

In answer to the question — How long do individual lashes last? — if you follow our advice, the average amount of time is 4–5 weeks, but with detailed care, your lashes can last up to 8 weeks.

Home lashes don’t last as long, so in answer to how long individual lashes last at home, we have to say that you can expect them to last between 2–4 weeks. As always, it depends on your lash choice and how carefully you look after them.

By following our tips and tricks, you can ensure your lashes lassssssst as long as possible.