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About Eylure Lashes

“For over 70 years, Eyes have been our Obsession!”
(Eylure, est. 1947)

Eylure’s story and its creation began in the 1940s with British brothers David and Eric Aylott, and the brand itself is one of the oldest and most respected names within the false eyelash industry. Eylure continues to be used by make-up artists on film sets around the globe to this day.

The brothers initially began working in the film industry as make-up artists after a stint in the RAF. Although the film work wasn’t severely paid, it wasn’t regular either. David and Eric then decided to create a side business to keep them going in between the movies. Little did they know, but they were about to take the cosmetics industry and, in fact, the world by storm. During their time in the industry, the pair seemingly discovered a niche in the market; and in their search to provide high-class and high-quality products, the Eylure false eyelash was born. David came up with the initial concept as he had learnt how to make wigs before the war, and he proceeded to teach Eric how to make them. Eric came up with an even easier method to create the lashes, and after undergoing several experiments, he finally discovered the most effective creation technique. You can read about this method in more detail below.

“The method Eric developed began by knotting strands of hair on a nylon thread that was secured to a strip of greaseproof paper mounted on a wig block. The knotted double strands of hair were then straightened out with shellac before the lash strips were divided, trimmed, and packed. All this was filmed by Associated British-Pathé in 1949, so it is possible to see exactly how it was done.”
(Cosmetics and Skin Magazine, 2019)

Within a concise amount of time, Eylure’s false eyelashes were happily making their way into department stores and chemists across the UK. They became the leading name for false eyelashes and accessories for the nation, and at the time, they had very little competition at all. By the 1960s, the brand was going from strength to strength, and they were featured in Vogue and worn by the likes of the iconic Twiggy, an English model, actress and singer. Eylure very quickly became the UK's favourite brand for false lashes. During this period, Eylure had already begun to export their products across the world, and their shipments often stretched as far as Tokyo and Hong Kong. Eylure’s biggest market then was in the United States, and many of its products proceeded to be used in Hollywood Movies and other famous film sets.

Eylure strives hard to provide high-quality products that are innovative and designed explicitly for false eyelash devotees and makeup artists alike. They have set the standard pretty high, and they are certainly one of the most well-established false eyelash companies to date. Eylure’s products have also been developed with price-points that are accessible and affordable too. Since Eylure’s conception, the company has dedicated its efforts to creating beautiful eyes that are alluring and sophisticated. Eylure works hard to make lash wear easier, quicker, and more comfortable with every new creation.

Their designs are intelligently curated and made to be worn every day for a range of different users. Let yourself take centre-stage with a pair of Eylure falsies - After all, everyone deserves a little bit of the limelight. At FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we pride ourselves on stocking a vast selection of Eylure products – with over 150 currently available right here in our online store. To find out more details about Eylure’s false eyelash range, you can have a look at our product selection as well as having a read over the following section.

But... are they Cruelty-Free?

Beauty standards have become so high over the past few years, and it's not hard to understand why. The question on many people's lips is: are these ethical? Well, fear not, Eylure has got you covered. Eylure's products are not tested on animals. The brand is Cruelty-Free. However, just be aware that the lashes are 100% vegan, but at this moment in time, some of their other products are not.

Eylure Lashes – The Range

At FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we stock the full range of Eylure products to suit your needs, and this even includes the discontinued lines that other companies and websites may no longer carry. Our online store stocks everything and anything to do with false eyelashes. Falsies, Wispies, Press-On, Magnetics, if there’s a false eyelash or accessory available out there, we’ve got it for sale. Just take a look at our extensive range. From the exciting Vegas Nay lashes to the new 3 Dimensional Lashes, or from the Exaggerate Collection to the best-selling Style 141, we stock them all, and you can purchase them right now!

With campaigns from the famous Katy Perry and Girls Aloud, it's clear to see the impact Eylure has had on the world of luscious lashes, and we have stocked all of these exciting styles to ensure you can look just as good as Cheryl Cole with your fabulous falsies. We also stock a range of adhesives, such as the bestselling Eylure Lashfix, to ensure all eyelash applications are made perfectly. We also sell a wide variety of brow products and pre-glued lash styles such as Volume 070 and Texture 117 for those who love applying their falsies with speed and ease.

Eylure is a well-known brand and used by makeup artists and professionals that hail from London’s dazzling City to Night Lights of LA. Their lashes have been seen recently across red carpet events on stunning supermodel Naomi Campbell, Nicole Scherzinger, and Hollywood star Hailee Steinfeld. From customised looks with strips and knot-free individuals to classic style no. 143, these lashes are consistently proving to be a firm first choice for celebrities both in Britain and in America.

As well as having endless eyelash products, Eylure also understands the importance of having flawless brows. We also stock the whole Eylure Brow Bar range, including the Eylure Brush & Wand Brow Duo, stencils, brow palettes, crayons, pencils, pomades, and much more. There is a wide range of luxury collections to be found housed underneath the Eylure name. Some of these include the new, neat, and innovatively designed pre-glued and prepped lashes that can last for up to fifteen hours. It seems there is no end to the creations that Eylure brings to the table, and they genuinely have made false eyelashes highly accessible and easy to use.

Okay, you may be completely new to Eylure and have no idea where to start. Well, I have done some research on our top 3 best sellers for Eylure which may provide you with some help! Put together with some reviews from our trustworthy falsie fans, without further ado, our best Eylure sellers:

Eylure Flutter Light Lashes 117 Multipack (3 Pairs) - the hint is in the name with these lashes. They are so fluttery and lightweight on your eyes, 117 are just beautiful lashes. They will create such a classic look, leaving your lashes looking wispy and outstanding. They come in a pack of 3, with each pair being of incredible quality and reusable. Win Win!

I love these lashes. I have tried out lots of different strip lashes and I find these the most natural looking. I highly recommend these! Sandra

I really love the style of these lashes for a lighter look. The additional wings on the ends lifts the eyes perfectly. Samantha

Fantastic, have been using these lashes for years, have tried other but these are the only ones I would wear. Easy to apply and beautiful shape, very natural look. Paula 

Eylure Fluttery Light Lashes 008 Multipack (3 Pairs) - ok, so similar to the first best seller, but these soft lashes are a 3/4 length fit, which provide a natural look, that can be worked with to create a bolder, more daring makeup look. These lashes are the perfect day to night product. If you want to make your eyes really pop, then look no further.

These lashes are fab! I'm a bridal HMUA & use them all the time on my clients. Claire

I really love these lashes. They are very natural looking and I like that they are shorter just to lengthen the outer corners more. This is the best price I've seen for such quick shipping. Would definitely repurchase. Emma

I wanted some natural lashes to wear daily and these are perfect. They add length and are so pretty without being too dramatic. Sam

Eylure Volume Lashes 101 Multipack (3 Pairs) - if you want the perfect lash to give your eyes more volume, look no further. These lashes are definitely the most popular amongst the Eylure Volume range and its easy to see why. The lashes are so easy to wear, and well and truly complete any makeup look.

These are the best lashes. Looks natural and they are comfortable to wear. Alison

Actually adore these ones! They go on easily, and can be used lots without looking old and they take mascara really well! Faye 

Very pleased to receive Eylure Volume Lashes 101 Multipack as stated they were delivered on time. Extremely easy to use and I shall purchase again. Ann

With hundred of 5-star reviews, Eylure is a well-loved brand by many, and many false eyelash devotees won't use anything but Eylure. Get your now from our online store right here, and flutter your lashes in style. See below some more reviews from out happy customers:

Just Simple & adds a lift to your eyes, love them!! Claire

I purchased these for my wedding in July. I tried this range at my make up trial and they were both natural looking and comfortable to wear. The petite lashes were recommended by a friend. Irene 

My go to lashes! Will continue to rephrase. Very light and natural looking. Rebecca 

Beautiful! They're fluttery and easy to apply! Ebony 

I love these lashes, they are really easy to apply and stay secure! Katie 

The Celebrity Seal Of Approval

“Eylure lashes are fabulous, they’re fearless, and they come in an electrifying range of different styles for every type of girl”.

Eylure has been a celebrity brand since the get-go, and the initial product range was created for 50s starlets of the silver screen.

The Famous Cleopatra Eye

David and Eric Aylott are world-renowned makeup artists thanks to their hit lashes and superstar brand Eylure. Possibly the most significant break on their path to cosmetic stardom was when they created the notable Cleopatra Eye for Elizabeth Taylor. Even today, Eylure is considered the very best ‘original’ false eyelash supplier. Over 80% of their market still resides in the UK, and the company has consistently won awards year upon year for its eyelash range and accessories. The focus for Eylure has always been on enhancing the natural beauty of the eye and framing it in a manner that curves gracefully and elegantly. The lashes themselves are hand-made, and they are then baked into the shape of a curve for flexible and simple applications.

There is a large number of celebs that still currently use Eylure, and it seems as though to keep growing. Just take a look at some of our favourite celebrities sporting Eylure Falsies below:

Katy Perry
Katy Perry famously fluttered around in Paris with our Luxe Cameo Lashes, adding a soft pink lid to bring any airy and vibrant feel.

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton, aka The Real Barbie, has been seen sporting Eylure’s Dramatic No.143 lashes. Combined with a unique crisp line, Paris knows how to stand out from the crowd.

Shanina Shaik
Shanina Shaik is known for wearing Eylure’s Magnetic Accent Lashes. She looks stunning in these, and we can understand why people are becoming obsessed with the magnetic magic feel. Easy, simple, and elegant - that’s what we like!

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger was spotted wearing Eylure’s individual lashes at the Cannes Music Festival. There's no better way to create a custom look than with flare lashes, there are so many possibilities. 

A celebrity known for her elegance and jaw-dropping beauty on the red carpet, this Pussy Cat Doll has got style, and there are plenty of ways to achieve the very same look for yourself.

Paloma Faith
Paloma Faith is obsessed with Eylure’s range, and she has been spotted sporting two sets of lashes at once. If you want to achieve the fluffy and fully flamboyant Paloma Faith look, you can combine Eylure’s Fluttery Light No.117 with Fluttery Intense No.141. Now that’s classy.

Since the year 2009, Eylure has been successfully connecting with celebs to promote their brand awareness. To do this, they have also outlined how simple false lashes and their applications can be by making use of household names and famous faces. Eylure has a strong understanding of the market and its customers, and we’re incredibly excited to see what they have in store for us next.

Creating Definition

Thanks to Eylure, it has never been easier to define lashes in such a simple and effective manner. The products themselves come in various colours and tones; these range from darker browns to mid-browns and blondes. Nobody is left out with Eylure Lashes, and they also offer a range of brow accessories to create perfect lines and shapes for framing - we stock these too! Depending on the occasion, you can choose a lash to suit your specific needs. Create killer looks and let your eyes pop for bold statements; using false lashes automatically adds drama and can successfully transform your image. Our natural lashes usually tend to be shorter and a lot thinner, but by using Eylure’s range, you can draw emphasis to your eyes, add definition to your look, and draw attention to your eye line.

Additionally, false lashes can be used to add a little excitement and flair, and if you don’t feel like using mascara, then that’s no problem, as this could be a better option. Individuals suffering from severe allergies when using mascara often use false eyelashes like Eylure’s as an alternative. You can easily stay smudge-free with false eyelashes and transform your look dramatically or subtly. It’s really up to you, and there’s an option to suit whichever style or mood you’re feeling on any given day.

Eylure Lashes are designed to create definition. But there are a few things that you can do to make a better and longer-lasting effect. Just have a look. There are a lot of cool looks that can be achieved with the appropriate placement of lashes. You can choose colourful lashes that are vibrant and stand out from the crowds, or you can also place individual lashes to create a quirky and alternative look. Bold styles created by adding feather lashes and feline-like strip lashes can be perfect for the party or festival look, or even if you feel like giving yourself a boost.

A few top tips...

  • Look after your natural lashes first! Put on your makeup, then focus on your eyes. Ensure that your lashes are clean and fresh. Give them a curl, then apply your mascara. Then simply put on your Eylure Lashes in whatever way works for you!
  • Have a little patience... After applying a small amount of adhesive to the lash line, wait about 30 seconds for the glue to dry a little bit - this prevents the false eyelash slipping around on your eye and you getting stressed out. 
  • If you haven't opted for clear adhesive, why not try a little liner to make your eyes pop even more. Extra eyeliner will cover any glue and make your look bolder and more daring.
  • Experiment. The first Eylure Lash you try may not be the best for you! Look into different eye types and decide from there which lash is best for you.
  • Trim, Trim, Trim! This cannot be emphasized enough. The Eylure Lash you buy isn't perfectly designed just for you (unfortunately). Make sure you measure the lash against your eye and trim the length first. Oh, and please ensure this is done first and not whilst it's stuck on your eye!

When We Look Good, We Feel Good – and You Always Deserve to Feel Good!

With products starting from as little as £4.95, you can take a look at our hugely popular Eylure lashes collection now and see for yourself just why this brand is so well-liked. Our popular choice with our loyal customers is the Eylure Dybrow permanent tint for brows.

So, after taking in all this information about why Eylure Lashes are amazing, why don't you sign up to our subscription service? Browse and choose your go-to lash, and add it to a subscription service of your choosing. Have your fave lash delivered every 14, 30 or 60 days! The power is in your hands.

Don’t forget, every order placed on our website comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and browse the fantastic selection of Eylure lashes and accessories that we've got on offer!