Brand Focus: Ardell


Do you believe in magic? Well Ardell certainly do, and we are here today to share with you the magic and wonder of this Disney loving, magically inspired brand of false eyelashes. Ardell lashes are extremely popular, with their Demi Wispies and Wispies lashes being amongst our bestsellers.

Taking a trip back in time…

Ardell were naturally inspired by the magical birth of false eyelashes. If you didn’t know already, the first false eyelashes were thought to have been created in 1916 from the demands of D.W Griffiths, a film director seeking to make his leading lady, Seena Owen, look as glamorous as possible in the film INTOLERANCE. He contacted a wigmaker who could combine human hair into gorse mesh to weave onto the actresses natural lashes. D.W Griffiths knew instantly this was the birth of something incredibly special and glamorous that women the world over would want to recreate.

Inspired by the goings-on in the early 1900s, in 1971 Arnold Miller founded the Ardell brand alongside his wife Sydell and through combining their first names Ardell was born. Their mission was simple: Give women a way to make their eyes beautiful and unforgettable. Their success started by the introduction of their first line of individual lashes, Duralashes which is still a very popular product in the Ardell lash range today.

Fast-forward 9 years to 1980 and the ever successful brand was purchased by beauty giants American International Industries, who gave the brand the means to enhance their range to not only selling one of the world’s largest collection of high quality, easy to use false lashes but also a collection of cosmetics and brow products.

Back to reality

Ardell now stock an impressive number of collections and styles. They still adhere to their original mission and now claim to sell the products a woman would need to enhance and accentuate their eyes to make them as alluring as possible. What we love most about Ardell is that they do have a different style of lash to suit everyone’s tastes and personality. Whether you prefer understated and natural, bold and flashy or Disney magic, there will be something in Ardell lash collection with your name on it.

The standard ranges

Duralash: As previously mentioned, the Duralash range is the pilot product created by Arnold and Sydell Miller back in the 70s. The Duralash individual range now comes in either black or brown, in sizes small, medium, long or combination and with the option of flared or natural. These lashes have stood the test of time and are still incredibly popular over 40 years later.

Naturals: The Naturals strip lashes range has until recently been known as Fashion Lashes. This range boasts a selection of some of the most popular Ardell lashes including the Wispies, Demi Wispies and Babies. A selection of lashes in this range come in colour choices of black and brown, and the fine blends are designed to enhance the lashes to look gorgeous and elegant without being too dramatic. Also, available in a natural finish is the Lash Lites range, a super fine blend of lashes and also the Self-Adhesive range.

Glamour and Double Up: As the names might suggest, these ranges of lashes are designed for those looking for a more glamorous movie star look. These ranges hold a selection of stunningly crafted lashes to enhance volume and length, with a fuller blend for a more dramatic finish. With the Double Up lashes, giving the effect of wearing two sets of lashes with the price tag of one.

Accent: Accent lashes are a clever tool for enhancing the outer half of your lashes. The accent lashes fit to the outer half of the lashes to enhance the volume and length to create more of a cat’s eye, winged out finish. The accent lashes come in fine and full blends to suit a variety of needs.

Something Edgier: As well as holding a large range of sophisticated, natural and movie inspired glamour lashes, Ardell also hold a range of fun and bold statement lashes for the more extrovert personality. The Edgy range creates a more punk inspired finish with dramatic weaved designs, Colour Impact lashes are available in plums, blues and wines to enhance different eye colours and the Rhinestone collection is designed for us girls who love a bit of bling. Ardell really do have something for everyone and with a great range of adhesives to accompany.

What you Love

We are going to finish off with our Top 5 Most Popular Ardell lashes, as chosen by you.

5. Ardell Babies

Ardell Babies

In 5th place are the ever popular Babies in black. These lashes have a natural flare outwards, giving the wearer length in all the right places. These natural invisiband strip lashes are also available in a multipack, giving you four times the fun. Click here to buy Ardell Babies lashes!

4. Ardell Wispies Black

Ardell False Eyelashes

In 4th place is the style of lash that’s growing more popular by the day, the Wispies. The Invisiband Wispies strip lashes in black have a perfect blend of natural look lashes weaved in a way to give the wearer fullness and length without a fanned effect. The Wispies help give the look of individual lashes but with the handy fitting of a strip - click here to browse and buy Wispies now!

3. Ardell Accent 301

Ardell Accent

Making their way into 3rd place are the Accent lashes in style 301. These lashes have been moving their way up the charts for a while now. They are perfect for giving you that Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s winged look with the ease of only applying lashes to the outer corners. We can see why these lashes are so popular with you lash lovers, click here to order yours now!.

2. Ardell Duralash Flare Short Black

Ardell Individual

Your runner-up in 2nd place are the Duralash individuals in the Flared Short variety in Black. These flared individual lashes are perfect for you savvy individual lash wearers. They are great for customising your look and perfect for filling in any gaps in your natural lashes without the effort of applying a full strip. They have been popular with beauty lovers, make-up artists and actresses everywhere, and we predict they will stay close to the top of the charts for a long time to come. Go crazy with Duralash Flare Short Black lashes, click here to place your order now!

1. Ardell Demi Wispies Black

Ardell False Lashes

 Top of the Chart and the current most popular Ardell lashes, as chosen by you, are the Demi Wispies in Black. These false eyelashes have been a firm favourite of yours for a long time, which is why they are also available in a multipack. The Demi Wispies give you a little bit of everything, volume, length and that winged out screen siren finish. These super stylish lashes are perfect for a night out, or for the "lady who lunches". If you have not experienced the joy of our wearing Ardell Demi Wispies, click this link and order yours now!

Ardell has a fantastic collection of products that have been loved by you for a long time now, so we hope you enjoyed the little trip back in time to see where the magic began. If you would like to share with us your favourite Ardell products or some selfies with the Ardell lashes, do not hesitate to comment on our Facebook page or tweet us @welovelashes.