Unusual False Lashes


Many of the big false eyelash brands are coming out with some incredible designs lately, as the craze for false lashes booms. They can add glitz and glamour to any outfit, or even just open up your eyes for a more natural look. At the moment, the false lashes on the market range from the normal to the slightly ridiculous.

From natural to wacky, there are a lot of lashes out there

One of the strangest lashes out there are LED false lashes. This unusual fad is very popular in the Asian market, with Asian women loving them! Obviously they are not cheap, as they come with built-in sensors to track the motion of eyes. They flicker on with the movement of the eyes, and the Daily Mail believes they are: "So popular in Asia because of Asian women’s quest for larger looking eyes."

Another unusual set of falsies out at the moment are paper lashes. These intricate designs are popular for parties and offer an eye-catching alternative to normal lashes made from hair or fibre. They are ‘inspired by the Chinese art of Paper cutting’ according to the Daily Mail, and some include symbolic meanings. Although unusual, these different lashes seem to be a wearable party piece that is a sure-fire conversation starter!

One of the most expensive statement lashes out there are the diamond lashes that Shu Uemura made back in 2006 for Madonna. They were said to have been priced at $10,000! But there are many replicas with fake diamonds available from quite a few brands that help to create a glamorous look and add glitz to any outfit.

Next up for outrageous falsies are UV lashes, which were created in 2008 by the brand Tash and Snooky. They highlight the eyes and glow under a UV light. These are slightly more subtle than the LED lashes, but still create a dramatic look.

Petal lashes are certainly an eye-catcher, with petal like thick strands/lashes, as though from a flower, creating a summery look inspired by nature. Although not very wearable on a day-to-day basis, these would be amazing lashes for a statement outfit or even dressing up.

Finally, concluding this list of weird and wonderful false lashes are paperclip lashes, brought out by Viktor and Rolf for Shu Uemura. These whimsical lashes are inspired by that well known piece of office stationery: The paperclip. These lashes certainly have the "wow factor", bringing bold and big to any statement outfit.