Q&A With Amy Childs


This week we were lucky enough to talk lashes with Amy Childs, TOWIE star, businesswoman, and salon owner. Here's what Amy had to say:

Q. When did you first try lashes?
A. I remember first attempting to get a strip of eyelashes on when I was about fifteen. I loved them from the get go!

Q. Do you prefer strip lashes or semi-permanent extensions?
A. I love strip lashes as they don't damage your own eyelashes and can really change your look in an instant!

Q. How many lashes do you get through each month?
A. That's a hard one to keep count of but my range of lashes are high quality so can be worn over and over again. I probably have a couple of different styles on the go at one time depending on what mood I’m in or where I am going.

Q. Do you have a favourite style of strip lash?
A. My own, of course! For day, I love Amy Childs TEASE 1 for day and Amy Childs HEARTBREAKER 2 for evening!

Q. Have you got any tips for creating certain looks?
A. I love smokey eyes. Highlighting and shading is key to achieve this look, but my biggest tip would be to blend your eye makeup and finish off with some strip eyelashes. I always use a primer before I put my makeup on as it helps to last longer.

Q. What would we find in your makeup bag?
A. I just discovered a brand-new makeup range called New CID which is always in my makeup bag. I love MAC and can't live without their Studio Sculpt Foundation. My favourite lip glosses are from Nars and I love Bobbi Brown’s bronzers.

Q. Are lashes now just as important as lipstick and foundation in a girl's makeup bag?
A. I think they are really important as eyelashes complete your look and can take your makeup from day to night. I will always have my eyelashes on.

Q. Do you spend ages agonising over the best style to wear, or do you just pick a box out a quick time and wear them?
A. I am really lucky to have 8 styles of eyelashes in my range, so will select the perfect style for the perfect event.

Q. Do you have any top tips for Xmas fashion?
A. I love my onesies around Christmas, but I also love a good chunky Christmas jumper teamed with wet look leggings and obviously high ankle boots!