Best false eyelashes for Almond eyes

Posted on by Jenny Ho

One of the most common eye shapes, out of all eye shapes is the almond eyes. This shape is incredibly versatile, and anyone with this eye shape can basically sport any style of false eyelashes. So, to all you almond eyed beauties, lucky you!

Almond shaped eyes are slightly pointed on the outer edge of your eyes, with a wide centre, where there is no white above or below the iris as they are hidden by the lower and upper lids.  

To name a few here are some celebrities who have almond eyes:

  • Rhianna
  • Eva Longoria
  • Beyonce
  • Angelina Jolie

With almond eyes, there’s really no hassle in choosing which fake lashes you go for because most styles compliment this shape. As for the look, it really depends on what you’re going for.

To really accentuate the eye we would recommend lashes that are fanned out, or lashes that become thicker towards the end of the lash line. For example, Dragon Lashes Faux Silk - EnchantraThese lashes create a winged out effect and has medium volume.  

model wearing dragon lashes in style enchantra
Our best sellers for glam false lashes are:

Pinky Goat - Arwa

Lilly Lashes - Miami

Lash Pop - Send Nudes

Unicorn Cosmetics - Rebel Smoke

KoKo Lashes - Amore

Our best sellers for natural false lashes:

Dolly Beauty - Selena

Peaches & Cream - Style No. 8

Violet Voss 3D Faux Mink - Vamptress

To further enhance your eyes, make-up artists recommend to line your eyes with black eyeliner, and dust your eyes over with a mid-dark shade. Make sure any space between your natural lash and false lash is shaded in for that fuller flutter look.

Consider your lash game strong if you have almond eyes. They are so versatile and with the amount of lashes we stock at you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

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