Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes

Anyone with close-set eyes may understand the struggle of finding close-set eyes makeup techniques that enhance their eyes or make them look wider.

This guide will allow you to do just that; it includes everything from the right eyeliner to the best false eyelashes - techniques that will really help to open up your eyes.

You will also discover expert makeup tips and gain insight into celebrity makeup techniques, which helps well-known faces achieve a wider-looking eye shape.

What are Close-Set Eyes?

Close-set eyes are eyes that are much closer together than usual, and they also tend to look a lot smaller. If you are not sure if you have close-set eyes, then you should measure your eye with your thumb, and index finger then compare these measurements between the eyes, and if the space is smaller, your eyes are close-set.

There are various makeup techniques to create the illusion that your eyes are wider apart to create a more youthful look. This includes applying false eyelashes, which do not just enhance the volume and length of your natural lashes, but they can also change and accentuate the shape of your eyes.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Close-Set Eyes?

Choosing the right eyelashes for your eye shape is so important, especially if you have close-set eyes, as your main aim should be widening your eyes, which is exactly what false eyelashes can do.

With close-set eyes, you should try to choose fake lashes that are longer at the ends and in the centre, as this will help to elongate and open up the eyes. To help you choose the right style lash for your eye shape, here are some of the best lash products available for close-set eyes.

Peaches and Cream - No. 1

If you are looking for cheap false eyelashes for close-set eyes, then Peaches and Cream Style No. 1 lashes are perfect as they’re a low price for a set of synthetic-fibre falsies.

These lashes offer a natural appearance as they are made of wispy lash clusters which are a mix of short lashes on the inner corner and longer lashes in the central and outer part of the eye.

Land of Lashes - Allure

If length is a priority for you, then Land of Lashes Allure falsies should be your top choice. These lashes feature lash strands which alternate in length with a longer, more winged-out effect at the outer corners.

The Allure lashes provide medium volume and a textured finish that complements close-set eyes. These full set of lashes are made of high-quality faux mink fur and can be reused up to five times or more if looked after properly.

Baddie B - #sugarbaby

If a dramatic makeup look is your go-to, then Baddie B #sugarbaby lashes are a must-have. These lashes offer the perfect balance of cute and fierce, with super fluffy textured lashes that add extra length to the outer lashes.

One box contains a set of luxurious mink lashes in style #sugarbaby, which can be reused as long as they are taken care of. They also have a flexible lash band which makes them very easy to apply and also offers extra comfort.

Eyelash Emporium Pro Strip Lashes - Act Natural

If you prefer a subtle-looking lash which offers a natural finish, then Eyelash Emporium’s Pro Strip Act Natural Lashes should be your first choice. These lashes are made of faux mink and provide a curled effect on the outer edges to open up your close-set eyes.

These lashes mimic the appearance of individual lashes without the expensive price tag. They can also be reused up to twenty times, so make sure you don’t throw them away after the first wear!

SWEED by Terry - Tete a Tete

SWEED by Terry - Tete a Tete handmade lashes are perfect for close-set eyes as they are half lashes which cover the outer to the middle area of the eye. These are perfect for day wear as they are made of soft and natural-looking lash clusters which accentuate subtle makeup looks.

One pack contains a set of lashes in Tete a Tete, which are made from synthetic fibres. These lashes are both vegan-friendly and Cruelty-Free, so you can look cute without feeling guilty. 

Makeup for Close Set Eyes

Whilst false eyelashes can work wonders for close-set eyes, they are not the only beauty product that can accentuate and widen the gap between the eyes. Here are some tips to help you change up your makeup routine in order to enhance your eye shape.


If you are not already using an eye primer, then this should be the first thing you buy for your new eye makeup routine. By applying primer to the eye area, you can create a neutral and smooth palette which will make applying eye makeup much easier, whilst also making it last longer.

You can use an eye-specific prime or concealer which blends in with the skin tone around your eyes. This should be applied to the eyelids and then smoothed around the corners and below the brow bone.


Close-set eyes do not work well with a single eyeshadow shade, so instead of sticking to one colour, you should create a shadow gradient. To start, you should pick three or four colours that work well together. You should start at the inner corner of your eye and work your way outwards, making sure you start with the lightest shade and work your way up to the darker colours.

To create the illusion of distance, you should use dark brown or black shades on the outer corner of the eye. You can then elongate and open up the eyes by applying sparkling nude or white shades to the inner corner.


If you are used to applying eyeliner all the way around the eyes, you should put an end to that technique, as lining the inner part of the eye can make your eyes look smaller and closer together. Instead, you should draw liner on the outer part of the eye on the upper and lower lash line.

Close-set eyes work well with a cat-eye that extends outwards from the outer corner of the eye, although when drawing the liner, you should try to maintain a horizontal position to draw the eyes outwards. You can also try a double-wing, which is essentially two parallel wings, with one extending from the waterline and one from the upper lash line.


What’s a makeup look without mascara? Applying a volumizing or lengthening mascara will not only make your lashes look longer and more full, but will also open up the eyes.

You could also consider adding more mascara to the outer corners of the lashes, or applying a set of half eyelashes to the lashes on the far side of each eye. You should then brush the lashes outwards to create the illusion of wider eyes.


The key to making your eyes look further apart is to extend them outwards. To do this, you will need an eyebrow gel to fill in the sparse gaps between your eyebrows hairs while also extending the tails of your eyebrows.

You should try to make your eyebrows bold without overshadowing the eyes, as close-set eyes tend to look smaller, so a thick and full brow might be too much. You can also brush your eyebrows outwards to create width and space.


To space out the eyes and make them look wider, you should apply highlighter to the inner corners of the eye. Make sure you choose a light and shimmery highlighter, which will reflect light around the eye area to make them appear bigger and more evenly spaced.

To frame your eyes and make them stand out, you should also add highlighter underneath your brow bone to accentuate the eye area and create the illusion of larger eyes.

Celebrities with Close Set Eyes

For celeb inspiration, you should turn to stunning celebrities like our Jennifer Aniston, who accentuates her close-set eyes by using light eyeshadows in the corner of her eyes to create width. Light and shimmery shades also enable the reflection around her eye area, which makes her eye look larger.

Another talented actress who has been blessed with close-set eyes is Sarah Jessica Parker. You would never think she had close-set eyes as she uses a clever highlighting technique which involves applying light shades below the brow bone to frame her face and widen her eyes.


The above guide not only helps you understand how to enhance close-set eyes by using makeup techniques to widen the space between your eyes, but it also helps you understand your eye shape and teaches you to embrace them.

You can now use all these tips and purchase everything you need to achieve an ultra-glam or natural look which stands outs. This includes everything from fabulous false eyelashes to the best highlighter to accentuate your beautiful close-set eyes. These tips should not only enhance your eyes, but will also give you the confidence to explore bold makeup looks without worrying if your eyes look too close together or small.

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