Best Lashes for Deep set Eyes

If you have deep set eyes or are unsure on your eye shape, take a look at the following guide which helps you understand how to enhance deep set eyes, whilst also pointing you in the direction of the best fake eyelashes and makeup tips which will completely transform your deep set eyes.

By following these beauty tips, you can avoid choosing lashes and makeup techniques that will overpower your eye area and make the shadows under your eyes appear darker.

You can also prevent the appearance of ageing and looking gaunt by simply following what celebrities and professionals do to combat their deep set eye makeup issues.

What are Deep Set Eyes?

Having deep set eyes means your eyes are positioned deeper in the eye socket, which gives the appearance of a more prominent brow bone.

Deep set eyes also tend to look smaller, and you may also notice dark shadows around the eye area. Other characteristics of deep set eyes include a small upper eyelid, a visible crease and larger bags than other eye types.

When applying makeup or false lashes to deep set eyes, you may notice that your eyes appear smaller due to the brow bone overshadowing the eyelids. To ensure your makeup compliments your deep set eye shape, you need to make sure that you choose the right eye makeup and lashes, which will make your eyes to appear bigger and brighter.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Deep set Eyes?

Choosing the right lashes for your eye shape is so important as it will help to brighten your eye area, avoid shadows, and make your eyes appear bigger. Having deep set eyes also offers you some freedom as you can choose both subtle and dramatic lashes which have a lot of length as well as high-density and volume.

To help you choose the best false eyelashes for deep set eyes, here are some of the most recommended brands and lashes available for your specific eye shape.

Eye Candy Signature Collection Lashes - Aria

Eye Candy’s signature collection in style Aria are perfect for deep set eyes as they offer a doll-like aesthetic with longer lashes in the centre. This helps to draw attention to the eyes by making them more pronounced.

One pack contains one set of lashes that are reusable for both day and night. They are handmade with Cruelty-Free wispy fibres which are fashioned into a crisscrossed aesthetic which helps to add volume.

Red Cherry Lashes - Eternal

Red Cherry’s Eternal lashes are great for everyday wear due to them being lightweight and these lashes really help to enhance deep set eyes. They are also vegan-friendly, Cruelty-Free and latex-free so you can wear your falsies guilt-free.

The Eternal style lash set contains one pair of eyelashes which are very comfortable due to the soft tapered ends while also providing graduated length for an understated night look.

Doll Beauty Lashes - Samantha

Samantha from Doll Beauty are a set of mink, full-bodied lashes which can be re-used for both everyday wear and for special occasions. 

The Samantha style help to create an eye-enhancing effect with a full and fanned-out aesthetic by being comprised of multi-layered lash strands. They are also made of high-quality material which makes them durable, so you can enhance your deep set eyes for longer.

Pinky Goat Faux Mink Lashes - Reem

Pinky Goat’s faux mink lashes in style Reem are a luxurious and lightweight option which helps to make deep set eyes look more prominent. This is due to the crisscrossed lash strands, which help to create volume, definition and length.

This is one set of eyelashes which have an increased length in the centre which accentuates and softens deep set eyes. They are also made from high-quality faux mink which enables recycling for both day and night events.

Kiss Lash Couture Luxtensions Collection - Royal Silk

Kiss’ Royal Silk lashes from the Lash Couture Luxtensions are ultra-lightweight lashes with an invisible band which will enhance your eye area without overpowering your deep set eyes.

The Royal Silk style lashes have a range of D and C lash hairs which help to create a full-bodied 3D effect. A pack includes one set of eyelashes and a strong adhesive.

Eylure Texture Lashes - 117

Eylure Texture Lashes in style 117 are quality but cheap false eyelashes that contain one set of eyelashes and high-quality Eylure glue in a pack. These are one of the best value for money options as the lashes can also be used up to ten times for both day and nightwear.

Eylure’s No. 117 lashes are a wispy style lash with a long angled style aesthetic which complements deep set eyes perfectly. These lashes not only look great but are also extremely easy to apply and are contact lens friendly.

KoKo Lashes - Venus

If you are looking for a dramatic makeup look, then Venus style false eyelashes from Koko Lashes are the perfect choice due to its eye-opening abilities. These lashes are made up of a mixture of fine and dense lash clusters which help to create a flared and full effect that wows.

Every set of lashes is handmade so the styles may vary slightly, although you should expect a glamorous look that will add volume and enhance your deep set eyes.

Peaches and Cream - No. 28 

If you are looking for a dramatic set of false eyelashes that are dramatic but affordable, Peaches and Cream’s no. 28 are the best choice.

This lash product is completely Cruelty-Free as they are made up faux mink. They are also extremely easy to apply due to their lightweight feel, which also provides the drama, length and glamour that your deep set eyes need for special occasions.

Makeup for Deep Set Eyes

If you find it hard to apply makeup to your deep set eyes due to your brow bone protruding over your eyelids, then the following deep set eyes makeup tips will change your life. This guide will help you adapt your makeup routine, including everything from primer and mascara to eyeshadow and brow tips which will allow you to enhance and brighten your eyes.


One of the most important things you need to before applying your eye makeup is to prime your eyelids. This involves putting an eye primer on using a neutral shade that matches your skin in order to create a base for your eyeshadow. This will make it much easier for you to apply eye shadow as it will iron out any creases and will also enable the product to stick better and last longer.

You can also add some foundation or concealer if you are going to be out all day and night as this will help you to maintain your eye makeup. If using this, you should make sure that it is rubbed in completely before putting on your eyeshadow as any build-up can cause your eyeshadow to come off.


To bring out your deep set eyes, you should use light colours across your entire eyelid as these shades will brighten up the eye area. If using any dark colours, you should always make sure to apply them to the outer corner of your eye to avoid darkening the eye area. Another great tip is to apply darker eyeshadow to your upper lashes instead of a liner to prevent a shadowing effect.

You can also add some shimmery eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eye to bring your eyes forward and make the rest of your makeup more prominent.


One of the mistakes many people with deep set eyes make is applying eyeliner to the inner corner of your upper lid and under your eye - this is counterproductive due to it darkening the eye area.

The best way to apply eyeliner for deep set eyes is by starting from the outer corner of your eye and stopping the line halfway across your lash line. You can also brighten up your eyes with winged eyeliner which simply involves drawing a line from the corner of your outer eye.


When applying mascara to your deep set eyes, make sure you use a lengthening or voluminous product which will add definition and length to all your lashes in order to highlight your eyes.

You should also apply mascara to your lower lashes instead of using eyeliner as this will brighten up the undereye area. Although be careful when applying it as you do not want it to look clumpy, and too much mascara can also prevent false eyelashes from sticking properly.

Eyebrow pencil

Anyone with deep set eyes will know that their brows are what stands out the most, so you want to make sure they look perfect while also enhancing your eyes. The best way to do this is by using a brow pencil to shape your eyebrows and fill in any gaps.

You should also use some highlighter on your brow bone to help bring your eyeshadow and liner to life. However, try not to use too much as the brow bone above deep set eyes already acts as a natural highlighter for the eyes.

Celebrities with Deep Set Eyes

If you are looking for some makeup inspiration to enhance your deep set eyes, then look no further than some of the most recognised people in the world – celebrities.

While most celebrities with deep set eyes have professional makeup artists to paint their faces and enhance their eyes, you can also take advice from the professionals and use their magic tips to update your makeup routine.

For instance, well-known celebrities like Kim Kardashian combats their deep set eyes by applying eyeshadow and liner closer to the lash line. They also use softer shades such as brown, bronze and mauve to open up the eyes whilst also applying dark eyeshadow to the upper lashes instead of eyeliner to prevent a hollowing effect.

Angelina Jolie is also known for her prominently arched brows which compliment her deep set eyes. She prevents a sunken eye appearance by applying highlighter to the brow bone to emphasise the eyes while also using neutral to prevent darkening her deep set eyes. This helps her achieve a much younger complexion while also making her eyes stand out and look more doe-eyed.


Now you have all the tips to highlight and brighten your deep set eyes, including avoiding liner on the upper lash line and inner corner of the eye, using lighter and neutral eyeshadow shades and applying a lengthening mascara, you can go ahead and try it out for yourself.

Adding these tips to your everyday makeup routine should help you feel more confident as it will make your eyes to pop and will also avoid a sunken appearance – making you look less gaunt and more youthful.

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