Five Facts: About Girls with Hooded Eyes


We all have unique eye shapes, and if you are reading this and have hooded eyes and want to know which false eyelashes are best, then keep on reading!

For those who don’t know what hooded eyes are, it is when you have excess skin under your brow bone, meaning that it creates a fold and you can’t see much of the eyelid. Sometimes, we wish we had smaller eyes or big round eyes, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?



Here are five facts about all things hooded eyes:

  1. You spend hours putting on eyeshadow, for you then to open your eyes, and you’re like “where TF is the colour?”
  2. Applying mascara has its difficulties. The fold of skin above your eye is constantly getting printed with mascara.
  3. Say bye to winged eye flicks because they never flick out how you want them to
  4. Your eyes look fleeky when you apply eyeliner, but then you open your eyes and you’re like “where is the cat eye effect”
  5. False eyelashes can be a pain sometimes, because every time you blink it tickles your eyelids

…and this is why we have recommended the best falsies for your eye shape.

The wrong lashes can make your eyes look smaller than they are, so when you’re on the lookout for the best lashes, make sure you buy ones that are fluffy and long in the centre. The increase of length in the middle of the lash line, and the fluffy volume really magnifies your eyes, creating a big eye illusion.  

The best lashes for hooded eyes are recommended below.

Best Ardell lashes: Cluster lashes 602, Cluster lashes 600

Best House of Lashes: Boudoir LiteSmokey Muse

Best Lilly Lashes: So Extra, Diamonds

Best Red Cherry Lashes: Madison #73, Harper #47

Best KoKo Lashes: Girl about Town, Misha

Best Kiss Lashes: Sultry, Peony, Diva 02