Five Most Popular Eylure Styles!


Eylure are one of the world’s most well-known and loved false eyelash brands, and we are extremely proud to be one of their official stockists here in the UK, offering over 50 of their incredible styles! If you haven’t tried Eylure lashes before, and are looking for high quality yet affordable falsies then you’ve come to the right place – here are the five most popular Eylure styles.


For those that love the wispy look, style 117 is an essential for your lash collection. Offering just enough length and volume for both day and nighttime wear, these lovely, lightweight lashes consist of a layering of strands that form together to create medium volume as well as natural-looking texture. The graduated length also works to effortlessly elongate the eyes for a tasteful, winged out finish.


Style 141 is one of Eylure’s most popular designs thanks to its fluttery, flared appearance. Boasting an invisible band for a seamless blend once applied, these stunning lashes feature flared lash clusters that are blended between finer strands to create a soft, feathery feel adding just a touch of volume. The wispy lash tips allow for a naturally textured look, and the longer lashes in the centre work to open and accentuate the eyes for a flawless finish.


Eylure Lashes in style 120 are ideal if your preference is definition over heavy volume when it comes to choosing your lashes. The layering of fine and slightly thicker lash strands create a slightly spiky effect that adds a touch of tasteful volume, whilst the longer lashes positioned in the centre of the band allows for a wide-eyed enhancement.


If you want lashes with no volume and just length, these lashes were made for you. Get a natural, girl next door look with this style. They’re super lightweight and comfortable for all day wear.

Vegas Nay Grand Glamor

Last but not least, everyone has their eyes on this fabulous lash by Vegas Nay. The most popular style out of the bunch, and oh so glamourous. Grand Glamor has double criss-cross layers, making them look 3D and super fluffy. If you’re after length and volume, this style offers the right amount for an elegant finish.

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