House of Lashes Precious Gem Lash Cases


Ever struggled to store your favourite sets of falsies easily? Whether it's for travelling, keeping safe in your makeup bag, or simply for keeping them intact in your dressing table drawer, we have the perfect product for you!

Available in two stunning colours

We recently started stocking House of Lashes new Precious Gem Lash Cases! Available in two stunning colours, including Champagne Gold and Aquamarine, these are ideal for all lash lovers looking for a way to look after their falsies, and get the best wear out of them. Not only are these incredibly practical, with a beautiful yet sturdy design, and room for up to three pairs of lashes; they are also bang on-trend.

With a jewel-like design that's fit for a princess, these lash cases also have room for those all important accessories needed to apply your false eyelashes flawlessly. With room for the lashes on the top layer, there is also room on the second layer for tweezers, glue or mini scissors (all sold separately). This makes the cases perfect for a long weekend away, or even to buy as a gift for someone who loves lashes!

These cases are the ideal size, as they are not too big or too small, and with two gorgeous metallic, stylish colours to pick from, you simply cannot go wrong! Treasure your lashes, and ensure they remain in the best condition with one of these House of Lashes Cases. Treat yourself today and you will always have a place to stash your much loved false lashes and accessories.

Grab yourself one of these gorgeous makeup bag essentials now!