How To Apply False Eyelashes - YOUR Ultimate Guide


How to apply false eyelashes: Is your makeup lacking a bit of va va voom for that girls night out? Maybe false eyelashes can help you emphasise the look you’re after. Like they say, no makeup is complete without false eyelashes!

You’ve completed your makeup look and you know what look you’re going for.

You’re rummaging through your lash draw trying to find a style but you have such a collection you don’t know which brand to choose, or style! Dramatic, wispy and fluffy, natural or glamorous.

Below is a selection of styles we’ve picked out to suit all eye shapes. From almond shaped eyes, monolid eyes, round eyes, to hooded eyes.

Dramatic lashes: Eylure Dramatic 202 | Doll Beauty – Jasmine

Glamorous lashes: Lilly Lashes – Paris  | Lilly Lashes - NYC

Natural lashes: Ardell Lashes – Wispies | Peaches & Cream – No1

Wispy and Fluffy: Red Cherry – Ivy #415

How to apply false eyelashes

Without further ado, here’s your ultimate guide on how to apply false eyelashes:

Trim the outer edges

Measure your strip lash along your lash line to see whether you need to trim the lash down to fit your eye shape. Having them too long can irritate your eyes and ruin the eye look you’re aiming for.

Curve the lash

For those who have small eyes, you may find it difficult when applying lashes. Lightly pinch both lash ends, wiggle and bend it until the strip isn’t stiff and is slightly curved.

Add glue

All types of false lashes require lash glue (except for magnetics and pre-glued, obvs). Brush on your glue evenly on the strip line, ensuring you’ve covered the inner and outer corners as these are the most important areas for a long-lasting effect.

Let it dry

Once lash adhesive has been applied to the lash, let it dry for 50 seconds before you apply. If the glue is still wet, it won’t stick.

Apply lashes with lash applicator

Apply lashes with a lash applicator. Alternatively, you can use a tweezer and if all else fails, attempt applying freehand. We’d recommend a lash applicator – trust us!

Flutter your eyes

Bat them lids and show them what you’re made of.

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Watch how to apply false eyelashes in action here.