How to Apply Lash Serum

Lash serum is an interesting product; it's one of those things we didn't know we needed until it became so entrenched in our makeup routines we couldn't live without it. Lash serums are designed to enhance your natural lash length and fullness and protect the delicate skin around your eyes from pollution and other eyelash-stressing factors.

With some professional know-how, you can apply lash serum to the best effect using as little as possible because, as we all know, a lash serum is costly.

So keep reading, and let's begin…

What is Lash Serum?

Lash serums are an innovative eyelash product you can apply to your lash after cleansing but before mascara to deliver potent ingredients, including a nourishing factor (peptides), vitamins (vitamin E, B5, and B7) and minerals directly into your eyelashes.

Lash serums come in various formats, from clear liquids delivered to your lashes like mascara or an eyeliner style, on a pointy brush for easy application.

Some serums contain oil, but if you're a fan of false eyelashes or individual lash extensions, you should probably avoid oil-based products. Oil can damage the lash bond between your natural lashes and false lashes, making them difficult to remove without tugging on your lashes.

Oil-based products will likely be conditioning products rather than serums, but we are going into the finer details of lash care and conditioners later in this blog.

What Can Lash Serums Do?

The goal of lash serums is to enhance and protect the condition of your natural lashes and promote growth. Lash serum was made in the first place way back in the noughties (2000) to care for the eyelashes of cancer patients.

The media reported that a doctor in New Zealand invented the first lash serum to help his wife grow her lashes after radiotherapy. There's usually a good reason behind the invention of most products, and eyelash loss is a good reason for sure.

Back to what they can do — it's all about the lash cycle. Serums get right in there to extend the telogen or resting phase, lasting between 3–5 months, depending on the person.

So better lashes for longer — that's the goal anyway.

How to Apply Lash Serum

Right-o, let's get going with the how-to guide for eyelash serum application. First things first, read the instructions; different products have different ways of applying the products, but to be honest, most application technics are similar.

So let's go:

  1. Start with freshly-cleaned eyes (all your eye area, eyelids, and lashes). Make sure no makeup or skincare product is left on your lashes — this might sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how many serum fans don't do it, and dirty lashes mean they won't absorb the serum properly.
  2. Use the serum as suggested in the instructions (usually, a pea-sized drop is enough) and apply it only to your upper lash line. Make sure you get the product as close to the lash root as possible, and use the brush or applicator provided to spread the serum evenly — that's what it's there for.
  3. Keep your eyes closed for a few moments, allowing the serum to be absorbed and dried in. Drying time should be at most 1 minute or 60 seconds, but we suggest waiting for a further five minutes before you put your makeup on, especially mascara.

Try not to get any of the serum in your eyes (not easy, we know), as this can irritate. If you accidentally get the serum in your eye, rinse it with lukewarm water.

Tips for Applying Lash Serum

We've all been there — bought an expensive product and not used it properly, wondered why it didn't work, and lamented that we might have wasted our money.

The tip section is designed to help — some of our tips are controversial (not really), but they are not widely considered tips, which is why you come to us for advice in the first place.

Apply the serum to your top lashes only — why? Because the lower lashes are not as receptive to serum as the top, and closing your eyes after application will transfer some serum to them anyway, so nothing lost and everything to gain.

Use lash serum at night — why? Because that way, if you over-apply, you don't need to faff about getting the product off when you’re in a hurry to go out. Plus, everything works better at night (apart from buses).

Don't forget your brows — why? Lash serum is an excellent product for brow hairs, helping them keep their shape while being cost-effective. Anything, multipurpose or 2-in-1, we love.

Can You Make Your Own Eyelash Serum?

Nope! But I want to share some early lash serum ideas that some manufacturers created (mainly because they're funny) and as a cautionary tale.

Snail gunk, yep, you heard me correctly — snail gunk. Years ago, there was a marketing push to use the slime left behind by snails. You might remember seeing snail mucus advertised as a face product. Mucopolysaccharide didn't catch on — snail eye is not a thing, thank goodness.

Vaseline — any TikTok fans will see there are loads of Toks about using Vaseline on your face and lashes, and all we can say is DON'T. Vaseline is 100% oily jelly made of petroleum or petrol, mineral oil, and wax and will clog pores and possibly cause irritation.

What's worse, you will look like you have a sweaty face infection, and no one wants that — do we need to say more?

Egg white — yes, egg white was thought to enhance eyelash growth. We can see why, egg white is a protein and, therefore good for you, but really, egg white on your eyes — NO. Stick to eating it and use a proper lash serum instead.


Here are some questions (and the answers) we frequently get asked about lash serums.

Q: Should I apply the lash serum more than once a day?

A: No, once a day is enough. Using it more won't give you double bubble or extra benefits; over-applying can lead to adverse reactions like irritated infections.

Q: Is lash serum suitable for sensitive eyes?

A: Yes, people with sensitive eyes can use lash serum, but you should always test the product on the skin behind your ear or forearm first to make certain you don't get adverse reactions.

Q: Will lash serum work for short lashes?

A: Yes, lash serum can help with short lashes as it helps to enhance the natural lash cycle. But, if you're looking for a dramatic look faster, then consider using extensions or false eyelashes.

So lash fans, there you have it — all the why's, wherefores and answered questions to help you pick the best eyelash serum for your beauty routine.