LASH GUIDE: Best falsies for round eyes


LASH GUIDE: Best lashes for round eyes

Dressing up your eyes can make a huge difference to your eye shape. So it’s very important to know what eye shape you have and which false lashes would suit your eyes. If you have round eyes, you should be able to see the white around your iris.

In this guide, our lash experts at will talk you through the best lashes for round eyes.

If you have round eyes, you should stay away from thick lashes, as dialling up the thickness can make your eyes look smaller than they are. Instead, opt for false eyelashes that are long, wispy and fan upwards. These styles will further amplify the shape of your eye.

False eyelashes for round eyes

The styles to look out for are lashes that are fanned out towards the outer edge of the eye and lashes that have a criss-cross weave at the root of the lash band. What this does, is it imitates the natural pattern of your eyelashes, and if applied correctly, people are less able to detect that they are falsies, win-win.

model wearing velour lashes in style perfect fan

Velour Lashes - The Perfect Fan £12.00

These Velour lashes are made of silk material and are lightweight to the eye. In particular, having round eyes mean you don’t want anything too heavy or voluminous. The root of the lash is short in length with a criss-cross pattern, while the outer corner sports a longer length, giving you that ‘perfect fan’ effect.

Believe it or not, these lashes can be re-used up to 20 times!

model wearing lash unlimited in style 7

Lash Unlimited - Style #11 £3.99

If you want a style that is more natural everyday wear, then this style offers a girl next door vibe. Again, these lashes are short to begin with and adds length towards the outer corner, giving you that full flutter look for your round eye shape.

With the lash bands being almost invisible and soft, the natural texture makes it easy to apply while it blends in effortlessly with your own lashes.

model wearing unicorn lashes in style lemon meringue

Unicorn - Lemon Meringue £9.95

With having naturally big eyes, you don’t want lashes that are super voluminous. So if you’re going for a night out, these flirty lashes are the one for you. They offer short to medium length throughout, and create a fluffy yet not too thick look.

This wispy and curly set will definitely magnify your round eye shape.