Lash Lovers Bingo Time!


Here at HQ, we have created a fun bingo game for all you lash-a-holics. Everyone in one way or another (especially lash lovers) have experienced a false lash disaster. From losing one lash on a night out to gluing your fingers together when applying - we’ve all been there, and we'd love to hear your story. 

We asked our staff to share their most memorable lash disasters with you. Here’s what they said:

Sacha – “I once was at a party and was telling people about my job working for I was wearing some subtle eyelashes at the time, and someone asked if I ever wore them. I said not really as I thought I could get away as passing them off as my real eyelashes, but later on in the conversation one corner started poking me in the eyes and my eyes started watering. I could feel it starting to lift off my lid, so I quickly had to run upstairs, rip them off, add some extra mascara and hope no one would notice.”

Nicole – “Over the years, I have encountered many situations with strip eyelashes. One that I remember particularly is being in a club and realising I lost a lash, I had to think fast. If you're like me and wearing lashes on a night out is just as important as wearing shoes, then you'll know the struggle is REAL if this has ever happened. There was NO way I was walking out of the girls toilets without lashes on, so I decided to take the lash off, bite the lash directly in the middle, REALLY carefully (I mean really, really carefully) so my lash was split in two. I remembered I had lash glue in my clutch bag, so I popped glue on each half and made accent lashes - mission accomplished! I walked out the toilets like nothing had happened!”

Lucy – “It was the night before my 21st birthday and my best friends and I had planned to go for a few drinks before going to Chester races the following day. I had only just had a full set of Russian lashes done and I was warned by my lash technician not to get them wet or wear any makeup, as this could result in me losing some or even all of my lash extensions. As we were laughing and chatting my ex of only a few weeks walked passed the bar we were in and me being me burst into an uncontrollable sob. My best friend quickly realised I had my freshly done lash extensions before I did and was frantically trying to calm me down whilst blowing them and attempting to brush them to stop them from falling out… Unfortunately, she did not succeed and I ended up having the majority of my lash extensions falling off.”

Play along with us and check out the Lash Lovers Bingo card below, and see how many you can tick off. 

Lash Lover Bingo Card

Do you have a lash disaster story to tell? Tag us on Twitter with #welovelashesbingo, we’d love to hear your experience!