Lilly Lashes: The Ultimate Guide

Lilly Lashes: The Ultimate Guide

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Lilly Lashes, founded by American glam Queen and ultimate beauty entrepreneur Lilly Ghalichi are one of the most popular lash brands we sell here at Offering incredible quality due to their luxurious designs, look and feel; their ever-expanding line of lashes never fails to impress! We stock over 35 Lilly Lashes styles including bestselling 3D Mink Miami lashes, Mykonos lashes, essential lash accessories and even exclusive limited edition styles. You can shop our full Lilly Lashes collection here and learn everything you need to know about them in this go-to guide.


If you’re a lash lover that is yet to try a style from the Lilly Lashes range, you may have a few questions about the styles, which lash will best suit you, how to apply Lilly Lashes, or you may simply want a closer look at some of their lashes in action. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions and answered them, and have also selected some of the top-selling styles from the collection so you can see exactly what they look like once applied.

How to put Lilly Lashes on:

Applying Lilly Lashes is super simple and can be completed in just a few steps. As most styles are made from mink hairs, ensure you take extra care when handling the lashes as they are very delicate.You will need the following items before applying your choice of Lilly Lashes:

  • A Lilly Lashes style of your choice
  • Lash adhesive - we offer a range of different lash glues on our website
  • Tweezers or a lash applicator - for the perfect precision
  • A mirror - to assist with your application
  • Scissors - to trim down the lashes if needed for a flawless fit
  1. Start by removing the lash from the tray using either tweezers or a lash applicator.
  2. Measure the lash against your natural lash line to see whether it needs trimming.
  3. If the lash is too big, trim from the outer edge to get the perfect fit.
  4. Once trimmed to size, apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band.
  5. Wait approximately 30 seconds for the lash glue to go tacky.
  6. Using the lash applicator or tweezers, position the lash directly above your lash line and gently press into place.
  7. Use the lash applicator to push the lash as close to the lash line as possible so it remains firmly in place with no visible gaps.

How to remove Lilly Lashes:

As Lilly Lashes are premium quality, if cared for correctly you should get multiple uses out of each pair making it important that you remove them carefully after each wear. To remove Lilly Lashes, gently peel away from your lash line using an applicator, tweezers or your fingers and they should quickly come off in just a few seconds. If however, you feel you need extra help to remove the adhesive, apply a gentle oil-based cleanser to a cotton bud, and swipe along your lash line to loosen the glue. This will then make break down the adhesive making it easier for you to remove the lashes.

Once you have removed your lashes, you should then gently clean them to remove any makeup or unwanted residue to ensure they remain in the best condition possible and allow for multiple wears. To do this, apply micellar water to a cotton bud, place the lash in the palm of your hand and gently wipe along the lashes until any makeup or mascara is eliminated. Once this is complete, you may want to softly brush the lashes using a spoolie brush to help them dry and fluff up again. Always take extra care when removing and cleaning your lashes!

For extra tips and tricks for removing false lashes, read this post.

Which Lilly Lashes are the best?

Selecting Lilly Lashes that best suit you can seem overwhelming as there are so many different styles and types to choose from. However we suggest starting with your personal preference in material. Do you want real mink lashes or a faux mink alternative? Do you find bandless lashes work best for you or do you want a dramatic 3D design? You can then narrow your choices down.

Next, consider your eye shape and what type of lash style typically enhances and suits your eyes.

  • Best Lilly Lashes for hooded eyes - Goddess as it is longer in the centre which gives the illusion of a larger eye.
  • Best Lilly Lashes for almond eyes - Miami lashes look great on almond eyes and don’t overpower them.
  • Best Lilly Lashes for round eyes - Style Opulence from the lite collection suits round eyes perfectly as they aren’t too dramatic but offer a long, curled appearance.
  • Best Lilly Lashes for small eyes - Luxe lashes aren’t too heavy or long for small eyes and they boast a graduated length which softly elongates and opens up small eyes.

For further help with finding the perfect lashes for your eyes shape, read our post here.

Most Popular Lilly Lashes

From Miami to Mykonos, Lilly Lashes have some hugely popular styles that are constantly flying off the shelves. Whether you prefer a full, fanned out finish or a dramatic 3D design; our bestselling Lilly Lashes have definitely got you covered for all occasions. Here are some of the most popular designs from their range.

Model wearing lilly lashes in style Miami

Lilly Lashes in style ‘Miami’ boast a 3D Mink design that is ultra-full, fluffy and multi-layered for a dimensional finish. They are without a doubt the most iconic style from the entire Lilly Lashes collection and are incredibly popular with A list celebrities, Hollywood makeup artists and social media influencers - Kylie Jenner is a huge fan!

Best worn with: A soft smoky eye - let the lashes do the talking!



Model Wearing Lilly Lashes in style Mykonos

3D Mink style Mykonos is another favourite from the collection, boasting a similar appearance to Miami but with slightly bolder, more feathered clusters. These lashes feature longer strands in the centre which open the eyes for a dramatically enhanced look, making them perfect for special occasions or big nights out.

Best worn with: a thin stroke of black liquid liner for a bold, defined finish.


Model Wearing Lilly Lashes in style Goddess                                

If you prefer a softer style, Goddess lashes from the ‘luxury’ collection are a gorgeous choice. This striking style consists of criss-crossed mink hairs which are softly layered for a multi-dimensional appearance. This creates a natural-looking texture and provides impressive length which is heightened in the centre for an instant, wide-eyed effect.

Best worn with: minimal makeup and a nude lip.



Model Wearing Lilly Lashes in style Cannes

Offering medium density and flawless definition; Lilly Lashes in style Cannes are perfect for both day and night time wear. The delicately spaced out lash clusters softly flare outwards for a natural, wispy curl while the elongated ends allow for an effortless, cat-eye effect. If you are looking for a lash style that is in between Miami and Goddess in terms of length and volume, this is the ideal style.

Best worn with: warm brown shadows and a fluffy brow.


Lilly Lashes The Lite Mink Collection

Adding a little luxury to your makeup and lash collection has never been easier thanks to the stunning styles available in the Lilly Lashes Lite Mink collection. Although these lash styles still feature multi-layered designs made from premium quality mink hair, they’re not as bold or dramatic as some of the other 3D Mink Lilly Lashes. They’re also a lovely choice if you want a similar finish to individual lashes, or a more natural lash look in general.

Flatlay of style Goddess

Goddess lashes are ultra-long with criss-crossed strands for a naturally enhanced look. Offering medium density with heightened lashes in the centre, this style is the perfect balance between soft and full.


Flatlay of style Luxe

Luxe lashes from the lite mink collection offers a subtle, graduated length for a winged out effect without too much intensity. The ultra-flared clusters create a feathery finish that effortlessly curls outwards opening and elongating the eye at the same time. This style is the perfect day to night lash.

Flatlay of style Tease

If you like a lash style that offers lots of texture, then Lilly Lashes in style tease are a top pick. The alternating length mink hairs are formed into clusters for a full, fluffy appearance with slightly longer strands in the centre of the band to accentuate your eyes beautifully.


 Flatylay of style Diamonds

Lilly lashes in style Diamonds are ideal for everyday wear and offer a similar look to individual lash extensions thanks to the ultra fine, delicately layered lash strands. They softly curl outwards for an eye-opening effect and have a medium, natural-looking volume.


Flatlay in style Opulence

Style Opulence feature the most length from the styles in the lite mink collection, making them a top choice for lash fans that prefer length over volume. The lashes increase slightly at each outer end for a subtle yet stunning cat-eye effect - they’re a real eye opener!


Model wearing lashes in styles Mykonos Lite

Yes you heard it right, there’s ANOTHER version of bestselling Lilly Lashes style ‘Mykonos’ and this one is for those of you that love the original but would like a slightly softer finish. With less density but the same appearance and length, these lovely lashes may be a new addition to the Lilly Lashes range but they’re already a firm favourite!


 Model wearing Lilly Lashes in style Miami Lite

Love the look of the original Miami lashes but looking for an everyday alternative? Try Miami Lite Mink lashes and you won’t be disappointed. Same quality, same full, fluffy finish and same stunning length just with a more subtle look and less volume. Stock up on these beauties as they’re expected to go fast.

3D Faux Mink Lilly Lashes

If you’re a fan of the bestselling Lilly Lashes such as Mykonos and Miami but don’t like the idea of wearing mink lashes, we also offer faux mink versions as vegan alternatives. As well as faux mink versions of popular designs, there are other faux mink lash styles to choose from including the following popular styles:

3D Faux Mink Lashes Tokyo

Lilly lashes Tokyo try on

For ultra-long lashes, faux mink style Tokyo is a top pick. With a dramatic increase in length towards each outer edge, these luxurious yet lightweight lashes look great for wear on any occasion.

Price: £29.95

3D Faux Mink Lashes Milan

Lilly lashes Milan try on

If you require medium length and density from your falsies, this style offers just that. With a soft, subtle curl to open your eyes and alternating length lash strands for a textured finish, this sultry style looks stunning once applied.

Price: £29.95

3D Faux Mink Lashes NYC      

Lilly lashes NYC try on

Faux mink style NYC is another original lash that has been recreated in a synthetic version. Still consisting of the same full, fluffy appearance and premium quality, these luxurious lashes accompany any bold makeup look for gorgeous results. The layering of soft, faux mink fibres blends together beautifully for a fluttery, flawless finish.

Price: £29.95

3D Faux Mink Lashes Rome

Lilly lashes Rome try on

Offering a graduated length and medium density, 3D faux mink lashes in style Rome create an instant cat-eye effect which perfectly completes a soft, smoky eye. If you love an elegant and versatile lash style, these are guaranteed to be your new go-to.

Price: £29.95

The most popular faux mink lash styles are:


It’s no surprise that one of the most popular faux mink Lilly Lashes style is of course the beloved Miami design. Ideal if you love the original but want a synthetic version instead of mink, these fabulous falsies are a must have for your makeup bag.

Model wearing faux mink lilly lashes Miami

When to wear: parties, nights out, the festive period.

Team with: heavy eye makeup and a touch of sparkle.

Price: £29.95


Of course the faux mink Mykonos style is another top choice with falsies fans - they’re the perfect lash for creating a thick and dimensional appearance and still consist of the same quality just without the mink hairs.

Model wearing faux mink lilly lashes Mykonos

When to wear: weddings, holidays, special occasions.

Team with: soft, warm shadows and minimal makeup.

Price: £29.95


Sometimes, you just need that little something extra. Extra volume, extreme length and unbeatable definition - say hello to the amazing ‘So Extra’ Lilly lashes. Whether it’s for a weekend getaway with the girls, a bank holiday night out, or a special occasion where you’re looking for an extra special lash; opt for the incredible So Extra Miami or Mykonos lashes. They feature the same appearance as the original styles, but with double the density for a bolder, more dramatic look that is ideal for accompanying a heavier makeup look.


Lilly Lashes So Extra Miami Lash try on

  • Same design as original Miami lashes with double the density
  • Full, fluffy 3D mink lashes



Model wearing So Extra Mykonos Lilly lashes

  • Double the drama of the original Mykonos lashes
  • Multi-layered 3D mink design


Celebrities That Love Lilly Lashes

It’s no secret that Lilly Lashes are loved amongst celebrities and Hollywood stars with the likes of the Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and other A-listers often seen sporting a pair. What once started as a 6-style lash line, has gone on to be one of the most popular luxury lash brands in the world, with Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada arguably kickstarting the obsession on social media when he used Miami lashes on the young billionaire in a makeup look on Instagram.

JLO and KimK wearing Lilly lashes

JLO WEARING MYKONOS                                             KIM K WEARING MIAMI

Kylie Jenner and Rhianna wearing Lilly lashes KYLIE JENNER WEARING MIAMI                          RIHANNA WEARING TEASE

[Image(s) source:]

Limited Edition Lilly Lashes and Latest Launches

Not only do we offer the classic and most popular Lilly Lashes styles here at, but we also regularly introduce their latest launches and limited edition designs such as The Wedding Lash, the Kim Zolciak Biermann and Ash Kholm collaborations to name just a few.

The Bridal Collection

One of the most recent Lilly Lashes launches this year was the incredible bridal collection which features five 3D mink lash styles; Prenup, Happy Wife Happy Life, 24 Carat, and The Wedding Lash which was actually Lilly Ghalichi’s style of choice on her very own wedding day!


lilly lashes in style prenup

Prenup is a super wispy, flared 3D lash style that is formed into curly clusters for a naturally enhanced finish. The alternating length lash strands create a soft, fluffy texture and the winged outer edges elongate the eyes effortlessly.

‘24 CARAT’ 💎

Lilly lashes in style 24 Carat

If you dare to go a little bolder with your lash look, style 24 carat is a gorgeous option. This dimensional design offers the ultimate definition thanks to the spaced out lash clusters and alternating length strands. Offering full volume and a slightly graduated length; these luxurious lashes are the perfect ‘after party’ pair.


Lilly lashes in style always and forever

If your preference is heavy volume over extreme length, then look no further than the amazing ‘Always + Forever’ 3D mink lashes from the bridal collection. This multi-layered style provides heaps of volume with a fluffy finish and flawless curl. The longer lashes positioned in the centre of the band also work to open the eye up for a bold, beautiful look.


Lilly lashes in style happy wife happy life

One things for sure with these lashes; they’re certainly ‘wifey material’! This style features ultra-flared mink lash strands that are delicately layered to create a natural texture, medium density and the perfect amount of length. The blend of fine and thicker lash strands creates a fluffy, flawless finish while the curled tips accentuate the eyes for a wide-eyed effect.


Lilly lashes in style the wedding

Designed by Lilly Ghalichi herself for her own big day; ‘The Wedding Lash’ is an incredibly special style from the bridal collection. Handcrafted from premium quality mink hairs, these luxurious lashes are multi-layered, soft and silky. The delicate curled ends gently open the eye while the longer outer edges add an elegant winged out effect. Suitable for most eye shapes; this style is simply stunning.


Calling all Miami lash fans; there’s a new style in town! ‘Miami flare’ lashes are one of the latest additions to the Lilly Lashes range and they are sure to be a sell out. This fun, flirty take on the most popular Lilly Lashes style helps you to create a sultry cat-eye look, adding instant length and volume for maximum impact. This style is handcrafted from luxurious mink hairs and boasts a bold, three-dimensional design that is dramatically flared for a seriously stand out enhancement.
Model wearing lilly lashes in style miami flare

Bandless Lilly Lashes

As well as offering traditional lash styles, Lilly Lashes also provide a number of bandless styles. Bandless lashes feature a clear coloured lash band instead of a black or brown one, which is invisible against the lash line once applied allowing for a more seamless blend.


Lilly lashes in style believe

‘Believe’ lashes are limited edition 3D faux mink lashes designed by American reality star Kim Zolciak Biermann. This dense, flared style is made from high quality silk-like fibres and boasts an invisible band making it even easier to blend them with your natural lashes.


Style Ela is a popular 3D mink lash that also has a clear lash band for an easy application and undetectable look once applied. These fabulous falsies add extreme length for an ultra-glam look and feature heavy density for instant volume and impact.

Lilly lashes in style ela

Lilly Lashes Accessories

As well as offering an impressive selection of false lashes, Lilly Lashes also cater to all aspects of false lash application with their luxury lash accessory range. This collection includes tweezers, eyelash curlers, lash applicators, lash cases, scissors and more. We also stock their brand new lash rack - the world’s first ever lash drying tool! Simply apply your lash adhesive and pop the lashes into the helpful holder and wait until the lash glue has dried; genius! Complete your lash collection with these essential accessories.

Lilly lashes lash curler and lash holder

What’s your all time favourite Lilly Lashes style? Don’t forget to tag us in your looks on Instagram @welovelashes to get featured. 👑



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