More Than A Third Of British Women Purposely Leave Items Round Their Partner’s House To ‘Mark Their Territory’

Here at, we conducted a study as part of ongoing research into the habits of women when in relationships. More than 1,532 women over the age of 18 (who are in relationships but not living with their partners) took part in this survey:

How likely would you be to leave items around your partner’s home on purpose?

Respondents were asked how likely they were to intentionally leave items around their partner’s house, and just over a third (34%) admitted they were ‘very likely’ to do this.

When asked what items they commonly leave at their partner’s house (and they were able to choose more than one option), this was the result:

Hairbrush – 77%
Clean underwear– 62%
Make-up – 60%
Items of clothing – 58%
Hair grips – 54%
Hair bobbles – 43%
Cotton buds – 41%
False eyelashes – 26%
Toothbrush – 16%
Deodorant – 14%

Next, they were asked the main reason for intentionally leaving personal items behind, with the most common answers found to be ‘to mark my territory’ (39%), ‘to remind them of me’ (29%), and ‘fears of them seeing other people’ (14%).

Furthermore, 23% claim to have found items of women’s clothing around their partner’s place that does not belong to them.

Saffron Hughes, in-house Make-Up Artist at, commented:

“It can be hard to know where the boundaries are when you’re just starting out seeing someone, or even when you are in a long-term relationship. It was interesting to find out, so many leave things at their partner’s house to ‘mark their territory’, but if there are serious doubts in the relationship, it is probably best to consult your partner direct. Leaving items around the home can be a good way to test the waters if you are planning to move in together in the long term, as your partner should get used to having your stuff around!”