National Lash Day 2020


February 19th marks National Lash Day. Celebrate your lashes in every shape, size, and style with beautiful lashes here at If you’re not naturally blessed with long luscious lashes, then don’t despair, because there are plenty of lash styles to enhance the windows to the soul.

On this National Lash Day, flaunt your inner and outer beauty with a beautiful pair of lashes. Up your lash game and look confident and flawless. You’ll be the ultimate lash queen in no time.

In honour of National Lash Day, we have compiled the different types of lashes we offer and our favourite go-to lashes.

Pre-glued Lashes

Eylure volume pre glued lashes in style 107

If you’re looking for a quick, easy and fuss free way to apply lashes, look no further than the pre-glued varieties. Pre-glued lashes mean there is no glue required because the band of the lash is already tacky. Ardell self-adhesive lashes in style 105S are the perfect lash for everyday wear, while Eylure Volume lashes in style 107 packs length and soft volume, making them perfect for date nights.

Individual Lashes

Ardell individual combo lashes

Individual lashes and lash extensions allow you to add length and volume to your natural lashes however you’d like. They give you complete control in how thick you’d like your lashes, allowing you to create a unique look, whatever the eye shape, whatever the occasion. SWEED Lashes cluster flairs offer three different lengths;  7 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm and can create your own version of hybrid and Russian lashes.

When using individual lashes, make sure you’re using individual lash adhesive for a strong hold.  

Magnetic Lashes

Ardell magentic liner and lash kit

One of the most searched beauty questions in 2018 was ‘how to apply magnetic lashes’ and since people have become obsessed with them. Efficiency is key when it comes to a new innovation, and magnetic lashes haven proven just that. They are easy to apply, require no glue, long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

Magnetic lashes come with a bottom lash and a top lash. Both lashes have magnetic strips along the band, and they both connect once you lock the lashes together in place with your own lashes. Our most popular magnetic lash is Ardell double demi wispies.

Did you know there is a new invention of magnetic lashes? Queue the Magnetic Liner and Lash Kit. The eyeliner boasts of magnetic fibres and is designed to connect the lash to the liner. Sounds simple eh? Try it for yourself. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Strip False Eyelashes

flatlay of violet voss false eyelashes

False eyelashes come in different shapes and sizes, just like a nice pair of jeans. It can be difficult finding the right pair that fits you and make you look fabulous, therefore it is extremely important you buy a lash that is going to suit the look you’re going for and for it to sit comfortably on your lids. There’s nothing more frustrating than having something irritating your eyes.

Whether you have almond eyes, mono-lid eyes, round eyes, deep set eyes or hooded eyes, there’s a lash for everyone. Not sure on your eye shape? Read our guide here to find false lashes to suit your eye shape.

We suggest opting for lashes that are thick and elongate towards the outer lash to create a wide eye appearance, or if you prefer a doll eye look, opt for a lash that is long in the centre to accentuate your eyes.