Top Four Best Sellers: Pinky Goat


Pinky Goat false eyelashes has become a phenomenon in the beauty industry. The multi award-winning brand now stock in 14 countries and is rapidly growing internationally, with a range of styles each to their own, for any occasion. Perfect excuse to buy a new pair of falsies as party season is approaching, right?

According to their website, you can wear their false eyelashes up to 10-20 times! However, this will depend on how well you take care of them, how careful you are when removing them and how they are stored.

Can’t decide which Pinky Goat lashes to buy? Read below to see which styles are most popular.

Top 4 bestsellers


Pinky Goat Arwa Style

Style Arwa is one of the most popular Pinky Goat lash styles. Boasting a full, fluttery appearance, this design is formed into flared, wispy clusters that gradually fade in density from base to tip, for extra definition at the lash line. The elongated ends add a winged out effect and accentuate your eyes effortlessly.


Pinky Goat Noura Style

Noura lashes are ideal if you love heavy volume without too much length. Their dense design consists of thick, high quality silk fibres that are delicately criss-crossed for a dramatic, multi-layered look.


Pinky Goat Hessa Style

Hessa offers intense length with a medium, wearable volume. Each lash cluster is spaced out along the lash band, and softly flares outwards for an eye-opening effect. The increased length in the centre of the lash, works to accentuate the eye, giving it a larger appearance for a stand-out finish.


Pinky Goat Dania Lashes

Dania is the most natural-looking Pinky Goat lash featured in this post, so if you love a soft, subtle lash then this style is a perfect pick! The invisible lash band allows for a flawless blend with your natural lashes, and each cluster boasts a wispy, textured appearance that curls outwards for a gorgeous, versatile look once applied.

Don’t worry, though, if these don’t tickle your fancy, offer plenty more of their collection on site. We offer FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more.