Rosie Bea by Eylure Lashes


For those that remain up to date when it comes to the beauty scene, will perhaps have heard of renowned British beauty blogger Rosie Bea. The teen social media sensation has a vast amount of followers on her blog and Instagram, and boasts of thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel. It is safe to say, she has certainly made a name for herself as a relatable, beauty icon. Her success is evident through her numerous collaborations with big name brands such as Benefit and the BBC. In hearing the news of her new Eylure false eyelash range; we knew it was bound to be special!

About the Rosie Bea Lashes...

Offering six gorgeous styles, that all come in lovely floral packaging, these lashes are sure to be a hit. Consisting of particularly natural, lightweight designs suitable for everyday wear as well as a couple of more dramatic styles – this collection is truly stunning. If you prefer a three-quarter lash rather than a full strip lash, Rosie Bea's range caters for you, with two of her lashes being three-quarter length. Most of the designs feature soft, subtle styles that delicately enhance your eyes without heavy drama or volume.

Priced from £4.95 (also qualifying for FREE 1st Class Delivery in the UK when you spend £15 or more), these lashes come with adhesive included in the box, meaning you have absolutely everything you need to accentuate your eyes in an instant.

Perfect everyday lash style – Fling (click here)

For a tapered, tasteful effect, opt for three-quarter length style - Kitty (click here)

Shop the Rosie Bea by Eylure collection now, and find the perfect lash for you.