Top 5 Tatti Lashes Styles


Top 5 Tatti lashes styles: Tatti Lashes have fast become a favourite choice amongst our customers here at Offering exceptional quality at affordable prices, it’s not difficult to see why this brand is loved by makeup artists across the UK. Used by the likes of Kate Hayes at her famed Liverpool based makeup academy, celebrities have also been spotted sporting these fabulous falsies. From reality stars such as Tanya Bardsley, to huge Hollywood names Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj, this brand has certainly made an impact on the beauty industry.

The top five best-selling Tatti Lashes styles


Arguably the most popular style from the range, number TL3 is super full and fluffy. Transforming your look has never been easier, made from luxurious mink hair, this dimensional design is multi-layered for a natural volume and textured finish. This style also boasts a combination of dense and finer lash strands, formed together to achieve a soft, wispy look, whilst the increased length in the centre opens the eye beautifully.


For a unique, ultra-glam enhancement, opt for style TL31. This top-selling design features clusters of dense lashes, layered in between finer strands for flawless definition and a full, fluttery volume. The elongated ends accentuate the eye, and the flared clusters offer the ultimate curl.


This stunning style features softly spaced out lash clusters that provide incredible definition and a medium volume. The fine, fluffy lash strands form together to achieve a full yet versatile look that enhances your natural beauty effortlessly. The graduated length adds a touch of glamour, whilst elongating the eye.


This striking style offers a thick, wispy appearance. Providing an amazing, eye-opening curl and spaced out lash strands for a natural volume and definition, these lovely lashes gradually increase in length for an elegant, tasteful enhancement.


For impressive volume without too much length, style TL008 is the perfect pick. This gorgeous design boasts a graduated length and flared lash clusters that are delicately layered to create a full, fluttery appearance. The finer, lightweight lash tips soften the look, making this pair ideal for everyday wear or any occasion.

Which is your favourite Tatti Lashes style?