Top Five Lilly Lashes


If you love all things luxurious, then Lilly Lashes are sure to be a top pick for you when it comes to choosing your falsies. Their impressive collection boasts over 20 styles ranging from 3D mink designs, to faux mink and bandless styles. They also offer different collections such as the Lilly Lashes Luxury Collection and the Lilly Lashes Glam Collection, meaning there is a collection and lash style to suit everyone in our Lilly Lashes range here at! Although it was difficult to choose our favourites, we’ve narrowed down our top five Lilly Lashes in this post.

Our Top 5 Favourite Lilly Lashes


Arguably the most iconic Lilly Lashes style is of course the hugely popular 3D mink style Miami. These ultra-full, fluffy lashes are loved by A-list celebrities worldwide, with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga being fans of these particular falsies. This style consists of incredible density and eye-opening length, ensuring a dramatic finish and bold, beautiful enhancement. The multi-layered lash strands form together to create a fluffy texture also providing a flawless, curled effect.


If you prefer a slightly softer look when it comes to your lashes, then Lilly Lashes style Goddess are the perfect pick. This style features incredibly long, criss-crossed lash strands that form a unique, V-shaped pattern for a naturally textured effect. The medium volume isn’t too overpowering, making these luxurious lashes ideal if your preference is length over density. Kim Kardashian is also a fan of these falsies and recently wore them to this year’s Met Gala!


Another well-known Lilly Lashes style is Mykonos. These lashes are from the Glam Collection, and they therefore provide a heavy, dramatic enhancement, making them best suited for evening or special occasion wear. The lash strands are formed into flared clusters that increase in length towards the centre of the band for an effortless wide-eyed effect, adding volume and definition in an instant.


Lilly Lashes style Luxe is a top choice if you require a subtle yet stunning pair of falsies for a natural-looking enhancement. The ultra-fine lash strands are delicately layered, adding medium volume as well as a slight criss-crossed effect for texture and definition. This style features a graduated length, elongating the eyes for a soft, glamorous look.


Style Opulence from the Lilly Lashes Luxury Collection delivers incredible length with soft volume for a seamless blend and naturally enhanced look. The combination of fine and denser lash strands creates a fluttery effect adding a touch of volume and flaring outwards accentuating your eyes beautifully.

Which Lilly Lashes style is your all-time favourite? Shop our entire Lilly Lashes collection, including the styles featured in this post right here!