Why do we wear false eyelashes?


The question as to why we wear false lashes has many answers. They range from trying to be aesthetically pleasing to having more confidence, or even medical issues such as disease and illnesses like alopecia.

Aesthetically, false lashes can create shape and add drama to the eyes, as well as adding definition and filling out your own natural lashes that may be too thin or short. They can place emphasis on your eyes and draw attention to them, maybe away from something else that you don’t want people looking at on your face - perhaps a blemish or a scar. They can also be a great alternative to mascara if you don’t like using it or have allergies. False lashes add excitement and the theatre to everyday bland and boring lashes. Simply by applying a few well-placed individual lashes or even a full feline looking strip lash, you can transform your overall look.

Using unusual false lashes such as paper or feather lashes can create a bold look that’s sure to be eye-catching and cause a stir. This is a great way to boost confidence!

Lashes can play a huge part in projecting confidence, as they do so much for the eye, but also to detract from areas that might be affecting someone’s confidence. Longer and fuller lashes are also a sign of youth - as with big eyes, something which most lashes help to portray.

We wear lashes for a plethora of different reasons, however for most people it's simply to look better!