Your Complete Guide to Eylure Dylash

Known for their beautiful, quality Eylure lashes, Eylure have introduced their own eyelash dying product called the Dylash! It's an Eylure eyelash tint.

This innovative eyelash dye kit is popular due to how long-lasting it is. This lash dye is also a no-mix formula.

In the following guide, we'll explore what this eyelash dye is in more detail, what it's made from, and other relevant subjects like how long they last.

You'll find this article really helpful if you're considering purchasing Eylure Dylash to dye eyelashes.

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What is Eylure Dylash?

In this section, we'll explore more about what Eylure Dylash is. This modern innovation from Eylure is used for dying eyelashes at home.  

This silver nitrate Dylash offers a new generation of colours and it can help you achieve several weeks of full lashes without the need for mascara.

This product is safe and tested. It provides permanent colour for lashes for a great, long-lasting effect! Eylure Dylash is not sold for or to be used by those under 16.

What is Eylure Dylash Made From?

We'll now consider what this eyelash tint is made from. This eyelash dye is made from silver nitrate, which is an inorganic compound.

Everyone can have different reactions to products like this. You should check the ingredients list in full to ensure that you're not allergic to anything in this product.

Apply this dye cautiously and stop applying it immediately if you have any kind of adverse reaction. If you do, you should also wash it out as soon as possible.

In most cases, applying Eylure Dylash should result in no adverse effects. Once applied carefully and safely, this eyelash tint from Eylure can provide the desired outcome with no harm done and all for a low cost.

What Colours Does Eylure Dylash Come In?

Let's now consider what different Eylure Dylash products you can purchase. This Eylure lash dye is available in two colours with the products Dylash black and Dylash brown.

Either can provide durable and prolonged darkened effects for your eyelashes. The colour you should choose will depend on the complexion of your skin, hair colour and eye colour. Choose the option that best suits you on this basis.

Eylure Dylash, no matter what version you choose, can add colour and naturally enhance your eyelashes. In addition, these products can bring out your eyes by adding definition to your lower and upper lashes.

They can also make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. Eylure Dylash is a great alternative to mascara and further can bring the colour out of your eyes!

Eylure lash dye instructions

You've purchased Eylure Dylash, and now you want to know how to apply them. Let's take a look at what this entails with the Eylure Dylash dye kit instructions. 

How to dye eyelashes:

  1. Apply the colour
  2. Add the developer

Eylure Dylash comes with up to as many as eight applications per purchase.

You should perform a patch test of the product first by adding it such as to your skin. Check to see if you have a negative reaction. If you experience no adverse effects, then it is probably completely safe to apply Eylure Dylash to your lashes.

The wand brush should be covered with the colour cream for anywhere from two to eight minutes. The latter time frame is the best option to go with.

How Long Does Eylure Dylash Last?

Eylure Dylash should last for about six weeks per application. 

Here are some ways to make it last longer:

  • Make them a little dark: It's okay to apply this product at first to such an extent that it looks a bit too dark. That's because Eylure Dylash will fade. By having the colours be a little darker than you think they should be, they will last longer. The initial darkness won't last for more than a handful of days. Each time you cleanse your face, the colour of your lashes will get closer to your preferred colour.
  • Avoid moisture: For the first 12 hours after applying Eylure Dylash, you should avoid getting them wet. Alternatively, during this time period, you should cleanse around the relevant areas using a gentle product. By taking the right precautions, you can give your dye sufficient time to settle, and this has been tried and tested as a way to make your tint have longer-lasting effects! You'll also want to avoid getting caught in the rain or other ways that water might get onto your eyelashes.
  • Don't use oil-based makeup/makeup remover: You should avoid makeup and makeup remover that is oil-based. That's because the oil will strip the eyelash dye and will mean you'll have less time before you need to apply Eylure Dylash again. Instead, you should use cream or gel-based cleansers. These alternatives are gentle and in the long-term can save you both money and time.
  • Don't stay out in the sun too long: The UV rays that the sun produces can cause colours to fade. As a result, you shouldn't spend too much time in the sun. Obviously, you don't want to go too far in the other direction either as the sun has plenty of benefits including for Vitamin D. Basically, you should avoid being out in the sun more than you need.
  • Eyelash cleanliness: Take care of your eyelashes in general. By cleaning them and looking after their health, you can prolong their lifespan. If you're using any products, ensure that they aren't the sort that will remove eyelash dye such as those that are oil-based.

How Often Should You Apply Eylure Dylash?

As mentioned, you'll likely need to apply this eyelash tint every six weeks, although it will depend on your own experience with the product.

The previous section shows that there are ways to make this product last longer. The better you look after your lashes with this product applied, the more time Eylure Dylash will remain.

It can also vary based on other factors related to you and your eyelashes. It might also depend on what situations you find yourself in (e.g. if you get caught in the rain, if you exercise often and there is sweat making contact with your eyelashes, and so forth).

How Much Does Eylure Dylash Cost?

We'll now have a look at how much you'd need to pay to buy Eylure Dylash. Eylure Dylash brown is available for £9.99 right here at In both cases, they are well-priced and you'll get as many as eight applications with a single unit.

At a salon, you'd pay about £10 for one eyelash tint session. That means that with Eylure Dylash, you're making savings of up to tenfold! Once you know exactly what is involved and apply this product carefully, you can save quite a bit of money.

Benefits of Eylure Dylash

There are many clear advantages to purchasing this product. Let's take a look at each of these benefits through the following subsections.

Cheaper Than Salons

Firstly, as mentioned in the last section, it's less expensive to simply buy Eylure Dylash. You could go to a salon if you want to save on time and have it done by a professional, but overall the cost is 11 to 12 times more!

So ultimately, it's probably better to do it yourself unless you are unsure of anything or simply like the experience of heading to a salon. However, applying Eylure Dylash will definitely save you money.

The Comfort of Doing It at Home

Obviously, it's also a big benefit that you can add Eylure Dylash from your home. This not only means more convenience and saves you on travel time, but it is even more advantageous in the current climate.

Due to Covid-19, many people want to avoid going to public places as much as they can, and products like Eylure Dylash are a way to prevent you needing to head outside.

You can keep your risk of catching coronavirus to a minimum by adding Eylure Dylash at home.

If you're concerned about your local salon, check out their website or/and social media to see if there's a way you can chip in to help them financially if you'd rather apply a product at home than visit your salon in person at the present moment.

No Mixing Formula

Unlike other similar products, this one is a no mixing formula.

As a result, it's especially easy and straightforward to apply. It also means that there is a minimal number of ingredients involved meaning that you're less likely to be allergic to anything.

Can You Remove Eylure Dylash?

So, can you actually remove this eyelash tint, or do you just need to wait for it to fade away?

If you'd like to get rid of Dylash, you can do so by employing an old flannel or some cotton wool that has been dampened. Wipe either across your eye lightly in order to remove Eylure Dylash.

You may need to do this a few times. If you get any of the dye in your eye, flush your eyes out with some warm water.

Eyelash Care

For this section, we'll consider how you can best manage your eyelashes. 


By keeping a fluffy lash line nice and clean, you can help to reduce natural oils. Further, regularly cleaning your eyelashes can also help to prevent lash shedding prematurely.

Cleanse your eyelashes each day with an alcohol- and oil-free cleanser and one that is also friendly for lash extensions! Failing to do so every day can result in oil, debris and dirt clogging up your eyelash follicles. 

This can make it more challenging for fresh lashes to grow. It's not unheard of for lash stylists to see clients with a severe accumulation of oil and makeup residues along lash lines.

Beyond hygiene benefits, keeping your lashes clean can make an eyelash appointment quicker (e.g. a refill) as it will mean less work for your stylist.


You should also brush your eyelashes or/and their extensions on a day to day basis. This is in order to avoid your lashes crisscrossing.

A short 15-20 second sweep through your eyelashes each morning can keep stray lashes in their place. Be sure that you take a gentle approach when brushing so that you avoid tugging at your lashes if they're overlapping or tangled.

Also, ensure that your lash wand is perfectly clean. You don't want a clump of mascara causing issues when you're trying to produce a smooth sweep!


As our review has shown, Eylure Dylash has plenty to offer and all for less than £10! This eyelash tint product can darken your eyelashes and bring out the colours of your eyes. With Eylure Dylash, you can save on costs and apply eyelash dye all from the comfort of your own home.

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