Your Guide to DUO Eyelash Adhesives


We not only stock an impressive selection of false lashes, but we also have some of the highest quality lash adhesives on the market right now.

DUO is a well-loved brand that's hugely popular thanks to its wide range of lash glues that offer a long-lasting hold for your favourite falsies. This post should be extremely useful if you struggle to select the best DUO lash glue to suit your needs.

DUO Product Focus

Clear Tube

The most popular and bestselling DUO lash glue is the strip lash adhesive in a clear tone. This glue boasts a long-lasting formula that is gentle yet effective and can be used alongside any type of strip lash. It is available in two different sized tubes - DUO Quick Set Strip Lash Adhesive Clear Tone (14g)  and  DUO Quick Set Strip Lash Adhesive Clear Tone (7g) – meaning it is perfect for both personal and professional use.

The DUO formula applies white and dries clear, providing an undetectable enhancement. The tube features a thin, pointed nozzle, allowing easy product distribution.

We recommend squeezing a small pea-sized amount onto a piece of tin foil or kitchen roll and then using a cotton bud to apply the adhesive to the lash band.

Dark Tube

Another great DUO lash glue is the strip lash adhesive in dark. Ideal for adding extra depth and definition at the lash line, this formula firmly holds your lashes in place while giving the stand-out effect of eyeliner.

Whether you have naturally dark hair or simply prefer the results a dark adhesive gives, this DUO lash glue is a top choice.

Available in two different sized tubes like the clear strip lash adhesive, this product will ensure you’re always fully stocked up and prepared when it comes to applying your lashes.

Clear Brush On

The DUO brush-on strip lash adhesive in a clear tone is the most convenient and best DUO lash glue.

This DUO product is perfectly suited for beginners as it features a wand style applicator with a thin, pointed brush head for ultimate control and precision. It is extremely travel-friendly, quick and easy to use and dries clear, meaning any mistakes you make are easily disguised.

It consists of a slightly different formulation to the standard DUO strip lash adhesive, and it is also latex free, making it suitable for anyone with allergies.

Dark Brush On

If you want to try a dark strip lash adhesive but are worried it may be tricky to use, the DUO brush-on strip lash adhesive in dark is your answer.

The brush on applicator means there is less fuss and mess when applying your lashes, and the thin, pointed tip evenly distributes the product along the lash band.

The dark finish also delivers enhanced definition for extra impact and a stunning, stand-out look suitable for any occasion or event.

Individual Clear

Applying individual lashes is often difficult, but it can be made much easier if a high quality adhesive is used.

The DUO individual lash adhesive in clear comes in a dropper design bottle, which means you can apply lash clusters and individual lashes with minimal mess and effort.

DUO’s waterproof formula allows for a long-lasting hold of your individual lashes and dries invisible for a seamless blend.

Individual Dark

Add a little extra drama to your look when applying individual lashes with the DUO individual lash adhesive in dark tone.

DUO’s individual dark colour adhesive is in a dropper style bottle that ensures easy product distribution, making applying clusters or individual extensions quick, easy and fuss-free.

The black formula delivers extra definition at the lash line for a slightly bolder finish than the clear lash adhesive, making it the best DUO lash glue for the daring among us.

Not sure which DUO lash glue is the best?

Don’t worry; we have you covered. Think about your personal style and how you want to look, and go from there. Decide if you’re an individual lash person or a time-poor quick-fix strip lash queen. When you know, you know.

What’s the difference between blue and green DUO lash glue?

We get asked this question all the time. The difference between blue and green lash glue is that blue is a clear tone quick set strip adhesive, and green is a brush-on quick set glue also in a clear tone.

Green means strip lash speed fixing with the original vitamin-enhanced formula, and blue is the professional makeup artist's choice because of its super speedy updated formula.

What to look for in an eyelash glue

First of all, always pick an eyelash glue that works best for you and your level of glueing skills when buying adhesive. Squeezy tubes can be a little more challenging to use than brush-on solutions because of their smaller size.

Ask yourself, how confident am I feeling? If you’re a newbie, go for a brush-on option and look at the reviews. Often, other people will tell you how easy the adhesive is to use.

Remember that no one gets it right on day one, you have to practice, but once you’ve got it, you can move on to other styles and adhesives - we recommend the DUO brush-on strip (clear tone) lash adhesive in the green packet.

Which DUO lash adhesive is your go-to? Check out our YouTube video to take a closer look at the DUO lash adhesives we stock.