Blue False Nails

Struggling to find blue false nails? Great news! Your struggle is over. Here at we carry a huge selection of false nails by the biggest brands in the business, from Ardell to Elegant Touch - from SOSU to W7. If you're looking for a great deal on blue false nails then there's no need to shop anywhere else, because we've got you covered.

About Blue False Nails

All You Need To Know About Blue False Nails

What does the colour blue mean to you? We often hear people use the colour to describe feeling a little sad or unhappy, but scientists tell us that blue is actually a colour of freedom, imagination, and inspiration. Of course, it plays a role in professional circles with darker blue tailoring being the go-to for bankers and lawyers alike, yet it can also be linked to feelings of tranquillity, well-being and emit a sense of being trustworthy. It is a colour commonly associated with the Libra star sign, who are said to hold qualities such as being well-balanced and orderly.

Blue wasn’t overly present on the catwalks this year, with many designers pushing yellow and pink as the on trend shades. However, flashes of blue were evident from Stella McCartney who went all out with a striking cobalt blue, head to toe in some cases.

Yet whilst blue may have largely swerved the fashion weeks in Paris, London, and New York this year, it has been the go-to trend for nail colour on social media, particularly popular with the Instagram gang. So, are you ready to try blue false nails?

Which shade of blue false nails will you choose?

Baby Blue Sky Thinking

Baby blue nails are an insane eye-catcher. Pastel shade nails have been having their moment, but going all out blue is even more winning. And whilst this easy to wear colour complements most skin tones, it works really well for the blonde haired and blue-eyed, particularly when sporting tanned skin.

Royal Blue Hue

We have recently celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee and the whole country embraced the red, white, and blue. When it comes to blue false nails, royal blue is in the top ten. Signifying wealth and abundance, the shade is best suited to shorter styles. So stay patriotic and opt for royal blue.


Is it time to stop being so predictable? They say the only way to grow, is to come out of our comfort zone… but it is OK to do that slowly. Breaking tradition is hard and if you mostly opt for a play it safe French Manicure, the idea of long blue chromatic nails could be rather scary. However, the most modern twist on a classic French manicure is to add colour to the tip. That could be pink, orange, green… or in this case, blue.

Mix and Match

From periwinkle to powder and sky to steel, there is a blue to suit every mood, but sometimes choosing can be really difficult. So don’t choose. Find your favourite shades of blue and mix it up across your nails. Totally unique, totally stylish.

Get the look with these blue false nail products.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Matte Blue

If you follow where the fashionistas lead, then this product from Ardell Nails is probably for you, taking a lead from Stella McCartney. We did see the trend emerge during autumn last year, so it is guaranteed to take you right through the seasons. Whilst the package includes some shiny holographic nails, the style is purposely kept short in order to ensure it is wearable day to day.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails - Trampoline

When it comes to Prom time, we all like to plan well in advance, and these nails would work well for Prom goers wearing grey or silver type dresses. The turquoise blue in both high gloss and matte finishes will bring a little colour to your ensemble, whilst the glitter will ensure the look remains fresh and fun. Even younger girls will enjoy experimenting with the endless combinations and making a look which is all their own.

Sosu By SJ Nails Square Short Length - Short and Sweet

These nails are absolutely beautiful. Pretty and understated, these pastel coloured nails with a high gloss finish are perfect for younger girls looking to make a style statement. Ideal as presents, the nails are manufactured in a cruelty-free way and are also vegan friendly. And with a complete array of colours, this look will match everything in your wardrobe.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails - Catch My Vibe

These blue false nails are called, Catch My Vibe. Aptly named, as they are designed to do exactly that. Monday to Friday are you expected to show up in a corporate blue suit which feels very professional but perhaps a little lacking in personality? Outside of work, you are probably a fun-loving girl with edgy style choices, and these easy to apply false nails allow you to nod towards your true self. High shine nails with a cracked effect.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - Pool Party

Back in the day, a pool party invite had a very simple instruction -bring your cossie! However, these days you will not get away with simply chucking on your swimsuit and jumping in, you are expected to show up with some style. That’s right, you need to think about hat choices, flip-flops, poolside jewellery, and you guessed it, false nails. Aptly named, these medium length false nails will get your groove going until the sunset. Don’t forget the suncream.

Nail HQ False Nails Long Coffin - Mixed Pastels

Pastel coloured false nails can be very cute and a little whimsical, but for some ladies, they may feel a little childish. And here is where the coffin shaped nail can help your styling remain girlish, but with a sense of maturity. These nails are a high quality product and will leave you with a professional, salon finished manicure.