Gold False Nails

Nothing says luxe like a fresh set of gold false nails! If you want to turn heads wherever you go (for all of the right reasons), then a set of gold false nails is what you need. False nails are a cheap and convenient way of sprucing up your nails, without a trip to the salon. Browse and buy your gold false nails right here at

About Gold False Nails

Could you be the new Goldfinger? Introducing Gold False Nails…

Gold is apparently losing some of its lustre! Well, that’s the low down according to financial institutions, but in terms of fashion… gold is just about to get as big as it can be.

Throughout the summer we have seen a lot of yellow in high street windows and as we head into autumn that trend will continue, but warming up a little with more golden hues.

Apparently, our colour choices are rooted in our collective psychology. In 2022, we are supposedly still getting used to our new normal, where people are actively seeking a slower pace of life and with focus on health, well-being and stronger connections with nature.

So the popular gold colours we shall see through autumn (named Valencia, Goldenrod and Corona) take inspirations from the great outdoors in terms of the harvest and abundant fields of wheat.

The colour gold is indeed synonymous with wealth, extravagance, and riches. It is aspirational, literally everyone wants a piece of it, and now you can too, with new gold false nails.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Dripping In Gold

You will be dripping style all over with these gold false nails from Ardell Professional. These nails were made to grab attention and so if you have a special event upcoming, get ready to sparkle and shine. The sparkly gold glitter just covers the ends of each nail, which ensure the look stays the right side of classy. Long in length and in coffin shape, your hands just got a massive upgrade.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Nude/Jewelled

Prom season will soon be upon us and after that… the biggest sparkly season of the year, Christmas. These nails combine a nude finish, crystal embellishment and most importantly, gold and glitter. The look works best when paired with simpler dress choices, where accessories really do have the chance to shine. This gold false nails product can be customised to your own preference, meaning you won’t have to worry about someone having the same manicure as yourself.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails - Rush Hour

These nails are set to sell out this autumn, so get your well manicured hands on them today. If the aforementioned colour forecasters are to be believed, these nails blend two of the most popular colours for autumn - gold paired with a perfectly plummy hue. You see colour inspiration doesn’t just come from the fields of wheat, it looks at the whole harvest which includes apples, pears and indeed… plums!

These ready to wear medium length nails will brighten up those darker nights. Choose from full on glitter or dipped tips for less is more type styling.

The above products certainly represent best of breed and guarantee customer satisfaction. However, if you are new to false nails, perhaps you might need a little more persuading. See below.

What are the benefits of false nails?

Have you ever been looking forward to a special occasion when the unthinkable happens? Yes, that’s right, you break a nail. Admittedly, it is not the end of the world, but it can be really annoying. With false nails, you don’t need to worry. They are hard and resistant to damage. And even if you are mid-party and manage to break one… it can be replaced within minutes.

The quality and texture of your own nails can be influenced by different things such as hormones, being stressed or feeling tired. False nails are not so temperamental. And the surface of the nail is smoother and therefore easier to apply additional embellishment if so required.

If you are playing basketball on Monday, working on Tuesday and off to a black tie ball on Friday, it is very likely that you want your nails to be different for each occasion. False nails make you more flexible, you can choose to cut your own nails short for playing sport and then glam it up with some super coffin length false nails for nights out. The versatility is endless.

We don’t always have the time or money for salon manicures. False nails ensure you don’t have to worry about either. There are literally thousands of styles and colours and all available online at just a click of a button. So go ahead… find your style now.

What shape should my gold false nails be?

Your nails are completely personal, so it should be your choice. However, if you are not sure which shape and length suits you best, here is a little helping hand.

Are you a biter?

Many people choose to opt for false nails as they have a history of biting their own. If this is you, then it is advisable to opt for round-shaped nails in a shorter length. Nail biters may find longer lengths harder to work with, and shorter styles won’t put too much pressure on the nail bed.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

These nails are also called Coffin nails, but we think the former sounds a little less grim. This shape of nails are especially long, taper at the sides and are squared off at the tip. Many brands offer this style of false nail, so it is fairly easy to find your desired shade in this style.

Do you crave the quirk?

Are you the type of person who will happily take the time to design each nail differently, just because you can? In that case, it is likely you won’t be happy with a simple almond shape finish… you want more. One of the most unusual shapes of false nails is called “Lipstick”. Think of the angle of a new lipstick before it is used, and your imagination will be on the right track.

However, you decide to style yours, ensure you shop gold false nails today and prepare to look fabulous this season.