Lash Remover

About Lash Remover

Once you have mastered the art of applying individual lashes, the next important step is ensuring you know how to correctly remove them. For a safe, quick and easy removal of your individual false eyelashes we recommend using a lash adhesive remover. Formulated to gently yet effectively break down lash adhesive, lash remover works to slowly release the lash from your skin, allowing them to effortlessly slide off. This method not only prevents your natural lashes from being damaged, but it is also completely pain free, unlike pulling them out one by one!

Here at we have lash removers from top brands such as Eylure and Ardell (some are specifically designed to work alongside/remove certain glues), and we also offer a Salon System individual lash remover ‚Äď each product we stock is perfect for beauty professionals, or is simply a straightforward method of removing your lashes yourself at home with minimal effort, mess and fuss.

Our entire selection of lash removers is eligible for FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more, so why wait? If you’re a regular wearer of individual lashes, a lash remover is an essential for your collection. Order with us right now, you won’t be disappointed!