Long False Nails

Long false nails are easy to apply and provide maximum impact with little investment in terms of time or money. If you don't have the patience to wait for your nails to grow, and you actively shun expensive visits to the local salon, you're going to love our range of long false nails. We stock a great selection of false nails by the biggest brands in the business, including Elegant Touch, Kiss, SOSU and many more. Browse and buy your long false nails now!

About Long False Nails

Are you ready to try long false nails?

The trend for long nails dates back to ancient times and cultures. There are many groups in society who try to claim they started the styling, and the Kardashians would probably suggest it was all their idea. Who really cares anyway? Well, seemingly, society cares quite a lot! The nail is not simply an accessory to an outfit, the length, and style can be markers of social standing, with long false nails being equally considered as tacky or cool.

Both the Chinese and the Egyptians were fans of a good manicure and indeed longer nails. Rituals included the massaging of oils into the hands, strengthening treatments including gelatine and herbal remedies, completed with henna based polishes. In those times, these type of nails were considered as a status symbol and reserved for the royals and noble classes.

As we fast-forward to what we consider to be modern times, the French Manicure remains dominant, with super elongated nails often seen as questionable, unprofessional… or even deviant. However, as we continue to challenge social norms, society becomes more accepting of those wanting to be expressive or experimental and long false nails are certainly having a moment.

Pave the way…

New trends are often confirmed when a flurry of celebs flounce down the red carpet showcasing a specific look. And this is no different when it comes to long false nails. We have seen a number of stars try this styling, particularly at the recent Met Gala. Gwen Stefani may have sported flowery appliqués on her outfit, but the neon yellow dress and matching oblong false nails told us she was no shrinking violet. Other stars paired long false nails with other manicure trends, including metallic finishes and free style swirly patterns.

Why do I have to fake it?

It is a good question. Why do we need long false nails when we could just simply grow our own? For long nails to look consistently good, you need strong nails which are healthy and resistant to breaking. There are a variety of factors which can get in the way of natural long length nails, and we have included a few below for your consideration.

  1. We are what we eat! A wide range of problems can be addressed with minor diet changes, and this also applies to your nails. Ensuring your food provides you with plenty of zinc can improve nail health. Consider foods such as sardines, salmon, lean meats and strawberries.
  2. Check the ingredients on your nail polish remover. If it is particularly high in chemicals or acetone, make a change. Acetone is directly responsible for drying out nails, often resulting in breakage.
  3. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. Ensuring you moisturise your hands and indeed your nails will boost nail strength.
  4. Invest in rubber gloves. If your occupation involves immersing your hands in water for long periods of the day, your nails will become brittle. Rubber gloves protect your hands and allow you to grow the nails you want.
  5. Check your vitamins. Are you getting enough vitamins from your diet? If not, add in supplements such as zinc, which greatly affects the growth of hair and nails.

How shall I style my long false nails?

Go For Gold

As longer nails were once reserved only for royalty, pairing long false nails with a gold polish seems only natural. Gold is the colour of wealth! It is coveted, lavish and exuberant. Style the nails with gold tips or add glitter for a subtle shimmer. A look which works with a wide range of colours. Go shine.

Gloss Over Them…

Glossy long nails look healthy and assert your confidence. Unfortunately, If you are feeling a little frazzled or stressed, this may show on your nails with frequent breakages or ridges. Glossy long false nails eliminate this problem, ensuring you feel on top form, wherever you are headed.

Aim High

The Stiletto shaped false nails have been spotted on catwalks and red carpets across the globe. It is a longer length nail, which literally creates space for artistic flair. Style them in a bespoke pattern, opt for a reverse French mani or buy them ready-made for a hassle-free salon style manicure.

If you are still anchoring after longer length nails but don’t have the patience to grow your own, why not try long false nails?

Product Focus

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Nude Light Crystals

Your chosen manicure can say a lot about your personality. These long false nails by Ardell Professional will ensure you are giving off the right vibes. The nails are finished with a nude pink varnish, ensuring your look is elegant, whilst the intermittent addition of nail crystals lends a touch of glamour to your overall appearance.

W7 Glamorous Nails Above The Sky

If you are a true blue fan, these long false nails will soon become your favourite go to manicure. Offered in multiple shades of blue, these nails will work particularly well for summer holiday adventures, both poolside or as evening wear. Easy to apply and easy to remove.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Marble Purple Ombre

If you are still not onboard with long false nails, perhaps you have simply not found the right shape. Longer lengths with a square tip are a very bold nail to wear and if your personality is a little more laid back, perhaps these almond shaped nails may work better. The marble finish and the amethyst embellishments will ensure your manicure is striking, but the more rounded tips just soften the overall look.

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