Matte False Nails

Matte false nails come in a range of designs, shapes and sizes. If you want your nails to stand out for all of the right reasons and you don't have the time or budget for a salon manicure, then false nails are for you! Buy false nails right here on our website, where you can choose from top brands including Ardell, Elegant Touch, Kiss, W7 and many more. If you need matte false nails, we've got you covered with over 50 different types to choose from.

About Matte False Nails

How good does it feel when you have your nails professionally cared for? Whether you are having your nails done for an event such as a wedding or just to look super professional at your next big meeting, nail care just gives us that little more confidence. Of course, the major drawbacks of salon standard nails is seemingly the time it takes and the associated costs. Additionally, you may opt for a fabulous French manicure, only to decide three days later you would prefer matte nails. And this is where false nails give you a massive advantage, changing length and style in just a few moments.

What Nails Are Trending For 2022

Matte Nails

Glossy nails have always been popular. They can lend serious style and sophistication to any outfit. Glossy nails never go out of style, whilst a matte finish tends to come and go. And for 2022, matte nails have really arrived.

The variety of polishes on the market means matte nails can come in any shade thinkable. However, the aesthetic favours darker hues such as French Navy, Midnight and Ink.

As the matte trend takes hold, it seems some women have been converted for good. Seemingly, matte nail finishes have a longer lasting effect, which is a total win for looking good with minimal effort.

The American Manicure

Have you heard of the American Manicure? Whilst the French manicure is a classic, the American is exactly what you would expect from the USA version, bolder, bigger and whether it is better we shall leave for you to decide. Essentially it twists up the classic nude nail with white tip in favour of tips of different colours or even a different colour on each finger nail.

It’s Time To Be Negative

It is not often that we celebrate the negative things in life, but right now, it is time to do just that. Of course, we are talking about negative space. Negative space in nail designs allows us to get creative and design a style or pattern which is unique to ourselves. And is individuality not exactly what we are all searching for? This particular trends seem to manifest as swirls or waves.

Mix It Up

Mixing different nail colours on one hand still looks great, but you are not exactly turning heads anymore. Less bold, but equally winning, is the suggestion that you style each nail with a different finish, opting for matte, glossy, or glitter. It adds depth to your manicure and is fairly easy to achieve.

Inspiration For Matte Nails

Go Grey

Whilst black and navy matte nails have been trending, grey is an unsung hero. It is more versatile than darker shades and pairs well with many other colours, such as the oranges and yellows we have been seeing grace the catwalk for 2022. Matte nails look the best with a quality nail polish, which ensures coverage. Alternatively, fake it with falsies.


I am sure we have all tried the ombré nail finish at home and realised we might be better paying a professional. However, if you have spent time perfecting your handiwork but want a more modern take, then opting for nails with a matte finish could bring you nicely into 2022.


Matte nails with a metallic accent, such as a stripe or wave, complement wedding outfits beautifully. It is advisable to opt for a hue deeper than your chosen attire and match your metallic to your jewellery.

Product Focus

Ardell Nails Nail Addict False Nails Barely There Nude

These days, we all have a better grip on how to look after ourselves properly. We want to make healthier and better lifestyle choices. We also want to reap the benefits in terms of looking good. However, sometimes life just gets in the way and a lack of sleep or elevated stress levels can play havoc with our hair, skin, and our nails. These matte nails from Ardell solve all your problems. The package provides you with 24 nails in assorted sizes, so you can create a look which really works for you.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails Back It Up

The quality of this product means your nails will have a salon standard, without all the fuss. Matte nails can be more subdued than similar colours in a glossy finish, and therefore they are suitable for work and more official engagements. The pastel hue will work well throughout the summer months, and the longer length gives hands a more elegant appearance.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Things The Little Things

It may be a cliché, but less really can be more. There are so many matte nail choices available, mixed with chrome appliqués and water drop finishes, it can cause visual overload. These matte nails with a nude finish are simple but beautiful. It is classy everyday wear and will ensure an air of sophistication. And as nude shades basically blend with any other colour, you will also benefit from versatility.

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails Catch My Vibe

This blends the best of 2022 trends with navy matte nails and a gold graphic finish. These nails are offered in a longer length and are easy to apply and wearable for up to seven days. These nails would look great as part of your evening wear ensemble, styled with gold accessories. You can check out our full Kiss range here.

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