Medium Lashes

Looking for medium lashes? Your search is over, because we've got you covered! Here at, we carry an impressive collection of medium length lashes by the very biggest names in the lash business. From Ardell to Eylure, from Kiss to Salon System, we're proud to stock over 50 amazing medium lash styles for you to choose from. Whether you want to layer up medium flare lashes, or cheat and apply one big medium length strip lash, we stock all the medium lashes you could ever wish for - and more!

About Medium Lashes

Introducing medium Lashes is the perfect way to get the natural look of long and full lashes without committing to long-term care. Medium lashes come in the form of strip lashes and individual lashes and can provide a delicate and demure look or an intense, dramatic one – all with easy application.

They are versatile, suitable for everyday wear and a night out, and ideal for anyone who wants to change their appearance quickly.

What length are medium lashes?

Medium lengthed false lashes typically measure between 10mm to 12mm long, fitting right beneath your natural lash line. Medium size lashes make your eyes appear bigger and wider, but not too much that it looks fake or overdressed.

Medium lashes give you just enough definition so you will look completely put together with minimal effort.

What mm are medium lashes?

While the typical length of a medium lash is 10mm to 12mm, some medium lashes measure from 8mm to 16mm. The most popular lash size options are 10mm, 12mm and 14mm due to their versatility and more natural appearance than longer lengths (such as 15/16mm).

Depending on the lashes you choose, you can have single or multiple lash strips allowing you to customise the length for each eye, giving you complete control over the final result.

What is the most popular lash size?

Lash size is often debated among false eyelash wearers, but the consensus seems that 10-14 mm is the most popular size after 8 or 9 mm (which tends to be shorter).

When choosing which lash size works best for your natural lash line, consider how much volume you want while maintaining a believable look without appearing too fake or overdone. Unless, of course, fake is the look you’re going for.

Which is better, strip lashes or individual lashes?

While both types of false eyelashes offer a beautiful result, it depends on what kind of look you are going for when deciding between them.

Strip eyelashes generally produce a bolder eye makeup look than their individual counterparts, as they contain rows of uniform lengths of short hairs arranged on strands designed perfectly to fit your natural lash line.

Individual eyelashes require more skill and practice as they must be carefully placed one by one along your lash line, but if done correctly, they can give an incredibly realistic effect whilst lasting up to two weeks with careful maintenance. Individual lashes look natural because they come in sizes ranging from 5-13mm.

No matter what kind of style you’re after, there’s no doubt that medium lashes will help you achieve it – easy application – whether strip or individual – and incredibly lightweight, making it feel like almost nothing is there! So don’t hesitate to try these fabulous medium lashes today – perfect for beginners and expert falsies fans.