Mink Lashes

About Mink Lashes

We have a huge collection of mink lashes available here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk - you'll find lots of amazing styles by Lilly Lashes, Unicorn Lashes and Doll Beauty across our website. Every single item here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk comes with FREE 1st Class delivery in the UK when you spend £20 or more, that includes our full range of mink strip lashes. As well as mink lashes, we also stock a large range of faux mink effect and silk lashes as alternatives.

Mink lashes are incredibly popular due to their high quality, luxurious look and feel. They offer a full, fluffy appearance and textured finish that is a difficult look to replicate with other materials. Loved for their ultra-shiny, soft effect, mink lashes are available in a selection of different styles from top-selling brands, and we offer an impressive range right here.

We stock Kylie Jenner‚Äôs all time favourite lash style; Lilly Lashes Miami which are the perfect pair of falsies for achieving an instant, bold enhancement. From high end, to more affordable options, our mink lash collection caters to every single individual. For a more pocket-friendly pair of mink lashes, opt for a style from our stunning Unicorn Lashes range ‚Äď styles Rebel Smoke and Peachy Pie are top picks and are each under ¬£10!¬†

One of the most popular brands we've added to our website recently is Doll Beauty - they're priced super competitively, so if mink lashes have previously been outside of your budget, be sure to take a look at Doll Beauty. They represent fantastic value for money, and have proved to be a huge hit amongst celebrities such as Katie Price, Jess Wright and Perrie Edwards. Looking for some great suggestions to wear? Try styles Eva, Kimberley and Chloe Elizabeth - you're bound to absolutely love them.

For the most natural look possible, reach for one of the more delicate and subtle mink lash designs that we offer. Unicorn Lashes style Aquarelle boasts a soft, medium volume also providing flawless definition making them ideal for day to day wear. Their premium quality means these lovely, lightweight lashes not only offer optimal comfort but they can also be reused if handled carefully and correctly. If you prefer a more dramatic lash, then Lilly Lashes well-loved style Mykonos offers an eye opening effect and dense, dimensional appearance that completes a smoky eye beautifully.

When purchasing mink eyelashes here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, please remember that most mink styles do not come with glue, so be sure to stock up on a high quality lash adhesive when checking out. We stock a selection of great lash adhesives suitable for use alongside mink lashes, including DUO adhesive. Each product description states specifically whether or not lash adhesive is included with each pair of mink lashes.