Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is the only way to take nail polish off your nails without causing mess or pain. We stock a selection of nail polish remover from the biggest and best brands, including Elegant Touch.

About Nail Polish Remover

Whilst there may be some arguments about who invented nail polish remover, Michelle Menard is largely listed as the original inventor. She developed the product shortly after Chaim Weizmann, a British citizen, discovered acetone. Nail polish remover was developed in the 1920s, just as the popularity of nail polishes began to grow.

What Is Acetone?

Acetone is a solvent which can be found in many household products, including nail polish remover. Acetone is a naturally occurring solvent which can be very useful for removing stains, polishes or grease. It can also cause irritation to eyes and nose if somebody is over exposed to the liquid. If inhaled, the consequences can be far more serious.

Is Acetone Harmful For My Nails?

Close your eyes and think about nail polish remover for just one minute. What comes to mind? Probably a neon coloured liquid with a very potent smell. The smell of course comes from the acetone. There are nail polish removers which use other types of solvent, and these don’t tend to smell as strongly.

Here Is A Lowdown on Nail Polish Remover

Having a manicure and sporting fresh new nails can elevate your appearance, boost mood and increase self-esteem. Unfortunately, nail polish can also be notoriously difficult to remove, and that is why we need nail polish remover. Some nail polish remover contains acetone and others don’t. So, how do you know which to purchase?

Nail Polish Remover - Containing Acetone

So here is the good news. Nail polish remover which contains acetone is 100% the most effective way to remove nail varnish. If you prefer darker shades of nail polish or perhaps indulge in shellac manicures, you probably already know that it is far easier to remove your polish with a product which contains acetone. However, there is a downside. Acetone can dry out the nails and if your nails are prone to splitting or breakage, you might need to rethink your nail game.

Nail Polish Remover - Acetone Free

Whilst a product may be acetone free, don’t be mislead. These products will still contain some kind of solvent. It is the solvent which physically removes the nail polish. However, bottles of acetone free nail polish remover contain a gentler solvent which is less harmful to your nails. This sounds like great news, especially when you consider that these liquids also include chemicals to actively moisturise your nails. Unfortunately, whilst this type of product will work excellent for light nail polishes, it tends to struggle with removing darker shades.

The obvious conclusion to both protecting your nails and removing nail polish effectively is to keep mixing it up. Use acetone nail polish remover when you are removing dark polishes, and go easier with acetone free products for lighter nail polish shades. Take care to add extra moisture to your hands, whichever products you may choose to use.

What Is Organic Nail Polish Remover?

There are many new nail polish remover products on the market, beautifully packaged and very enticing. These products frequently market themselves as being non-toxic or even organic. Some removers also contain additional vitamins designed to give your nails a boost. However, it is important to remember that most of these products will still contain a solvent and may not be as gentle as you think. Check out the no nonsense cost-effective product below.

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads x 20

These acetone free nail polish remover pads won’t break the bank and will be kind to your nails. The product smells great, won’t leak in your bag and contains ingredients designed to nourish your nails. A perfect addition for your beauty bag.

Are You Taking Full Advantage Of Your Nail Polish Remover?

Did you know that your nail polish remover can be used for a wide variety of tasks? Check out some of our handy hints below.

Nail Polish Perk Up

Do you have a favourite nail polish shade which has now been discontinued? Can you not part with the bottle? Has the polish perhaps gone a little clumpy? Adding a little nail polish remover into the bottle can actually give the substance a refresh and make it ready for use. Two drops of nail polish remover, shake… don’t stir!

Clean Up

How is your beauty bag looking? Be honest, keeping your beauty bag clean and tidy can be an ongoing struggle. Powder and the remnants of lipstick and foundation can make things look a little icky. Indeed, beauty brushes are actually a great place for germs to hang out, sometimes leading to unwanted skin outbreaks. Cleaning your makeup brushes by soaking in nail polish remover will sanitise your applicators and leave them germ free.

Swipe Then Type

Your keyboard can be another great place for germs to hide. In 2022, keyboards are just part of our day-to-day life, but we rarely give their cleanliness a second thought. Pour nail polish remover onto a cotton pad and gently wipe over the keys to restore the appearance and eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Little People Problems

Our much loved children can sometimes test our patience, particularly when it comes to drawing on walls with permanent markers. If it has happened in your house, you won’t be the first and definitely not the last. Pour nail polish remover onto a ball of cotton wool and dab over the walls. It will initially make the colour fade and if you persevere, the stain can be completely removed.

However you decide to use your nail polish remover, shop for products today.