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About Nails

The notion of a manicure or pedicure, often falls under the idea of a treat or something reserved for those who have time to pamper. However, mani-pedis, as they are described by those in the know, are actually beneficial to our overall health.

  1. At their very least, manicures are a great way to ensure hands are clean and hygienic. We expect a lot from our hands, and preventing infection with good hygiene is a great place to start. The removal of dead skin cells will encourage stronger and healthier nails, enhancing your overall appearance.
  2. If you invest in a professional manicure, your treatment will usually involve a short massage. This is not a time-wasting exercise to justify salon prices, it actually boosts blood circulation which eliminates aches and pains commonly felt in the hands and feet, particularly in winter months.
  3. We are encouraged to do a little more exercise, and the benefits of walking are widely acclaimed. However, daily exercise can be tough on our feet and result in unwanted calluses, blisters and cracked heels. Introducing regular hand and foot care will limit this damage and remember, prevention is better than cure.
  4. How much time do you actually have all to yourself? Life is busy, and we can spread ourselves too thinly. Taking time to look after your hands and feet will enable you to sit with yourself and process your thoughts. Mani-pedis should be a relaxing experience, whether you choose to go DIY or book an appointment at a salon.

If your nails are looking a little lacklustre, perhaps it is time to invest in some self-care. Whether you want to nourish your natural nails or cut a little corner with falsies, we have provided you with the information you need at your fingertips!

Invest In Quality Brands

Quality brands do not necessarily equate to high price tags. Our preferred list of nail brands ensures our customers enjoy a quality product at cost-effective pricing. Trusted brands usually last longer, are manufactured with better ingredients and are free from animal cruelty. Here is a list of some of our recommended brands for nail products and nail supplies.

Ardell Nails

This is a brand that has stood the test of time, established in 1971. Their original focus was all about the eyelash, but they also know a thing or two about nail products. The company supply false nails, nail glues and quality nail tools.

Elegant Touch

Possibly one of the most recognisable nail brands based in the UK. Elegant Touch was also established in the 1970s and continually supplies the most on trend nail products in the market, including a wide range of different types of false nails and false nail glue products.


A modern brand who understands what matters to the modern consumer. The company supply nail products alongside a wide variety of makeup items. W7 has a strong focus on inclusivity and all products are free from animal cruelty. A company going from strength to strength.


A young and forward-thinking brand. The founder made a name for herself as a successful beauty blogger before creating her own range of innovative beauty products, including false nails. Sosu has a celebrity following, and it is exciting to see where the brand might head next.

Kiss Lashes

Kiss beauty products are sold in over 100 countries, and so they must be doing something right. Their ethos is about saving time and money on professional manicure treatments, by using false nail products which create the same desired effect.


A new and agile company, supplying beauty products which follow the trending styles. Based in the UK, selling across the world.

Nail HQ

Nail HQ have a focus on products which are cruelty-free and only use natural ingredients.

If you want to fast track your new-look manicure, check out our best of breed products below.

Best Ballerina Nails

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails - Rock Candy

If you don’t want the fuss of traditional gel nails created at a salon, these sparkling ready to wear gel nails from Kiss are your go-to product. The nails are long in length and finished with a glittery overlay. These types of nails are great for special occasions, and the assorted sizes will ensure you can achieve a natural fit.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Ballerina Medium Length Mojito

Don’t assume that false nails automatically means long nails. There are many reasons people choose false nail products, including biting their own nails or just the chance to try a new style without over committing. These pastel coloured nails from Sosu are offered in a medium length, meaning they can easily be worn to work. A salon standard manicure in seconds.

Ardell Nail Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Nude Light Crystals

Do you lack patience when it comes to creating show stopping nail art? Are you heading off to a festival and would like to show your more creative side, but just don’t have the time? These beautiful nails from Ardell eliminate the hassle of applying decals to your nails. The nude shade provides a great base for pretty crystal embellishment.

Best Squoval Nails

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Matcha Latte

If you are wondering which shape of false nail will suit you best, then play it safe and opt for a squoval shape. This shape never goes out of favour, as it is universally flattering for hands of all shapes and sizes. Whilst it might not be as edge cutting as some other nail shapes, the shape is timeless and very durable.

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Warm Caramel

Caramel nail shades are deliciously on trend and a very sweet addition to any outfit. The colour is suitable for year round use and is a great alternative to nude shades, adding warmth and depth.

The squoval shape is brought up to date with this fresh colour. An instant hit. This false nail product can be worn for up to ten days and short false nails can be more convenient for everyday wear and working.

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Think Pink

A very girlie product, ideal for younger girls just starting to experiment with false nail products. The nail length is short, and the colour is eye-catching without being over-powering. Great for special events and parties.

Best Oval Nails

Invogue False Nails Oval Medium Length Venom Green

Green nails have been an insta hit since 2021 and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Popular shades include everything from sage to seaweed. These bright green nails in an almost emerald shade are a perfect alternative to the 2022 hot pinks and neon nail polishes. The look is extremely summery and pairs beautifully with white. Accessorise with jewellery in the same hue. Easy to apply nails with a natural look.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Coloured False Nails - Cherry Red

Caramel nail shades are deliciously on trend and a very sweet addition to any outfit. The colour is suitable for year round use and is a great alternative to nude shades, adding warmth and depth.

The squoval shape is brought up to date with this fresh colour. An instant hit. This false nail product can be worn for up to ten days and short false nails can be more convenient for everyday wear and working.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Coloured False Nails - Lovely Lavender

Back in January, the fashion mags informed us that the colour for 2022 was purple. A powerful colour which people tend to love or hate. If you like to look current, but are not a particular fan of mauves or magenta, then why not nod to the trend but dial down the shade to lavender. Lavender is an easy colour to wear and compliments a wide range of outfits.

Best Stiletto Nails

Sosu By SJ False Nails Stiletto Medium Length Daisy Chain

Pretty flower patterns are hardly a groundbreaking vibe when it comes to the summer months, yet it is a style we return to year after year, including for our false nails.

Creating nail art with delicate decals can be a tricky business, but these ready to wear false nails can make a summery look a whole lot easier. A mixture of pastel pink nails and daisy chain designs enable you to customise your look. Be pretty in pink.

W7 Glamorous Nails Above The Sky

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Are you ready to shine? If so, these nails will help you achieve your goals. In recent months, Instagram feeds have been filled with longer length nails, chrome finishes and metallic blue hues. The nails work across all seasons, lending an ice queen vibe at Christmas whilst being light enough for summer wear.

Elegant Touch False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - White Out

If you are a fan of nude nails but are looking to shake things up a little, why not prepare to dazzle in these stiletto shaped white nails. White nails are popular with an understated but eye-catching aesthetic. Opting for false white nails like these from Elegant Touch is a very good decision, as you will ensure excellent coverage and opacity.

Best Square Nails

Kiss False Nails - French Acrylic Sculpture Kit

If you would like long lasting-acrylic false nails without going to a salon, why not try bringing the salon home with this sculpture kit from Kiss. The package comes with all the tools and formulas you need to create great looking nails.

The tips are square in shape and one kit supplies enough nails for two manicures. At a price of £11.49, this is really a no-brainer.

Sosu By SJ False Nails Square Medium Length - Mocktail

Everything about this product screams summer vibes! From the pops of bright colour to the product name… Mocktail! Sosu are a new brand and very quick to jump on trending nail styles such as the twisted French manicure and hot shades of the season. These nails are offered in a medium length and will transform the appearance of your hands in just minutes.

Nail HQ False Nails Square French

The French manicure never goes out of style and transcends all occasions and most outfits. If you want square French nails but have not got the patience for DIY acrylics. Opt for these high quality nails from Nail HQ. The product contains numerous sizes, so you can ensure your look is both natural and professional. A fraction of salon prices at only £5.99. An instant hit.

Nail Treatments

Elegant Touch Nail Saviour Protective Glue Barrier

Are you excited about discovering new nail trends, but worried about damaging your own nails? Some products can be harsh on natural nails and cause them to become brittle and broken. To prevent false nail products causing damage to your own nail bed, you can apply a protective layer.

This product from Elegant touch will create a micro mesh barrier between your nail and false nail product. Not only will this offer your nails' protection, this barrier product also contains ingredients which actively nourishes your own nail. It is a win-win.

Put Your Best Foot Forward…

If your feet are begging for a little TLC, you need this pedicure foot file from Nail HQ. This foot file is designed to remove dead skin and calluses. Introduce this as part of your foot care regime, applying a nourishing foot balm after use. An easy way to enjoy healthy and more supple feet.

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What fake nails are best?

Everyone has a different opinion on which fake nails are best, but the top brands such as Ardell, Sosu, Kiss and Elegant Touch are always amongst the best-sellers.

Do fake nails damage your nails?

No, as long as you care for your natural nails correctly when wearing fake nails, you should not damage them. It is important to follow the correct prep and application process and to use high-quality nail products.

How long should you leave false nails on?

False nails are designed to be worn for 2 to 3 weeks. However, everyone’s nails grow at different rates and taking good care of your false nails will help them to last longer.

What type of fake nails stay on the longest?

Dip nails will usually last longer than acrylic nails and gels. However, acrylics can also last a long time if you care for them correctly as they are very durable.

How do fake nails come off naturally?

If you want to remove your nails without using acetone, you should be able to loosen them by soaking your nails in hot, soapy water for about 10 minutes. This should soften the adhesive and enable you to easily remove the nails.

Are there permanent fake nails?

Although salons have started advertising permanent manicures, these are not actually permanent false nails but rather permanent polish that will not chip. Nail extensions will naturally grow out over a course of a few weeks and keeping fake nails on for too long can damage your nails.