Red False Nails

Red false nails pop like no other colour! From bright reds to darker more plum shades, we've got a super lineup of red nails for you to choose from. Whether they're for a big night out, a job interview, or just a little pamper time, you'll find all the false nails and accessories you could ever need right here at!

About Red False Nails

Red false nails are a complete classic. They are powerful, strong, and striking. They can be worn to the office, to a wedding and offer the perfect pairing to your favourite LBD. As the saying goes, “When in doubt, wear red!”

What does the colour red mean?

There are many words which can be used to describe the colour red, including danger, anger, and courage. However, the colour red is more commonly associated with romantic feelings such as life, love, passion, and lust. And whilst it might be the colour associated with the Aries star sign, reflecting their vibrant energy, red is a colour which can be worn by all.

How red is red? Red is like a catch-all term, it can represent anything from crimson to claret, so picking the perfect shade to match your outfit can be quite a challenge. And as Audrey Hepburn once said, “There is a shade of red for every woman!”. You just need to find yours.

Earthy Reds

Opting for red false nails can seem a little daunting. The purpose of red is to attract attention, to make a statement, and even flirt with a little danger. But for those not feeling so brave, dialling back the shade will allow you to embrace the trend within your comfort zone. Earthy red shades reflect what we naturally see in nature. For example, the russet shades of trees in autumn or the muted colour of dusty roses. The colour is warm, but understated, and pairs well with white accessories during summer months.

Sparkly Red

Are you the type of person who is always looking for more? If so, what could be better than red false nails? The answer? Sparkly and red false nails. Whilst some may reserve this look for that special big occasion, everyday life can be equally special. So be a little “extra” and wear sparkly red to work, the office and the gym. Why not?

It’s a classic…

And not ruling out a classic red! Classic red is perhaps best described as the ripened apples of September. It’s the femme fatale go to nail polish and works particularly well with all black ensembles. Think Dita Von Teese, who also dares to wear with matching lipstick.

Does red flatter all skin tones?

Whilst choosing the right red hue for your nails might not seem as important as perhaps choosing a lipstick, red false nails can still make or break an outfit. So here are some tips which are designed to help you find the right shade for your colouring.

Fair Skin: Seek to warm up your look with cherry, ruby and scarlet colours. Stay away from dark shades.

Medium Skin: Darker shades will work with the warmth in your skin. Opt for berry or jam type shades.

Tanned Skin: Do you have holiday makeup? The type of colours you go to when sporting a tan. When glowing from the summer sun, many of us swap out pink and red lipsticks for more golden hues… and we should extend this trend to our nails. Look for orange-red type shades, including brick or candy vibes.

How shall I wear red false nails?

Go a little funky…

Red false nails can seem a little grown up and exclusively reserved for those who subscribe to a sophisticated vibe. Yet, nail art is supposed to be playful and fun, so why not change the perception with something a little more offbeat. The Elegant Touch Luxe Looks False Nails - Very Cherry, are the perfect go to fun nail. The nail is offered in a short stiletto style with a cherry graphic on intermittent fingers. It nods towards the red nail but ensures your look stays cheeky… maybe even a little fruity!

Bordeaux Nails

As a colour, Bordeaux seems to have the power to make us go all warm and fuzzy inside. It signifies shorter days, fireside chats and the time to invest in gorgeous new warming knitwear. These Nail Addict Bordeaux Coloured False Nails by Ardell, are the perfect accessory for autumn. Long in length with elegant almond shaping, these nails can be worn to a special occasion or simply day to day.

Here’s a hot tip!

Everybody has sported a French manicure at some point in their lives, it’s a classic, a go to…a no-brainer. However, if you are looking for a fresher take on the timeless manicure, these Elegant Touch, Hot Tip, Luxe Looks False Nails could be the answer. The nail is oval with a glossy finish and with just a touch of coral at the tips, this look is fresh and a little fiery.

Decisions, Decisions

Finding the correct red false nail hue can seem like a chore. Which shade works best with my outfit? Does it fit the occasion? Should I opt for a matte or glossy finish? So If you are struggling to tick all the boxes, why not keep your options open with a combination of deep reds, glittery pink and gold. These Premium False Nails, by Ardell Professional offer it all. They are a great eye-catcher, a statement nail and work well for the party season.

Red Trend For 2022

We have highlighted the fact that red false nails are a classic style. However, Instagram celebrities always ensure a twist on timeless styling. And red false nails are no exception.

Buzzwords may encourage us to mash up our styling or throw a colour curveball with clashing shades, but going “matchy, matchy” is very much a 2022 option.

That’s right, the Instagram stars are matching their nail colour to their jewellery. Blues with sapphires, deep greens with emeralds and indeed red with ruby jewellery.

The key is to opt for one statement item and to keep other accessories fairly paired back. So grab some costume jewellery and get red carpet ready.