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About Rimmel Mascara

“Live the London Look”

When it comes to the world’s most renowned and well-loved beauty brands, Rimmel London is definitely up there. A common name found in the makeup bags of millions of women across the globe, we’ve certainly purchased our fair share of Rimmel products! It was one of our go-to brands when we first started experimenting with makeup as teenagers, and as Rimmel has grown and evolved over time, our love for this iconic British brand has not faded.

Rimmel London – A Brief History

Beginning in London in the 19th century, it’s fair to say that Britain’s best-selling cosmetics brand is pretty well-established. The journey began in the early 1830s when French-born Eugène Rimmel moved to London with his family, where his father was to manage a perfumery on Bond Street. Starting out by working as his father’s apprentice, young Eugène Rimmel quickly learned the tricks of the trade, and in 1834 (aged just 14!) he opened his own perfumery. The opening of The House of Rimmel, located on the prestigious Regent Street, was the turning point in what would go on to be a hugely successful career, revolutionising the British beauty industry. At the time, perfumes were made from vinegar, and the existing mascaras on the market contained mercury which was extremely irritating to the eyes. Eugène and his father set out to change this, coming up with innovative perfume formulas and producing their own cosmetic products.

By age 24, Eugène had already built quite a name for himself as a hugely talented perfumer and cosmetics innovator, constantly pushing boundaries and becoming known as a ‘beauty guru’. His non-toxic mascara was perhaps his most innovative creation, but rather than cash in on its commercial success, he marketed the product to ensure it was affordable to all. Rimmel mascara went on to be so enormously popular, that by the time Eugène died in 1890 ‘Rimmel’ had become the dictionary definition of mascara in several countries across the world. To this day, ‘Rimmel’ is the name for ‘mascara’ in French, Italian, Portuguese, Persian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic!

After his death, Eugène’s legacy continued and the business was taken over by his two sons. This beauty empire went from strength to strength, and it was Eugène’s passion and desire to innovate that fuelled the brand over the next 100 years. Rimmel London continues to re-shape conventional makeup, inspiring millions of people across the world and providing them with the tools to create new and exciting looks. Despite changing hands numerous times, Rimmel London has been owned by American fragrance giant, Coty Inc, since 2002 and their products are now sold in 40 countries.

Why Rimmel?

Business of self-expression

Rimmel London’s motto: ‘Live the London look’, reflects their aim to represent our capital by providing products that achieve a ‘witty, edgy and streetwise’ look. Rimmel encourages their fans to be true to themselves, and dare to experiment with their makeup.

“The passion we have inside is for you to wear outside. We’re not here to define your look. We innovate to take you there. Every shade, texture and eye flick dares you to find your beauty boundaries. Then stride beyond them. – Rimmel London

Super Affordable

The affordability of Rimmel London’s products is what keeps fans going back for more, with mascaras starting from just £5.99, it’s hard to deny their value for money.

Badass Advertising

Rimmel also make full use of their brand ambassadors when it comes to advertising their products. Working with big names such as Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Lily Cole, Georgia-May Jagger, Cara Delevingne, and of course, Kate Moss, they really pull out the big guns when it comes to their advertising campaigns. In 2013, Rimmel announced their collaboration with British singer-songwriter and X-Factor judge, Rita Ora.

World-famous Mascara

Most mascara addicts will agree that you just can’t go wrong with a trusty Rimmel Mascara. We’ve all splashed out on more-expensive brands that claim to transform our lashes, and been left disappointed. Sometimes, it just pays to stick with what you know! We love Rimmel’s collection of smudge-proof, waterproof, lengthening and volumizing mascaras, all of which come in at under a tenner.

All Rimmel mascaras are formulated leaving only the finest, quality ingredients, making them kind to your eyes and nourishing for your lashes. Application is easy, each mascara features an innovative magic wand that glides smoothly over your natural lashes for a beautifully defined result.

We are thrilled to be working with one of the biggest names in the business, and now stock over 20 fabulous Rimmel mascaras right here at FalseEyelashes.co.uk! We only stock genuine Rimmel products, and purchase all of our stock directly from Rimmel London. Head on over to our online store now and shop with confidence.

Say NO to Animal Testing

Rimmel London do not test any of their products on animals and are committed to ending animal testing across the beauty industry. All Rimmel products are safe and have been developed, manufactured and packaged in compliance with the laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to each country in which they are sold. All ingredients and finished products are tested and reviewed by humans, by applying the best science and recognised alternatives to animal testing.

Sadly some countries still require the testing of finished products on animals in accordance with local legal and regulatory requirements. An example is China, in which Rimmel London products are sold. Rimmel are continually working with local authorities and industry experts to help find alternatives to China’s use of animal testing.

How do I choose?

Whatever your lash goals are, we’re confident that Rimmel mascaras will help you achieve them. Whether it’s subtle definition or bold volume, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Rimmel London collection.

Read on for our all-time favourites, and take your lash game to the next level!

Best for Extreme Volume

Rimmel Wonder Luxe Volume Mascara

Treat your lashes with this luxurious, conditioning mascara. Infused with four nourishing oils: Argan, Maracuja, Marula & Camellia oil. This mascara will give your lashes an instant boost, leaving them feeling super-smooth and healthy. This volumizing mascara will deliver a long-lasting, smudge-proof finish that lasts all day.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara

Perfect for building intense volume, this unstoppable mascara offers long-lasting wear. The tapered max density brush helps to capture the whole of your lash fringe, resulting in an ultra-glam look with zero clumps.

Best for Length

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

This highly pigmented mascara will help you achieve an ultra-lengthened lash look. Formulated with micro-fibres to give your natural lashes an extra boost, this long-lasting mascara will keep your lashes slaying from day to night.

Best for Volume and Curl

Rimmel Scandaleyes Wow Wings Mascara

Boasting a two-sided wand and a pigmented formula, this dreamy mascara will help you achieve 11x more volume! The winged side instantly loads your lashes with ease, while the curved side helps to lift and accentuate your natural lashes for a full, fanned-out effect.

Best for Definition

Rimmel Wonder Full Mascara

This nourishing mascara is infused with Argan oil to leave your lashes smooth and silky, with clump-free volume. The super-fine spoolie wand coats every lash from root to tip, for extreme definition, while plumping up the volume. This mascara will really take your lash game to the next level.

Best for Waterproof

Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara

An absolute classic, this has been a firm favourite with waterproof mascara lovers for decades. This fast-drying and run-resistant formula will help you slay all day, and the combination of an innovative brush and unique formulation will perfectly separate and dramatically volumize your lashes.


Rimmel London report that last year 115 million images were deleted from social media accounts due to beauty cyberbullying. Shockingly, 1 in 4 women admit to being victims of cyberbullying, and only half of these women were brave enough to tell someone about what they were going through. As a brand that celebrates diversity and stands against the traditional definition of beauty, Rimmel decided to take the stand, and give the victims a voice.

“At Rimmel London, we always strive to inspire people to be their most authentic selves, encouraging men and women everywhere to express their identities through the use of make-up.”

Rimmel London have famously paired up with The Cybersmile Foundation; a non-profit, anti-cyberbullying organisation who are committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse and online harassment. With Rimmel’s support, The Cybersmile Foundation has developed an online tool, ‘Cybersmile Assistant’, which provides those seeking help with the right tools, resources and helplines to empower them to live fearlessly. Rimmel have conducted a global study to investigate the growing issue of cyberbullying, and hope that through empowering people to speak up and share their experiences, awareness of this sensitive topic will continue to spread.

Brand ambassador, Rita Ora, is also behind the campaign. Having been in the limelight since a young age, Rita has also been a victim of cyberbullies.

“We really just want to shine a light on the fact that cyberbullying is not okay. I think it’s amazing that I have the opportunity to shoot with people who have such unique personalities and sense of individuality. This is something that has always been a big part of my career thus far.”

Rita urges victims not to let beauty bullying erase who they are. She claims this is the most important campaign she has ever worked on, and hopes to inspire others to celebrate their unique beauty, and give them the confidence to ignore the bullies.

At FalseEyelashes.co.uk, we stand by Rimmel, and believe that no-one should ever be shamed, judged or ridiculed for their appearance. It is NEVER acceptable to sit behind a screen and shame someone else for how they choose to express themselves.

If you, or someone you know, have been a victim of beauty cyberbullying, please believe us when we say that you are NOT alone. You are the most beautiful being, and you have the right to express yourself. You have an entire community behind you, who are there to support you and provide you with the confidence to be yourself. Together, we will stand up to cyberbullies, and together we will create a safe and positive online environment.

Apply Mascara Like A Pro

So, it's no secret that we love lashes here. Natural or fake, we just love them. However it is so important to make sure we are applying mascara correctly, to keep our lashes long and luscious and in healthy condition. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure accurate application of mascara:

Coat up! So naturally, you'd think to just coat the front part of your lashes... But have you tried looking down and applying mascara to the 'back' of your lashes? This keeps your lashes looking fuller and adds more drama.

Don't pump it! It may be so tempting to pump your want into your mascara tube, but instead, twist the mascara wand when pulling upwards. This creates an even layer on your wand, prevents clumping and ensures perfect application! It also keeps the wand in tact, making sure you get every penny worth out of your mascara!

Mix and match! There's no rule to say you can only use one mascara at a time. Sometimes to create the most impressive looks, use a combination of mascaras on your lashes and see what you think! Play around with different looks until you create your own perfect, completely customisable look.

Curl, curl, curl! Many people skip curling their natural lashes, but try it once and you won't want to go back. Get as close to your roots as possible and hold it for a few seconds. The difference is incredible and instantly makes a change. 

No more smudging! Are you sick and tired of finding out your mascara has smudged, yet again? Then try this little trick. After applying your mascara, brush your finger over your lashes, gently, a few times - this helps the mascara stay put all day and you can say goodbye to panda eyes!

If you are ready to purchase your favourite Rimmel mascara, you can do so right here in our online store. We have over 20 brilliant products to choose from, and with prices starting from just £5.99. We are confident there is the perfect Rimmel mascara to suit every taste and budget. Perfect worn on its own or teamed with a pair of fabulous falsies, Rimmel mascara is an absolute must have for your makeup bag!

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