Short False Nails

Short false nails are great for wearing day to day. If you're looking for a large range of short nails to browse, from the biggest brands and at the very best prices, then we've got you covered! Here at you can buy short false nails by Ardell, Elegant Touch, W7 and more.

About Short False Nails

When we think of having a manicure makeover, we often focus on longer length nails which feature dramatic artwork and embellishments. After all, if we are going to spend time and money at the nail bar, we want to make sure people notice our fabulous hands.

However, have you ever supersized your nail length for a special event, only to find out it hinders your day-to-day duties such as typing, answering the phone or entering your pin number? If so, it might be time to indulge the #shortfalsenail trend.

What are the major advantages of short false nails?

The Everyday Stuff

As mentioned earlier, long nails can put extra “agg” into your everyday. Long nails can scratch the face when applying or removing makeup, they make texting virtually impossible, and don’t even mention buttons! Short false nails will still make sure you look good, just without all the fuss.

Low Maintenance

Due to longer nails being less stable, they are more susceptible to chips and scratches, which can look messy if the problem is not fixed. Whilst chips can also happen with short false nails, it is less likely and indeed less visible, so it just makes life that little easier.

Dark Shades

As we move towards the winter season, our love of berry coloured nail polishes promises to return. And darker hues of currant or crimson work far better with short false nails.

Wear them anywhere….

Whilst the popularity of longer length nails grows, they are not necessarily an access all areas style. They might work for red carpet events and weddings, but they won’t be accepted in some work environments. Short nails are always OK! They look clean, smart and with a quick application of nail polish, you are ready to go anywhere.

Nail It

There is a perception that only longer length nails are viable for developing intricate nail art. However, short nails can work equally well, particularly when it comes to floral or minimal type patterns.

Are short false nails on trend for 2022?

Two Tone French Manicure

A twisted take on the classic French style, this manicure is a space saver, which allows you to get creative with colour without needing extra long nails. Pick your favourite colour and opt for two shades. Short and simple.

NB: Switch the style even further, with the accent shade running down the side of the nail rather than the tip.


Nail stickers come in all shapes and sizes, meaning they can easily be applied to short false nails. Opt for a classic French manicure adorned with jewelled sticker art. For a very 2022 styling, take care to match the nail jewels to your chosen rings or earrings.

Seeing Red

A classic red manicure never goes out of fashion. However, for some people, it can seem like a bold statement which attracts too much attention. Tone down the look by keeping nail length short and opting for a matte red finish rather than gloss. Wearable everywhere.


We have seen hot pinks, bright orange and zesty yellow colours all over the catwalks this season. Have you dared to glare yet? Wearing neon can seem like a brave choice, but you don’t have to go head to toe. Opt for accessories including handbags, hats, sandals… or short false nails.

Whilst short nails have some major advantages over their longer counterparts, there are some additional tips and tricks to consider, ensuring you get the most out of this specific manicure. Long nails are always going to be better at elongating the fingers and creating a more dainty and elegant aesthetic. However, shorter nails can have a similar effect when styled with gradient designs, ombre or nude finishes.

Product Focus

Kiss False Nails - Full Cover Short Square Nails

This high quality product provides 100 nails in ten different sizes. It is reasonably priced and perfect for day to day wear. Offered with a square tip, the nails come complete with a file and are ready to be polished in your very own favourite shade. This look would work well with pastel shade manicures, a classic French style or even with a daring red polish.

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length French 114

Do you want to save time or money on a salon manicure? This product from Elegant Touch will ensure your look is professional without the associated costs. The French finish offers versatility and will complement a multitude of outfit choices.

Elegant Touch False Nails Squoval Short Length - Berry Blast

Purchase some fingerless gloves immediately, as these nails offer the perfect manicure for the coming colder months. Rich in colour, these Berry Blast nails will upgrade your look in just a few short minutes. Pair with amethyst earrings and bracelets.

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails - Crystal Glitter

Glittery nails done at the salon are expensive, and glitter nails created at home are messy! So these crystal glitter short false nails from Ardell are the perfect solution. Offered in an icy lilac shade, these beautiful nails will work for Christmas parties, proms, weddings, or even just to add a little extra sparkle to your day to day. The short length makes them practical, and they are easy to apply.

W7 Glamourous Nails - I’ve Fallen

This product is perfect for those flirting with going shorter with their nail length, without the change being too dramatic. Offered in a range of colours, from deep purple to baby pinks, these nails create a classy and sophisticated manicure. Practical and professional, a great addition to your work wardrobe.

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