Silver False Nails

Silver false nails are refined and elegant, they're also incredibly on trend! Whether you're looking for sparkly silver or more of a matte effect, we've got you covered with a fantastic selection of silver nails right here at Scroll down now to browse and buy silver false nails by Elegant Touch, Kiss, W7 and more.

About Silver False Nails

Could silver false nails be your new go to trend?

All that glitters is not gold, it can sometimes be silver...! As a society we tend to champion gold as a symbol of wealth and influence, but likewise, silver is also known as being a metal which represents affluence. Additionally, it is synonymous with modernity and enlightenment and for 2022, silver is a trailblazing vibe.

Any outfit which shimmers and sparkles is usually reserved for Christmas or New Year festivities. Yet remember, silver is not just for Christmas, it is for every single month of the year. However, you need to be careful how you style it. For example, head to toe sequins in the middle of April could look questionable, but careful execution will ensure you embrace the silver style well.

The obvious accessories to introduce sparkle are of course things like handbags, shoes, maybe a headband? And let’s not forget the obvious one, jewellery. Indeed, silver jewellery is really having a renaissance moment. The trending look is fairly profound, with chunky biker type rings and solid bracelets gracing the hottest talent on Instagram and the red carpet.

However, the last two years have been tough on the purse and flashing the cash on sparkly jewellery may not be on the top of your list right now. So how can you nod to the trend with slightly less investment? Silver false nail, of course.

Style It

Kiss False Nails Gel Fantasy Nails - Wake-Up Call

During party season, everything glittery can be forgiven. Yet as we head into the brighter months, we need to dial down the dazzle. This beautiful product from Kiss, combines the best of silver false nails with chrome, glitter and matte purple. The look can be customised to your own preference and should be paired with fresh spring colours.

Elegant Touch Luxe False Nails Stiletto Medium Length - V-I-Please

Are you prepared to dip a dazzling toe into this trend? OK, a well manicured finger might be more appropriate wording. This is a mash-up of French manicure and metallic glitter. There is no denying that this is very much a party look and not for everyday styling. It’s frosty, icy and pairs well with pale blue colours. You might even choose an individual styling by selecting other false nail products from this range and creating your very own signature look.

Ardell Nails Addict, Premium False Nails - Champagne Ice

Get the Champagne on ice! These nails definitely yell party time and will have you rocking around town in style. These almond shaped longer length nails offer a metallic chromed hue, combined with a graphic black and silver styled nail. These nails are easy to apply, and you can add your own personal touch with custom design. They are long-lasting and will go the distance during the party season.

Which shape of nail will ensure I am on trend for 2022?

So, have you decided to give the silver nail trend a try? Or maybe you're gonna mash up different metallics and throw in some graphic styling for extra edge. However, have you considered the length or style? There are so many products on the market these days that to ensure your silver false nails are the very best they can be, you may want to consider the following.

Do you know your shapes?

False nails come in all shapes and sizes, and this list is by no means exhaustive. So do you know your arrowheads from your almonds? Time to find out.


The clue is in the name. Yes, the stiletto shaped nail is intentionally long and designed to grab attention. The nail plate is large, which means you can really get playful with designs and showcase any graphic detail. It’s not sporty and possibly not overly functional, however the stiletto shape is a great party nail and definitely lends itself to the silver false nails trend.


The almond shape is exactly as you would imagine, oval at the base and long and sharp at the tip. If overly styled, these nails can look a little aggressive and so designs should be minimal, favouring matte finishes and muted tones.

Squoval Nails

Squoval nails, what great wordplay. The style is basically square, with softened edges. In terms of styling, this shape works with anything from a standard French manicure or overtly graphic and bold designs. These nails are for the everyday, they put the fun in the functional.


The arrowhead nail shape gives you the sophistication and the drama of the stiletto, without the exaggerated length. The sides are very angular and with natural nails it can be high maintenance, so why not fake it with false ones! The arrowhead nail is perfect for both everyday and special occasion wear.

What about silver false nails for brides?

Hopefully we have convinced you that silver false nails can work equally well in Spring as at Christmas? But will you say “I do” to silver bridal nails?

When we think about the big day, there is a huge checklist which we seemingly need to go through. The dress, the venue, the bridesmaids… and that’s presuming we found the perfect beau.

Jokes aside, nails tend to be an afterthought when it comes to weddings and end up being a last minute decision. Yet our hands play such a big part in our special day (the ring, cutting the cake, making a toast) we really should not overlook the manicure. So would you consider silver?

If you are having a winter wedding, silver might seem like an obvious choice. Statement nail art or bold chrome false nails works really well with white and can bring extra dazzle to already special moments. But how will you work it in summer???

It really depends on your bridal vibe? If you are fresh and funky, then a traditional manicure twisted with silver edging will offset your wedding attire beautifully. If you subscribe to less is more than you might opt for dainty silver nail appliqués which bring extra sparkle without being too showy.

Your bridal choices are personal and should reflect your personality. So why not shop silver false nails today and have fun creating a bespoke wedding look.