Yellow False Nails

Yellow false nails are a great way to catch eyes and have people notice your nails. False nails tend to be a great way to make your nails look salon perfect, but without huge expense. Simply glue them on and away you go! We're proud stockists of yellow false nails, and we carry huge brands such as Ardell, Nail HQ and W7.

About Yellow False Nails

Have you spotted the hottest nail trend of the year? Introducing… yellow false nails!

Yellow is indeed a happy colour, full of optimism, creativity and fun. It’s fresh, it’s vibrant, it’s cheerful. Yellow is the colour of the sun, the colour of summer roses and the hue of soft sandy beaches. And it should also be the chosen shade for your next manicure. That’s right, yellow false nails are hot right now.

Each year, each fashion season, we read about the on-trend colour ways which we can expect to parade in the catwalk. Interestingly, these colour trends are not a random coincidence. However, neither does Prada speak to Gucci, who then confirms with Dolce and Gabbana that the colour next season is going to be cerulean. No, the colour trends we see on the catwalk are derived by specialised colour institutions who consider factors such as new films, popular culture and artwork to decide on the colour which is destined to turn heads in the forthcoming year.

It is also important to remember that yellow is not new, the Queen has understood the power of bright colours for many years and vibrant pinks, greens and indeed yellow, always makes sure she can be seen. Yellow is also the colour associated with Geminis, who lean towards the shade as a reflection of their personality, which is easygoing and intelligent.

Yellow was all over the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2022. It did not make a debut as a subtle enhancement or a carefully chosen accessory, it was full-on head-to-toe yellow. From headbands to sunglasses and fedora to footwear, yellow was everywhere. So why should your nails miss out? And of course, there are 50 plus shades of the colour, from fluorescent in your face attention-grabbing yellow to a more laid-back pastel shade.

How will you style yellow nails?

Whilst bolder personalities may want to subscribe to the mantra that more is definitely more, there are others who may simply want to dabble with yellow. And of course, false nails offer the ultimate pop of colour, so how will you style yours?

Product Focus

Sosu by SJ False Nails, Pool Party (Medium Length)

If a false nail product can ever be described as “doing exactly what it says on the tin”, this is the one. Aptly named Pool Party, this nail vibe is the epitome of heyday Miami Beach. Imagine pastel-coloured nails clutching a Mojito whilst watching a bright pink unicorn gracefully glide over the pool. These yellow false nails are superbly summery and high in quality. What’s not to like?

Ardell Nails Nail Addict Premium False Nails -Black Leopard

Animal prints and graphics became a mainstream trend during the late 90s and it’s a trend that is seemingly here to stay. These Ardell nails are perfect for those who might want to nod towards the yellow false nails vibe but are not yet fully ready to commit. The graphic nail is eye-catching and bold, perfect for adding a little fun to any outfit.

Sosu by SJ False Nails Square Short Length. -Short and Sweet

These nails are a mesmerising mash-up of your most favourite pastel hues. The finish is glossy and guaranteed to elevate your look and your mood. They are intentionally fun and short in length, so they work well for the beach, days out and even in the office. Additionally, if you're short on time, the variety of colours means your manicure will work well with a wide range of outfits.

Will my yellow false nails work well in Winter?

Yellow false nails seem an almost obvious choice for those sunnier months. It’s bright, bold… it’s basically the colour of summer. So how well does this colour work as the days get shorter and the weather turns grey? The key to wearing yellow false nails throughout the winter is to look for key pieces to pair the look with. Let’s consider office attire, for example. Black trousers are a fairly standard office staple, but would you pair them with yellow in winter? It’s true that cotton yellow shirts definitely yell summer, but once we opt for a heavier satin material, the style suddenly becomes warmer. And the perfect finishing touch? Yellow false nails, of course.

In autumn, we typically reach for the trench coat. Safe from the rain, safe from any bold colour statement. We predictably opt for black, beige, or navy. Yet, have we ever opted for a yellow trench? It sounds bold, but when we think about it, yellow is simply beige, just dialled up a little… will you dare?

Of course for the safe players, yellow false nails can easily be worn well into the winter accenting navy or grey outfits. It just might not be as much fun.

Are you convinced to try yellow false nails yet?

Yellow is indeed a bold colour, and it might seem like only the brave can pull it off. However, yellow also has incredible power, grabs attention and can send out positive vibes to those around us. So whilst you might not be ready to rock a head-to-toe hue of yellow, opt for the accessories including handbags, scarves, necklaces and of course, nails!

There are indeed many shades of yellow including lemon, mustard, and gold. Deciding which might work for you, start with your skin tone. Typically, paler skins should look for mustard or deeper lemon shades, normal skin tones should look out for mellow yellows and those with olive skin or dark skin get a complete pass… that’s right, all yellows look great on you guys so go crazy.

Final Note

Yellow False Nails are a great way to embrace a new colour trend. The shade can be paired in numerous ways, with pink for a fun girly vibe or with grey for an aesthetic that looks professional and sophisticated. Take care pairing with black, it can look a little buzzy. Other than that, enjoy it, embrace it and when yellow is worn with a smile, you can be sure you have certainly nailed it.