Best Lashes for Prominent Eyes

If you notice that your eyes that protrude outwards, then you most likely have prominent eyes and this guide is perfect for you. Here you will discover information on how to enhance prominent eyes with expert makeup tips and celebrity makeup inspiration.

You will also find a buying guide on the best false eyelashes for prominent eyes which will help your eye makeup look more subtle and natural-looking for day or night time looks.

What are Prominent Eyes?

Prominent eyes, also known as protruding eyes, are more visible as they tend to sit on the outside area of the socket which creates a slight bulging appearance. They typically have a lower lid which is basically a crease underneath the eye that creates a beautiful doe-eyed effect which some people love, whilst others hate it.

You can make your eyes look less prominent with various makeup techniques which will minimise the size. This includes applying false eyelashes, although you need to be very careful as lashes tend to make eyes stand out, and with prominent eyes, you want to do the opposite.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Prominent Eyes?

If you have prominent eyes, you may be wary about using false eyelashes as they tend to make eyes look more pronounced and larger. However, you should not be discouraged about enhancing your look with lashes, as subtle fine lashes usually look great for both day and night looks.

To help you choose the right lashes for your eye shape, here are some of the best false lashes available for prominent eyes.

Red Cherry Lashes in Style 415

Some of the best cheap false eyelashes for prominent eyes are Red Cherry Style 415 falsies which include a full set of handmade lashes that are made from real human hair.

These fanned out lashes are ideal for prominent eyes as they are super lightweight and offer incredible length which will really enhance the eyes without overwhelming them. They are also easy to stick on as they can be applied quickly and provide comfort for day and evening looks.

House of Lashes - Iconic Lite

The Iconic Lite set from House of Lashes is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a day lash that is comfortable and natural-looking. In comparison to House of Lashes’ Iconic lashes, the Lite version has thinner lash clusters that enable a softy and fluttery feel.

You can purchase these lashes per set which includes a pair of multi-layered synthetic lashes which features a flexible and lightweight lash band that makes them very easy to apply.

Doll Beauty Lashes - Stephanie

For a flawlessly feminine finish, you should try Doll Beauty Stephanie lashes which are made up of soft and silky crisscrossed lash strands which help to create a unique design with medium volume. These lashes also have a gentle winged effect which will give your makeup a romantic feel.

Doll Beauty Lashes in Stephanie are a pair of high-quality mink strip falsies which offer a luxurious feel and are also very easy to apply. They also provide increased comfort due to the ultra-lightweight material used.

Unicorn Lashes - Majestic AF

If you are aiming for a wild and dramatic look for your next night out, then Unicorn Cosmetics’ Majestic AF lashes are ideal. They boast ultra-curly and feathered lash clusters which adds length to your lashes without going over the top.

These are a set of high-quality 3D lashes which offer soft, natural-looking volume that looks great on prominent eyes. You can also reuse these falsies, so make sure you take extra care with them after a wild night out.

Peaches and Cream - No. 9

Another affordable and best-selling lash is Peaches and Cream Style No. 9 lashes, a set of hybrid falsies that are made of human hair and synthetic fibres.

These wispy lashes in Style No. 9 offer the perfect balance of volume and length to accentuate your prominent eyes. They also have a natural-looking finish which is ideal for enhancing a subtle daytime makeup look.

Ardell Lashes Wispies - 113

If you love wispy lashes, then opt for Ardell Wispies in style 113. As these lashes come as a 5 pack, you will be well stocked up. Perfect for day and night looks, you can't go wrong with these lashes!

Similar to these lashes are the Kiss Classic Lashes, which can be a great alternative! 

These lashes are bestsellers for a number of reasons; the affordable price, the natural-looking aesthetic and the medium volume which are perfect for prominent eyes. They also have an invisible lash band which helps to create a seamless and subtle aesthetic whilst also offering extra comfort.

Pinky Goat Glam Lashes - Noura

For a dramatic evening look, reach for Pinky Goat Noura lashes from the brands Glam Collection. These have a double-layered design which provides extreme volume along with graduated length, which helps to elongate the eye and make them appear less protruding.

Pinky Goat’s Noura lashes are a set of synthetic silk falsies which offers a fluffy, fuller-looking finish. These lashes are Cruelty-Free and can also be reused up to five times if looked after properly.

Lilly Lashes - Doha

If you have a special event coming up, then a premium lash such as Lilly Lashes Doha falsies are guaranteed to make you stand out. These lashes offer a choppy and wispy aesthetic which helps create a glossy, natural look.

Lilly Lashes in style Doha are a set of 3D-effect lashes which are made from real mink fur. These high-quality falsies are perfect for everyday glamour and special occasions and they can be used up to twenty-five times (if taken care of properly).

Eylure Volume Lashes - 109

Eylure Volume Lashes in style 109 are perfect if you want to achieve a full-on look, without your eyes looking too heavy. This makes them the ideal choice for anyone with prominent eyes as they add length and volume without the added drama.

These lashes include one pair of lashes and a small adhesive is included. They can also be reused and are perfect for any occasion.

Makeup for Prominent Eyes

Along with false eyelashes, there are various other makeup products you can use to enhance your prominent eyes without making them look bigger or bulging. Here's how to accentuate your eyes:


The first and most important step, for any eye shape really, is to prime. Create a smoother surface for your lids by priming first which enables a smoother application of eyeshadow.

For extra precision, you can use an eye primer which will moisture the surface of your eyelid whilst also providing a smooth and crease-free surface. You can also use a concealer to cover the entire eye area, which again will provide a great base while also allowing your eye makeup to stick and last longer.


The majority of makeup experts will advise you to avoid using eyeliner for prominent eyes, especially on your upper lid as it can be too intense and can cause your eyes to protrude more. Instead, stick to the water line and start with a thicker line at the inner corner and work your way to the other side of the eye without applying too much pressure.

You can also create an almond-shaped effect by creating a winged liner look. To do this, you should apply a thicker line of eyeliner to the outside of the eye and keep it thin on the main part of the lash line. This helps to lift up your eyes and make them appear more angular and less protruding.


Instead of applying eyeliner to the upper lid, you should use eyeshadow as this will create a more subtle and soft finish. Make sure when you do this that you use an angled brush and ensure the line is thicker on the outer corners and thinner on the inside to minimise your eye shape.

You should also avoid using light eyeshadows on your lids as this can actually make your eyes appear bigger. Instead, you should opt for dark brown and smokey grey tones which will create a downsizing effect that prevents a bulging appearance.


No makeup look is complete without mascara, and for protruding eyes, you should use a double layer of either black or brown mascara which will make your lashes look longer and steer attention away from the lids. You should also consider using an eyelash curler which will makes your lashes the centre of attention rather than your bulging eyes.

If you are planning to extend your lashes with falsies, then make sure you apply some mascara first as this will ensure your lashes stick on quickly and also last throughout the day and night.


For doe-eyed and protruding eyes, you should try to create a round brow which will make your eyes look circular and beautiful rather than bulging. Creating a round eyebrow shape will also soften your protruding eyes while providing balance around the eye area as well as the rest of your face.

If you have a round face and prominent eyes, then you may want to opt for a high arch brow shape. This brow style will create the illusion of smaller, softer-looking eyes, which will also frame the eye area.

To create an arched brow, you will first need to find where your arch should be located by lining up a pencil with your pupil. Once you found your arch, you should then fill in your brow using a fine tip eyebrow pencil, then grab your tweezers and remove any hairs surrounding the arch or wax underneath for a super arched brow.

Celebrities with Prominent Eyes

The best place to find makeup inspiration is to look at some well-known faces who share the same eye shape as you and also have the best makeup artists at their beck and call.

Your first stop for prominent eye makeup inspiration is Nicole Richie, who is known for her striking smokey eye looks. To create this look, darker colours such as black or brown are blended all over the eyes, as dark shades tend to create a receding effect which prevents bulging.

Another celeb that is known for her striking makeup looks is Ashley Olsen is known for her large protruding doe eyes. To tone down her eyes, she applies dark eyeliner and eyeshadow to her bottom lid to create a dramatic look that makes the eyes look smaller.


Now you have all the tips you need to tone down your protruding eyes, which includes applying realistic-looking elongated lashes which accentuate your natural lashes without making the eyes look wider.

These makeup techniques should also increase your confidence by enhancing your prominent eyes. As you should learn to love your eyes instead of using makeup to change their shape, as your eye shape is part of who you are.

If you are looking for a range of false lash styles to suit prominent eyes, take a look at our wide selection here.