Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

If you have wide set eyes, this guide will help you understand how to enhance wide set eyes. You will also find inspiration from some well-known celebrities who not only have wide set eyes but also have some of the best makeup artists at their disposal who work their magic to enhance their natural eye shape.

This includes expert makeup tips and a guide on the best false eyelashes for wide set eyes and which lash styles you should avoid in order to accentuate your beautiful eye shape.

What are Wide Set Eyes?

If you have a wide set eye shape, then your eyes are positioned further apart than other types. If you are not sure whether you have wide set eyes, then you should look in the mirror and check the space across the bridge of your nose and estimate the width from there to the inside corner of your eye. If it takes up more than the width of one of your eyes, then more than likely you have wide set eyes.

To close up the space between your eyes, there are various makeup techniques that you can use, including fake eyelashes which helps create volume and length. You need to be careful when choosing false lashes as some lash designs can make your eyes look wider.

What are the Best Eyelashes for Wide Set Eyes?

One of the best ways to enhance your wide set eyes is to apply natural false eyelashes that do not exaggerate your eye shape too much. Falsies with longer lashes are also ideal as they tend to fill the space between your eyes.

To help you choose the right lashes for your wide set eyes, here are some of the best lash products available.

House of Lashes - Iconic Lite

These lashes are a new addition to House of Lashes’ collection with a similar design to the classic Iconic lashes. The difference is that Iconic Lite lashes have a much thinner, lighter and more comfortable lash band. This makes them ideal for wide set eyes as they offer natural-looking extension and volume, which is perfect for everyday wear.

These lashes are also less dense than House of Lashes’ Iconic falsies and therefore offer a softer and fluttery finish which is created through the multi-layered crisscrossed lashes which help to define and enhance the eyes. For a set of Iconic Lite lashes, you should expect one set of fake eyelashes per pack which are made of Cruelty-Free synthetic fibres.

Doll Beauty Lashes - Arianna

If you are looking for a set of lashes for a special night out, then Doll Beauty Arianna lashes are an ideal choice as they offer all the drama, volume and length to enhance your wide set eyes. 

The Arianna lashes are made from mink fur which provides a luxurious and textured aesthetic whilst also offering a long-lasting finish. They are also very easy to apply and a pack contains one pair of lashes.

Pinky Goat Glam Collection - Arwa

Another full-looking lash set that is perfect for wide set eyes is Pinky Goat Arwa Lashes from their Glam Collection. These are wispy-style lashes which are made up of multi-layered lash strands which help to create a full, fluffy and flared aesthetic that adds glamour to any look.

Arwa lashes also feature elongated ends which creates the illusion that the eyes are closer together while also providing a fluttery, soft finish. These lashes can be reused and are Cruelty-Free.

Koko Lashes - Soho

If you want to give your everyday makeup look a boost, then Koko Lashes in style Soho falsies are a great choice as they offer a natural-looking aesthetic with fanned out lashes. They also feature an invisible band which adds to the seamless design and provides maximum comfort.

One box contains one pair of Soho lashes which offers a lightweight wispy design that makes them very easy to apply to wide set eyes.

Land of Lashes - Paloma

For a bold look that enhances your wide set eyes, you should consider Land of Lashes Paloma style falsies. These are made up of dense lash clusters which are spaced out to create a feathery and full-looking appearance.

Each box contains one pair of faux mink eyelashes, which are both Cruelty-Free and vegan-friendly, in style Paloma. These can be reused up to ten times and are ideal for day and night events for ultimate length and volume.

Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama - Chiffon

If you are looking for a stand out lash that is long-lasting, then Kiss Lash Couture’s Chiffon falsies from their Naked Drama collection should definitely be your first choice. The Chiffon lash provides all the fullness you need to enhance your wide eyes and achieve a glamorous look.

These high-quality false eyelashes are Cruelty-Free and include one Kiss Lash Couture latex-free adhesive per pack. Both the lashes and glue are very easy to apply, so you can finish off your makeup in just a few minutes.

Peaches and Cream - No. 26

If you are looking for cheap false eyelashes that are high-quality, you should take a look at Peaches and Cream Style No. 26 faux mink eyelashes. These lashes are not only affordable but are also easy to apply and provide instant glamour to any makeup look.

Peaches and Cream’s Style No. 26 falsies are perfect for special events and night time looks as they offer a fluffy and feathery and feel which help wide eyes stand out. They also have a dramatic curl for added drama that really make a bold statement.

Ardell Mega Volume - 259

If bold is what you are looking for, then Ardell’s Mega Volume 259 lashes should be at the top of your list. These lashes boast a multi-layered design with tapered ends which adds volume with a natural appearance that complements wide set eyes.

Each pack contains one pair of lashes. These falsies are perfect for both day and nightwear and can be applied in a few short minutes.

Makeup for Wide Set Eyes

To complement your wide set eyes, you should consider the following wide set eyes makeup techniques:


The first step and possibly most essential makeup product is primer, which should be applied to the entire eye area. This will help to create a smooth base and will also enable your eye makeup to last a lot longer.

You can use either an eye primer or a concealer which matches your skin tone as this will create a neutral and balanced look which will brighten and accentuate the eyes before you even apply eye makeup.


The great thing about wide set eyes is that you do not have to shy away from dark eyeshadows. Unlike other eye types where you usually apply lighter shades to the inner corner, wide set eyes work better with dark colours on the inner eye.

On the outer corners, you should try to use neutral shades slightly above the crease in order to make your eyes appear close together. You can also use light brown palettes along the eyelid to create the same effect.


If you have wide set eyes, you should avoid applying eyeliner around the entire circumference of your eye as this can make your eyes appear smaller and also wider apart. Instead, you should apply a dark liner to the inner half of the eye along the top and bottom lash lines.

The best eyeliner for wide set eyes is a neutral shade pencil which will help to close the gap between the eyes, especially applied underneath the eye. When doing this, you should make sure to keep the line as thin as possible, as this will create a subtle narrowing effect while also making your eyes stand out.


Most eye shapes benefit from highlighter application on the inner corners of the eye. However, with wide set eyes, you should forget this technique altogether as this can actually widen the eyes. To bring them closer together, you should apply highlighter to the outer corners of the eye to highlight, making sure you blend it thoroughly with the darker eyeshadow.

You should also apply highlighter just below the brow bone in a central position that is directly in line with the pupil. Again, this will create the illusion that your eyes are closer together. 


Whether you are applying false eyelashes or not, you should always use a lengthening mascara, as this will help to enhance the eyes. It will also help your falsies to stick to your natural lashes for longer.

You should also try to use more mascara on the inner corners and once it is applied use a mascara brush to ensure all your lash are pointing towards the inner corner.


One of the best ways to enhance your wide set eyes is to frame your brows. You should consider shaping your brows to achieve a thick and full look as this can make the eyes look narrower.

You should also try drawing your eyebrows more inwards as this will close the distance between the eyes. So instead of plucking your eyebrows, leave them to grow and fill them in at the front.

Celebrities with Wide Set Eyes

The best way to get makeup inspiration for your wide set eyes is by looking at some of your favourite celebrities with the same eye type. This includes the talented actress Amanda Seyfried who is usually seen with neutral shades on the outer corners of her eyes with darker shades and liner on the inside of the eye.

Another well-known face with wide set eyes is the English supermodel Kate Moss, who is normally seen adorning a dramatic smokey eye with the darker shades in the corner of the eye. This creates the illusion that her eyes are much closer together while also making the eye area stand out.

You should also take a look at another famous model – Miranda Kerr’s makeup tutorials where she applies bronzed and warm brown colours to her eyes, making sure to highlight the outer corners rather than the inside of the eye. This again helps to eliminate the distance between the eyes, making them appear more balanced and neutral.


If you have wide set eyes, this guide will come in handy the next time you are deciding on your makeup look. Whether you need the perfect day wear makeup with a natural finish or are looking for something more dramatic for a special event, then you can always refer to these useful makeup tips.

To enhance your look, you should choose one or more of the fabulous false eyelash sets mentioned above, which offer great value for money as they are all high-quality falsies that will last all day and night.