Eyebrows gone wrong, what to do?


Hand ups if you’ve ever had an eyebrow disaster? *hands up*. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’ve all had some sort of calamity, right? What to do when eyebrows have gone wrong, I hear you say. Read on to get some crucial advice.

The types of eyebrows we’ve come across over the years are the tadpole brows, the cara-esque bush brows or simply, the lady brows who just want to meet you in the middle. Whatever the brow, we’re sure you look good.

So your brows are totally f’ed up and you’re saying the F word multiple times. You start to frantically Google, ‘do your eyebrows grow back?’ Well, don’t worry. Your brows will be ready for the red carpet in no time. Although, we won’t be able to fix it, it’s all about patience and letting them grow back.

If you have recently had an eyebrow disaster, and you’re wondering what to do, then carry on reading.

5 Steps to Follow

1. Grow brows back before going to a brow bar

If you’ve recently plucked too much hair from the brow, or shaved off more than you would’ve liked, we would advise you to let your brows grow back before going to a professional.

2. Use brown pencil and pomade to fill in areas

Many makeup artists recommend to use pencil or pomade to fill in sparse areas, as they both look natural on the brow. Let’s hope some shading in will be able to hide the tragedy.

3. Go to a professional when brow hairs have grown back

Once your brows have grown back, we’d recommend going to a professional brow artist to get back that perfect brow shape.

4. On a budget? Do it yourself…

First things first, we don’t want another disaster, so make sure you follow these steps. Pluck the hairs you can visibly see from afar. If you can’t see them from afar then don’t pluck it as it can seriously ruin the shape.

5. The dreaded question: Where are my brows?

Eyebrows can take up to eight weeks to grow back, however everyone’s hair growth cycle is different. There are various factors for brow hair growth; age, ethnic, weight and of course, how disastrous your brows are.   

3 Steps to Perfect Brows


With the variety of colours out there, it can be difficult to choose what shade suits. If in doubt, always pick a shade lighter than your hair colour. Otherwise, you’ll be bringing a lot of attention to that beautiful face!


Full brows enhance your face, so it’s crucial to get that shape right. If you have a round face or diamond shaped face, you should have high arched brows to elongate the face; those with a long face shape should go with a wide square brows, so it widens the face and those with an oval and square shaped face should go with a soft arch brow to compliment facial features.  

Brow shape is a personal preference, so there is no right or wrong. You do you.


Although it might be tempted to pluck the hairs that are out of shape, it’s recommended to leave them alone until they are fully grown. Once your brows are fuller and ‘hairy-er’ pluck away the straggly bits or go to a professional for a full brow review.

We recommend to keep up with your brows fortnightly. You’ll be looking smokin’ hot in no time!