Get in Shape for Summer with our Eyebrow Tint, Brow Stencils and Tweezers!


Now that summer has arrived, it’s the perfect time to ensure your brows are in shape! With our impressive selection of grooming products, it is easier than ever to achieve salon standard results. Whether you require eyebrow tint, a pair of high quality tweezers, or some brow shapers to remove pesky, unwanted hair – we have some top products for you!


Eylure’s Dybrow is one of our most popular brow products here at, as it is incredibly easy to use, offers professional style results as well as long-lasting, glossy colour.

This well-loved eyebrow tint is available in two shades; dark brown and black, and the box includes a mixing wand, a colour cream and activator solution.

Simply mix 5 drops of the activator and approximately 2 cm of the colour cream together in the plastic palette provided, and use a cotton bud or eyebrow brush to apply the solution to your brows.

Leave on for the recommended time and wipe away with damp cotton pads to reveal your freshly tinted brows! Repeat the previous steps, if needed, to achieve your desired colour.

*Always make sure you carry out a patch test before using any new tinting product or adhesive from our website*

Brow Shapers

Getting flawless brows doesn’t always mean a trip to the salon, our Eylure brow shaping strips deliver quick and easy hair removal, saving you time on tweezing.

Each pack contains enough pre-shaped hair removal strips for up to 12 applications, and they are also ideal for removing fine hairs that are difficult to tweeze.

Brow Stencils

To achieve the shape you want, a brow stencil offers assistance, making the process a lot easier and quicker. The Eylure brow stencils offer a number of different shapes for you to choose from, such as high arched brows, thin brows and thicker brows.

Select the one that’s best for you, and use it as a guide to tweeze, wax and tint your way to beautiful brows!


Tweezers are a classic makeup bag staple that are extremely useful and versatile. They can be used to apply false lashes, but they’re mostly used for removing unwanted facial hair.

The Brush Works Tweezer Sets consist of four different pairs of tweezers, each designed to specifically target different things. This set includes the following pairs of tweezers: 

  • Straight tip – use for nail art or to easily apply false eyelashes
  • Slant tip – perfect for quickly removing large quantities of hair
  • Pointed slant – multipurpose tool that is ideal for all aspects of tweezing
  • Point tip – effortlessly remove single or ingrown hairs


Not only do beauty scissors come in handy for precisely trimming your falsies down to size, but they are also perfect for trimming your eyebrows to achieve a neater shape.

Use a spoolie brush to comb your brows upwards, and then use the scissors to carefully trim any overgrown hairs. This step is best taken at the very end as a finishing touch.

Which grooming product is your essential? Stock up for the summer and shop our brow collection now!