Guide to Eyelash Extension Course

Are you considering taking an eyelash extension course? In our guide, we look at what this type of course involves, the entry requirements and the qualifications given to those who complete the course amongst other relevant subtopics! Eyelash extension courses have increased in popularity as it helps stylists, beauticians or lash technicians have a qualification to back up their knowledge which may help with career development. Many eyelash extension courses can also help DIY enthusiasts and complete beginners to establish a new skill set. These courses are mostly suited for anyone including complete beginners although it will depend on how advanced the course is.

Table of Contents:

What is an Eyelash Extension Course?

Let’s first consider what an eyelash extension course is. These courses cover the specifics of applying eyelash extensions as well as looking at the physiology and anatomy of both eyes and lashes. An eyelash extension course tends to be taught by trainers with many years of experience. These courses are available in the classroom and online. False eyelash application has grown substantially in recent years and courses have sprung up in response. These courses are meant to give individuals an opportunity to either get their foot in the door as far as being an eyelash technician goes or further their career in this role or a similar one, such as that of a stylist or beautician.

What Are The Eyelash Extension Course Entry Requirements?

So, what do you need in order to apply for one of these courses? Many eyelash courses are open for anyone to enter. In these cases, you won’t need any experience or specific qualifications. However, more advanced courses such as ones related to Russian volume eyelash extensions, do often require certifications or/and previous experience. Sometimes, you’ll need to have completed a course that is not as advanced (e.g. classic or individual eyelash extension course) in order to take on a more advanced course. As for previous experience, it may be the case that it is required for you to have worked as an eyelash technician in some form. Ultimately, whether or not you’ll need previous experience will depend on the course you’re applying for.

What Does an Eyelash Extension Course Include?

You can immerse yourself in a variety of different topics as part of an eyelash extension training course. In many cases, practical work will be included, allowing you to improve your skills. Most eyelash extension courses last for just one day, unless they are online. So without further ado, let’s delve into some of the topics this type of course may cover.

Health and Safety

Of course, the most important consideration when it comes to adding eyelash extensions, whether for you or someone else, is the well-being of the person concerned. This is to ensure that you apply the extensions in a way that does not risk harming the individual’s natural lashes, eyes or skin. You may also be taught about the importance of performing a patch test to make sure that the person doesn’t have an allergic reaction, which also helps to prevent the risk of an infection.


As with health and safety, hygiene is also an important aspect of applying eyelash extensions. This, in part relates to how clean the tools (e.g. mascara wand) and products are that you use. Other essential hygienic steps include only opening gel patches when they’re ready to use and sanitising your hands before proceeding.

Application of Lashes

Once these two topics are covered, the next most important part is of course the actual application of the fake lash extensions. For this, you will learn about the steps required to apply eyelash extensions and what tools are involved. This will likely be the biggest part of the course and will probably also explore the different methods/techniques required to apply a variety of lashes.

Removal of Lashes

Aside from applying eyelash extensions, you will also be taught how to remove them. This would involve looking at the products and equipment needed to safely and effectively remove these false lashes, without harming your clients natural lashes.

Consultation Techniques

Not only can this area help with interpersonal skills for interacting well with clients but consultation techniques will also look at how to best understand and categorise a client’s needs and preferences. These techniques will allow you to consult with a client/customer effectively, so that both you and they have a better understanding of what is needed next when it comes to eyelash extensions.

Maintenance Procedures

It’s also important that you know what maintenance is necessary to preserve eyelash extensions. This will not only be helpful if you need to perform maintenance work for a client but it will allow you to give some great tips to your clients so that they can also maintain their eyelash extensions effectively.

Aftercare Advice

As with the last point, the same is true for aftercare. With the right knowledge, you can advise your clients in this area too. Ultimately, a good eyelash extension course will leave you with a bounty of knowhow when it comes to eyelash extensions to leave your customers happy well after their visit. If you’re not planning to become a professional, then you’ll still have plenty of advice to pass on to your friends and family.

Contra-Indications and Contra-Actions

Both of these terms are in relation to health and safety but are more specific and often appear as a subject of their own right. So what are contra-indications and contra-actions? The former is to do with a pre-existing condition which could put your client or you in danger should a beauty product be applied. A contra-action, on the other hand, relates to a reaction that occurs during a treatment or right after. Either way, it’s important that you are aware of the details of both and how to spot either occurrence. With this sort of knowledge, you’ll be ready for every eventuality. Hopefully, you’ll never need to put this information to the test but it’s vital to always be prepared and aware of scenarios that could arise.

Picking the Right Lashes

In some courses, you’ll also be taught how to best choose eyelashes for a given client. The eye shape of any one person can significantly influence what type of lashes would best suit them. If your course covers this topic, you’ll be given an extra edge of knowhow when it comes to applying lash extensions.

Additional Subjects

There are many more topics which could be covered. For instance, patch testing, eye cleansing, theory and adhesives may be discussed. Insurance and marketing are also topics that some courses look at. Then there are topics that are relevant to different course types. For example, if you were to complete a Russian eyelash extension course, you’ll be taught how you can collect various lashes in order to create an extreme level of volume. If there are specific topics that you’d like to learn about, take a look around at the many courses available whether those that are purely classroom-based or online-based. That way, you can find a course with the topics/subjects that you’d like to explore the most.

What Qualifications Will be Received at the End of the Course?

You’ve just completed an eyelash extension course. You’ve learned about a whole range of relevant topics. So, what certification will you receive at the end of this? Well, it will depend on how advanced the course is. For most courses, you receive a recognised diploma such as a gateway accreditation so that you can charge the general public for eyelash extension treatment/therapy. This sort of qualification will also allow you to obtain Public Liability Insurance, an instrumental part of becoming a paid professional in this area. These qualifications will allow you to become a lash technician. Such qualifications are recognised by different bodies, varying depending on who provides the course. You should take into account what qualification(s) a course provides and who they are recognised by before applying for any one course.

What Are The Benefits of an Eyelash Extension Course?

There are many advantages to an eyelash extension course that you should consider. We’ll now take a look at some of these benefits in more detail. 

New Skill Set

Firstly, with an eyelash extension course, you can obtain a new set of skills. This might be to improve your abilities as an eyelash extension and beauty enthusiast or to make steps toward becoming a professional technician/stylist. With better abilities in this field, you could have success in growing a client base as a self-employed worker or see your career as a beautician working in salons improve. It may also be the case that you want to extend your knowledge of eyelash extension application if you’re a beauty blogger or vlogger. If this is the case, having this skill set will make any of your tutorials, discussions, etc. more authentic and engaging for your viewers. Whatever your current or envisioned path, this skill set can be incredibly beneficial.

Learn Best Techniques

With this type of course, you can learn different techniques including the best ones to apply eyelash extensions, maintain them and remove them. By learning the best techniques, you’ll be well positioned to provide a top quality service for customers or clients in the future. 

Support While You’re Learning

You’ll also be given support while learning with this course from experienced trainers. That means that you’ll be able to learn more effectively. It will give you the opportunity to receive feedback and ask questions. The trainers/professionals who teach these courses will often allow you to make progress throughout the course itself. This means that it’s not simply a test or exam but a learning curve with a desired end result.

Helps Professionalism

An eyelash extension course can also improve your professionalism. While online tutorials and DIY practice can help, attending a course will give you a more intensive and comprehensive learning regimen to work with. This can help you progress towards a more professional level in terms of eyelash extension work. A course like this won’t just benefit in making your eyelash extension skills more professional but it will also often help to improve your consultation and people skills.

Further Career

If you are seeking a career as an eyelash technician, this sort of course is right for you. It will give you the opportunity to obtain a certification that could improve your job prospects in the future. However, more importantly, you’ll gain knowledge and hone your skills through practical work. Whether you work in a salon right now or aspire to in the future, a course like this will grant you with a qualification in a specific field, meaning that you can enhance your future prospects in relation to eyelash extensions. You may want to become self-employed and focus solely on eyelash extensions or you might find yourself in a position where with your skill set and qualification(s), you can focus more on this sort of work within a salon in the future. Either way, an eyelash extension course can be especially beneficial. 


Adding to the previous point, the qualifications you’ll receive after completing this course can only be beneficial. With such qualifications, you’ll receive Public Liability Insurance which will open up the possibility of running your own business. Alternatively, they may help with future job prospects. The reason for this is not only as it will look good in of itself but the knowledge you gain will help to make you a more convincing candidate as a positive side-effect. That is to say, you’re more likely to convey your additional strengths that such a course has given you as a result of what you learn and experience during this course.

Expand Your Expertise

Firstly, with an eyelash extension course you can grow your expertise into different areas. For example, if you have previous experience or/and qualifications in the area of individuals and/or classic eyelash extensions, you might want to learn more about Russian or hybrid eyelash extensions. Expanding your knowledge in these areas can open up new areas and potential for your stylist career or as an eyelash extension enthusiast. Of course, an all lash course can also do wonders for expanding your expertise. With that said, going with one course at a time (classic individual course, Russian course and hybrid course) is arguably a better approach. That is because with taking each course individually, you’ll get a better and fuller education on each type of eyelash extension. This is especially important for more advanced extensions like hybrid and Russian lash extensions.

How Will an Eyelash Course Help Your Career?

We’ll now consider ways in which an eyelash extension course can further your career in more detail. By taking part in this sort of course, you can learn about subjects ranging from hygiene to applying lashes to aftercare advice. Following such a course, you will simply have more knowhow and practical experience which will show in interactions with employers, whether present or future. You’ll also be able to display your gains from this course in the form of its qualification(s). This will be helpful in a job interview. Whether or not, it proves key to getting a job, it will stand out in such a way that if you are hired to join a salon, there’s a strong chance that you will be given the opportunity to do eyelash extension work that perhaps you would not, had you not arrived in the job with such a certification.

Of course, you may prefer to go a more independent route. We’ve mentioned earlier how these courses can grant you access to Public Liability Insurance and the chance to trade your skills for cash. This means that with this course, you’ll be left with the option of becoming self-employed as an eyelash technician or a beautician among other jobs where applying eyelash extensions can be a part of your service. The right to perform other beauty work in exchange for money may require separate certifications.

Types of Eyelash Courses

There are various forms of eyelash extension courses out there. Whether online or in a classroom it’s important that you find the right eyelash course to meet your goals and needs. Many eyelash courses come with special training kits to help with your efforts. In each of the following examples, while you are likely to obtain a diploma for completing most of these courses, this is more so true if you take an in-person course. If, alternatively, you were to take an online course, it’ll probably result in a certificate rather than a diploma. Most of these courses are each considered a semi-permanent eyelash course. Let’s take a look at some of the most common eyelash extension courses.

Individual Eyelash Extension Courses

This course type involves looking at how to apply single eyelash extensions. That is to say, adding one lash for each natural lash. Classic eyelash extension courses, which we will get to later in this section, can often be combined with individual eyelash extension courses as both can go together. There are many subjects covered by any and every course (e.g. lash application, removing lashes, health & safety etc.). A course like this may also cover topics such as how to create the ideal adhesive bond, isolation techniques and using loose lashes. You may or may not need case studies to receive your qualification at the end of an individual eyelash extension course. After being awarded your certifications, you’ll be able to provide eyelash extension services to clients.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Courses

You can take your skills to the next level with one of these courses. Hybrid eyelash extensions are half pre made and voluminous fanned lashes, second half classic lashes. This will allow you to offer a more affordable alternative for clients over Russian eyelash extensions. Generally, you will need some previous experience or certification. Some courses require that you’ve completed a classic individual eyelash extension course prior. A hybrid eyelash extension course tends to involve a diploma certificate being awarded to those who complete it. In addition to regular topics, this type of eyelash extension course may also cover lash mapping, a look back on classic eyelash extensions and how to create the hybrid look with pre made fans.

Russian Eyelash Extension Courses

If you have the correct level of previous experience, you may want to consider an even more advanced approach. If this is the case, you should look into a Russian eyelash extension course. On top of what you’d expect, a Russian eyelash extension course will look at what Russian eyelash extensions are, the benefits of these lashes, contra-indications and contra-actions and how you can pick up various lashes for plenty of volume. It’s important that you are an appropriate candidate in order to prove eligible for this type of course. In most cases, you’ll need to have either completed a previous, less advanced course and/or have previous experience with eyelash extension work. The exact requirements vary from course to course. Once again, you’ll receive a diploma upon completing this course.

Classic Eyelash Extension Courses

As with an individual lash course, a classic course is generally open to beginners and the experienced alike. You can expect subjects to study subjects such as how to apply single eyelash extensions and how single flare lashes may be added. For the most part, a classic eyelash extension course involves covering the basics and getting you on your feet. You may receive a diploma or an equivocal qualification after completing one of these courses. Further, you’ll also be in a position to start providing eyelash extension services as paid work. Even if you already have such a capacity, a classic eyelash extension course is a great way to enhance your knowledge and capabilities in applying lash extensions.

All Lash Courses

Some institutions/organizations provide all lash extension courses which covers all of the aforementioned eyelash types. This means you can get the best of all worlds in a single course. What you’ll need to apply in terms of requirements and previous qualifications will depend on the course. Some may require no previous experience. What qualification you will receive at the end will vary but in the majority of cases you will receive a diploma, unless it is unless course. An all lash course may be more difficult to find but it obviously has many advantages to offer and you should definitely consider it, if you are applicable.

Other Courses

Additional course types that may interest you include a mink eyelash extension course, brow lamination course, lash & brow course and a complete lash technician course. In general, if you are interested in eyelash extension courses, there’s a good chance that eyebrow courses might also appeal to you.

Should I Take a Course In-Person or Online?

There are pros and cons to both taking a course online and in person. Which option will be best for you will depend on your requirements and preferences. For instance, an online course may be cheaper but one that takes place in a classroom means that you get a more practical experience and one where you can interact directly with trainers and other students. With that being said, given that we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it may be more in your interest to stay at home and take an online course. Setting aside concerns over covid-19 itself, there’s also a danger of events being cancelled or postponed. In fact right now (as of September 2020), many in-person courses are currently not taking place until further notice. Another advantage to online courses is that you can generally complete them in your own time. An in-person course on the other hand, is completed in just a day.

However, a major difference between many online and in-person courses is that the latter tends to come with a diploma while an online course may only involve receiving a certification and one deemed of lesser quality than a diploma. So, as you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both an in-person and online approach to eyelash extension training. Keep an open mind, look into different courses and give it some thought before making a leap into any one course.

How Much Do Eyelash Extension Courses Cost?

The actual cost of a lash extension course will vary depending on how advanced it is and whether it’s based in a classroom or online among other factors. Let’s now consider what it might cost you on average, to undertake an eyelash extension course!


You may decide to take a course online. In this case, you’ll likely pay between £80 and £120 in total. Of course, it will depend a lot on what course you take, in terms of the type and who is providing it. There are plenty of courses available on the internet that cost several hundred pounds but most fall in the range mentioned above. The quality can vary too. So you should definitely look into what people are saying on the web about any one course and try to find some reviews if you can. You should probably avoid a course if it's much less than £80. That is unless it has lots of positive feedback and that which seems genuine. With an especially cheap course, you want to look out for scams, false reviews, etc.


For a classroom-based course, you’re looking at an average price of around £165 to £200. With that said, there are some courses which are noticeably dearer or cheaper. For most courses, it’ll be a case of you get what you pay for. Of course once again, you’ll want to take a look at any feedback and reviews that these courses have been given online. Whether you choose an online or classroom-based course, ensure that you’ve done enough research to confidently pick a course that suits you and one which you feel is of a good standard.

Booking Your Place

By Googling ‘Eyelash extension courses’, you’ll find plenty of examples worth looking into. Additionally, you can try Google search ‘Eyelash extension courses near me’ to find courses that are more relevant to your local area. Of course, by looking into online eyelash extension courses, you can find countless examples of courses that you can apply for no matter where you’re based. For in-person courses, as already mentioned, some are not taking place right now due to covid-19 while others are continuing with expected restrictions in place. In many cases, you can book weeks and even months in advance. For an online course, you can make a booking and start the course in your own time. Further, you can complete the course when you wish, in most cases. There are also some cases which are both in-person and online which are a bit different in that regard.


Our guide to eyelash extension courses has shown what such courses have to offer, the various subtypes (individual, Russian, etc.) that are available and how such a course could help your career alongside other relevant subjects. Be sure to check out plenty of courses before signing up to one in particular. As discussed, some may have feedback and reviews which can help you make your decision. You should also take a look at the qualifications they offer and the subjects that they cover before making a choice. Either way, an eyelash extension course has plenty of benefits and is arguably worth the money in order to improve your skills and knowledge in eyelash extensions.

If you're looking for further hints and tips read our professional lash education page here.